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Head of a winged figure wearing a diadem.

Ivories. [Ivory objects found at Nimroud [Calah]]

Winged figure ; Nisroch or the eagle headed divinity.

Head of a eunuch.

A battle in a forest. [Quyunjik]

Triumphal return of Assyrian warriors from battle.

Spoil of a captured city : eunuchs taking count. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

Two winged figures wearing the horned cap.

The king before the walls of a besieged city.

The seige of a castle.

A. Idols and captives from a conquered Nation [Calah]; B. Fisherman in a lake. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

Warriors ascending a mountain to a besieged city. [Quyunjik]

Painted ornaments from Nimroud [Calah].

The king receiving prisoners.

Ornaments [on the robe of a King]: 1. Lion contending with two wild bulls ; 2. Gazelle between two griffins ; 3. Lappet of a king's tiara.

Burning and sack of a city (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

Warriors in armour fighting in chariots.

Ornaments [on the robes of a eunuch].

Winged figure holding a branch; A king in his robes.

A. Two kings kneeling beneath the emblem of the deity ; B. A castle on the banks of a river.

The king in the chariot before a besieged city.

King crossing a river.

Assyrian warriors in battle.

Pottery &c.

Fugitives crossing a river to a castle.

Ground plan of Nimroud [Calah].

Siege of the city. Warriors cutting down palm trees. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

Sheep and goats taken from a conquered nation. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

[Title page] The monuments of Nineveh, from drawings made on the spot. By Austen Henry Layard, Esq., D.C.L. Illustrated in one hundred plates.

Small objects in copper. [Chiefly from Nimroud [Calah]].

King hunting the lion (from Nimroud) [Calah].

Dedication To His Excellency the right honorable Sir Stratford Canning, G.C.B. Her Mejesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Sublime Porte, to whom the Nation is indebted for the Assyrian remains in the British Museum …

Warriors fighting in chariots.

The king before a besieged castle -- the battering-ram making a breach in the walls.

Painted ornaments from Nimroud [Calah].

A city taken by assault - Prisoners driven away. [Quyunjik]

Female captives brought to the conquerrors. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

A female prisoner and camels - part of the spoil. [Continuation of the preceding subject]

A winged human-headed bull. (Nimroud) [Calah].

Embroidery on the upper part of the robe of a king.

The fore-parts of two human-headed lions with human arms.

Prisoners brought before the king.

The king standing over the prostrate bull.

Hall in Assyrian palace, restored.

Ivories. [Ivory objects found at Nimroud [Calah]]

Ornaments on the robes of figures. (Nimroud) [Calah]

Ivories. [Ivory objects found at Nimroud [Calah]].

King seated on his throne, within the walls of a captured city, including three houses and seven tents. [Quyunjik]

Obelisk - first side.

Obelisk - fourth side.

Obelisk - third side.

Assyrian warriors on horseback.

Enemies of the Assyrians taking refuge in ships. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

Objects in stone and baked clay.

Glazed pottery from the tombs above the central Edifice, Nimroud [Calah].

The king seated on his throne attended by eunuchs and winged figures.

Assyrian horsemen pursuing an enemy.

Triumphal return of the king from battle.

Painted bricks from the N.-W. Palace. ( Nimroud) [Calah].

Siege of a triple walled city (Nimroud) [Calah].

Assyrian horseman pursuing a man on a camel. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

King seated on his throne within a castle ; Assault of a castle.

The king hunting the wild bull.

Embroidery on the upper part of the robe of a king.

The siege of a city.

Obelisk - second side.

The interior of a castle (a ground plan) and pavilion or tent.

Two archers and a shield bearer.

The king returning from battle. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

Warriors in mail before a besieged city.

Ornaments and arms (from the North-West Palace, Nimroud) [Northwest Palace, Calah].


Winged females standing before the sacred tree. (Nimroud) [Calah]

Winged figure carrying a wild goat ; Winged figure carrying a stag.

Attendants bringing vases &c. to a banquet ; A castle taken by assault. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

The king performing a religious ceremony.

Human figure with head of a lion [Quyunjik]; King placing his foot of the neck of a captive [Calah]; Two women riding on a mule [Quyunjik].

A lion hunt.

Two winged figures. (Nimroud) [Calah].

List of the illustrations.

Procession of the gods.

The assault and sack of a city. [Quyunjik]

Warriors pursuing a wild bull.

Ornaments from dresses [of winged figures, of king].

Ornaments and arms. (Nimroud) [Calah]


Objects in stone and baked clay, continued.

Outline of the mound at Nimroud [Calah].

Embroidery on the breast of a king.

A subject people bringing tribute.

Ornaments on the robes of figures. (Nimroud) [Calah].

The king in his chariot and horsemen ascending mountains (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

A battle in a mountainous country. [Quyunjik]

The invasion of a mountainous country. [Quyunjik]

An Assyrian army passing through a mountainous country. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

A subject people bringing tribute.

Ornaments from dresses.

The king receiving his vizir. (Nimroud) [Calah]. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

Ivories. [Ivory objects found at Nimroud [Calah]]

An Assyrian army besieging a city. [Quyunjik]