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Ameto's Discovery of the Nymphs

Design for a Platter with Battling Tritons and Sea Nymphs

Front panel of a writing box (decorated with centaurs and nymphs)

Nymphs Bathing

Design for a Fountain with River Gods and Nymphs

Design for a Fountain with Rivergods and Nymphs.

Design for a Fountain with River Gods and Nymphs

Plate 7: Psyche attended in her bath by nymphs, in the background right Psyche represented again laying in bed

Group of Six Reclining Nude Women (Nymphs Bathing) (recto); Sketch of a Leg (verso)

Studies for a Circular Composition of Diana and Her Nymphs Bathing (recto); Studies for the Same Composition (verso)

Plate 10: Nymphs dressing Psyche's hair, from the Story of Cupid and Psyche as told by Apuleius

Plate 10: nymphs assisting Psyche to dress her hair, from 'The Fable of Psyche'

Daphne embracing her father, the river-god Peneus, at the left three nymphs bring jars from the 'Story of Apollo and Daphne'

Daphne embracing her father, the river-god Peneus, at the left three nymphs bring jars from the 'Story of Apollo and Daphne'

Two sea gods accompanied by four nymphs

Hercules driving off the cattle of Geryon, at the right are the nymphs of Hesperides

Nymphs and Satyrs bathing

Venus Bathing Attended by Nymphs

The Death of Procris; Cephalus mournig the death of Procris on the right surrounded by Cupid and mourning satyrs and nymphs, the goddess of dawn in her chariot in the background

Venus and Nymphs Bathing

Nymphs Bathing

Frieze Design with Grotesque Figures (recto); Grotesque Design with Two Nymphs (verso)

Two Nymphs Carrying a Third

Diana and Her Nymphs Pursuing a Stag

Apollo and Galatea in a Landscape with Neptune and Three Nymphs

Venus and the Nymphs Lamenting the Death of Adonis

Toneel met de lege troon omringd door deugden en nimfen, 1582

Venus Honored by the Nymphs

Love Conquers All (Omnia vincit Amor), in a struggle with a satyr Amor places his right knee on its thigh, two nude nymphs are seated with interlocking legs at the base of a tree

Satyrs and Nymphs

Nymphs, Satyr? and Putti

Dancing Nymphs in a Glade

Hylas and the Water Nymphs

Nymphs And Satyrs

Apollo Bathing, Attended by the Nymphs of Thetis

Nymphs Bathing

Nymphs and Satyr in a Classical Landscape

Title page depicting a two-handled base with dancing nymphs, from Antique Vases (Vasa a Polidoro Caravagino)

Plate 140: The Trojan Ships Changed into Nymphs (Berecynthia AEneae classem in Nymphas transformat), from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'

Twee van Diana's nimfen met waterkruiken

Twee van Diana's nimfen bij een beekje

Nymphs Suprised

Satyr and two nymphs

Cartouche with Duck and Nymphs

Plate 6: a cartouche supported by a duck below and decorated with two nymphs whose arms become tree branches, from 'Nouvelles inventions de Cartouches'

Five satyrs and two nymphs

Eight vases, the largest one in the middle with three sculptures in the round of two nymphs and a triton, Plate 2 from: 'Collection of Various Vases' (Raccolta di Vasi Diversi)

Seashell Boat with Infant Sea Nymphs Drawn by a Hippocamp and Dolphins

Diana and her Nymphs

Design for a Door-Knocker (?) With Two Nymphs

Les Nimphes au Bain (The Nymphs at the Bath)

Titelprent voor een reeks van schoorsteenstukken met saters en nimfen, ca. 1700

Nymphs Adorning the Statue of a Goddess (recto); River God with Three Nymphs (verso)

Three Dancing Nymphs and a Satyr

Saters door nimfen gekastijd

Saters en nimfen bij een fontein

Mercurius geeft Bacchus aan de nimfen

Vechtende Bacchanten en nimfen

Nimfen dansen om een saterbeeld

Badende nimfen en bacchanten

Orpheus Charming the Nymphs, Dryads, and Animals

Vouwwaaier, bestaande uit een montuur van ajour en in reliëf gesneden ivoor beschilderd met aquarel en een blad van leer, waarop aan de voorzijde met gouache een bos- en rivierlandschap met drie nimfen is geschilderd en op de achterzijde een huis verscholen tussen een bossage

Nymphs and Cupids

Nymphs and cupids in an octagonal medallion

Three dancing nymphs and a reclining cupid in a landscape

Vignette with Two Nymphs

Mercury Delivers the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs

Vouwwaaier met een blad van papier waarop in aquarel een centraal medaillon met Diana en haar nimfen rustend bij een rivier, gemonteerd op een montuur van ajour en in reliëf gesneden ivoor met 'métal en quatre couleurs'

Carlo and Ubaldo Resisting the Enchantments of Armida's Nymphs (from Torquato Tasso's "Gerusalemme liberata", 15:57-58)

Telemachus and the Nymphs of Calypso

Diana and her Nymphs

Harmony – Two Nymphs Singing, Another Playing a Lyre

The festival of Diana, interrupted by satyrs (Feste de Diane, troublée par des Satyres): nymphs gathered around the bust of Diana in a stone niche at center, surprised by the arrival of satyrs from either side, from 'Les Bacchanales; Quatres Festes'

A Dutch Abbess and her Nymphs

A Dutch Abbess and her Nymphs

Ornament Design with Three Nymphs

Half of a Circular Ceiling Design with Nymphs

Hagen and the Nymphs of the Danube

Group of Sea Nymphs

Three Nymphs and a Youth: study for a decorative lunette

Fotoreproductie van tekening door F. Barrias: Virgilius scene uit de Bucolica, bewening dode temidden van nimfen

[Sculptures of Hylas and the Nymphs, Allegorical Figures of the Three Fates, Zephyr wooing Flora, and Michelangelo's Bacchus and Donatello's St. George]

Persuasive nymphs trying to lure the coy faun into the presidential waters / F. Graetz.

water nymphs from "La création de l'homme et les premiers âges de l'humanité ... Ouvrage illustré, etc. [With a preface by C. Flammarion.]"

[Group of Nymphs in Park Lake, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany]

Sea Nymphs, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Nymphs, August - Age [Blank], Year: [Blank] - Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry, M-O - Raised Directly by the Confederate Government

[Reproduction of print showing Nymphs before Jupiter]

Water nymphs

Amaryllis en de nimfen spelen blindemannetje

Diana badend met haar nimfen

Landschap met twee nimfen

Landschap met nimfen

Rust van Diana en haar nimfen na de jacht

Twee nimfen met vaas

Dansende saters en nimfen

Arcadisch landschap met zich aankledende nimfen

Frieze with Tritons and Nymphs

Bacchanalian Scene with Nymphs and Putti

Mercurius beveelt de zorg van Bacchus aan de nimfen van Nysa