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Smokestacks and bridge of a steamboat docked at Jackson Square on the Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana

Marine Sgt. at New Orleans, La.

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Mardi Gras Parade, New Orleans, Louisiana

Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans.

Plan du rez de chaussée, du corps de logis double, de l'intendance de la Nlle Orléans, pour estre construit en maçonnerie de briques, entre cour et jardin--juin 1749.

Plan of New Orleans the capital of Louisiana; with the disposition of its quarters and canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720.

Plan of New Orleans the capital of Louisiana; with the disposition of its quarters and canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720.

Plan of New Orleans the capital of Louisiana; with the disposition of its quarters and canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720.

Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans.

Grondvlakte van Nieuw Orleans, de hoofdstad van Louisiana. De uitloop van de Rivier Missisippi. De oostelyke ingang van de Missisippi, met een plan van het fort, 't welk het kanaal beheerscht.

Plan of New Orleans.

Don Bernard de Gálvez colonel des armées de Sa Majesté, intandant & gouverneur général par interim de la province de la Louisianne...

Subscription of tobacco shipments to New Orleans

Philip Barbour, 1792, New Orleans

11th February, 1800. Read the first and second time, and committed to a Committed to a committee of the whole House, on Friday next. A bill to allow a drawback of duties on goods exported to New-Orleans, and therein to amend the act intituted "A

Map of New Orleans

U.S. Reports: Crousillat v. Ball, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 294 (1803)

New Orleans, June 23, 1805, Map of Lafayette's Land Holdings

Verses on the arrival of the Rev. Philander Chase, in New Orleans. By Damon … New Orleans, Nov. 17, 1805.

Post Office, July 20, 1806, Schedule of Mail Deliveries from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans

U.S. Reports: Ozeas v. Johnson, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 434 (1806)

New Orleans, August 29, 1808, Embargo, in Spanish

Thomas Jefferson to Governors of Orleans, Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, May 6, 1808

Etat de la Louisiane. Cité et Paroisse d'Orléans. No. [blank] Mairie de la Nouvelle-Orleans. Vu l'article premier de l'ordonnance du Conseil de Ville approuvée le 28 Mai 1812, additionnelle à celle relative aux tueries; vu pareillement le cautio

Plan of the attack made by Major Gen. Jackson on a division of the British army commanded by Major Gen J. Keane on the 23rd December 1814 at 7 o'clock at night

Sketch of an attack made by Majr. Genl. Jackson on a division of the British army commanded by Majr. Genl. Kean on the evening of the 23 Decr. 1814

Plan of an attack made by the British forces on the American lines in advance of Orleans on the 8th January 1815

General Jackson, hero of New Orleans aquatinted by W. Strickland

Map 1814-15 New Orleans.

New Orleans Citizens to Andrew Jackson, January 8, 1815

[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Plan of the attack and defence of the American lines below New Orleans on the 8th January 1815

Plan of the city and suburbs of New Orleans : from an actual survey made in 1815 /

[Map of an area along the eastern shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, including New Orleans and Bayou Chitto].

"Glorious news from New Orleans! Splendid victory over the British forces! Essex Register office, Feb. 9..."

A Correct VIew of the Battle Near the City of New Orleans (January 8, 1815)

Battle of New Orleans and death of Major General Packenham [sic] on the 8th of January 1815 / West del. ; J. Yeager sc.

Proposals for publishing by subscription, the life of Major General Andrew Jackson, comprising a history of the war in the South, from the commencement of the Creek campaign, to the termination of hostilities before New Orleans. By John Henry Ea

Battle of New Orleans and death of Major General Packenham sic on the 8th of January 1815 West del. ; J. Yeager sc

The heroe of New Orleans battle of the memorable 8th January 1815 - composed ... by P. Laroque

[Map of New Orleans and vicinity] /

Battle of New Orleans, Jan. 8th 1814 [i.e., 1815]

[United States Capitol] / C. Bullfinch delt. ; Childs dir.

Old Jack, the famous New Orleans mouser, clearing Uncle Sam's barn of bank and Clay rats; ...

U.S. Reports: Peyroux and others v. Howard and Varion, 32 U.S. (7 Pet.) 324 (1833)

New method of assorting the mail, as practised by Southern slave-holders, or attack on the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.

U.S. Reports: City of New Orleans v. Armas and Cucullu, 34 U.S. (9 Pet.) 224 (1835)

U.S. Reports: United States v. Robeson, 34 U.S. (9 Pet.) 319 (1835)

Carte des États-unis d'Amérique.

U.S. Reports: New Orleans v. The United States, 35 U.S. (10 Pet.) 662 (1836)

The debilitated situation of a monarchal government . . .

The heads of two great nations have at last come to the situation of the two goats in the fable . . .

Uncle Sam sick with la grippe

New edition of MacBeth. Bank-oh's! Ghost

U.S. Reports: Bank of the United States v. Daniel et al., 37 U.S. (12 Pet.) 32 (1838)

Farmer's! keep out of debt! The undersigned has made arrangements to purchase his entire stock of fall and winter goods in the eastern cities - and his groceries in New Orleans - and will sell for a less profit than has ever been done in this ma

The trap sprung! The kinderhook fox caught!

Federal-Abolition-Whig trap, to catch voters in

Battle of New Orleans / Robt. Hinshelwood ; Smillie & Hinshelwood.

The new era Whig trap sprung

New Orleans...

Battle of New Orleans from "[History of the late War, between the United States and Great Britain ... Illustrated with plates. Third edition, revised and corrected.]"

U.S. Reports: Poultney et al. v. City of Lafayette et al., 44 U.S. (3 How.) 81 (1844)

Micheal Kernan, Late 66 Royal street, Begs to inform [blank] that he has removed to No. 30 Chartres street, corner of Customhouse, where he is now opening the most extensive and elegant Stock of rich French Fancy Dry Goods… New Orleans, 1845.

U.S. Reports: Ex parte Christy, 44 U.S. (3 How.) 292 (1844)

Norman's plan of New Orleans & environs, 1845.

To Southern travellers! Spring, Summer and Fall arrangement of the great southern mail line! Via Washington City, S. C. Direct to New Orleans ... Stockton & Falls. E. F. Krebs, Agent. Baltimore, July, 1847. Murphy Print, 178 Market Street, Balti

Bulletin by telegraph to "Union," Washington To the editor of the Union: New Orleans, Sept. 26, 1847. Sir: The J. L. Day arrived here last evening from Vera Cruz. The news by her is important. The details are meagre, and something uncertain. The

Jackson at New Orleans / Lossing - Barritt.

U.S. Reports: Houston et al. v. City Bank of New Orleans, 47 U.S. (6 How.) 486 (1848)

Self-inflating pillow

The great naval blockade of Round Island. Showing the immense importance of having an efficient "right arm of the national defence"

Map showing the N.E. & S.W. Alabama R.R. with its connections also the principal routes between New York and New Orleans.

U.S. Reports: United States v. Philadelphia and New Orleans, 52 U.S. (11 How.) 609 (1851)

A map of a part of the southern & western states showing the contemplated route of the New Orleans & Ohio Railroad and the Central Railroad of Illinois, also the route of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad representing the most central, direct and practicable route for a great national and commercial highway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Northern Lakes, and by various branches and intersections with other Railways connecting with all the principal cities of the United States.

General map of the Orange & Alexandria Rail Road and its connections north, south, and west.

John Bull's fish monopoly

U.S. Reports: Anderson et al. v. Bock, 56 U.S. (15 How.) 323 (1854)

Map of the Cairo & Fulton Railroad exhibiting the principal tributary lines as projected and its connections with other railroads west of the Mississippi River, which unite with the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and south projected Pacific Railroad via Elpaso [sic] to the Pacific Ocean, showing also the connection by rail road of the cities of New Orleans & St. Louis. Little Rock, Ark. Sep. 1853.

Map of a part of the State of Louisiana exhibiting the route of the New-Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road.

U.S. Reports: Executors of McDonogh et al. v. Murdoch et al., 56 U.S. (15 How.) 367 (1854)

Sketch showing the route of the New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Rail Road, J. G. Gibbes, Chief Engr., lithographie [sic] agent D. Theuret, Exange Alley, Nr. 130.

Norman's plan of New Orleans & environs, 1854.

Battle of New Orleans - from a painting by Merritt

Cameo Portrait of Frederick Marshall

U.S. Reports: Beauregard, &c. v. The City of New Orleans et al., 59 U.S. (18 How.) 497 (1856)

Maps of Nicaragua, North and Central America : population and square miles of Nicaragua, United States, Mexico, British and Central America, with routes and distances; portraits of Gen. Walker, Col. Kinney, Parker H. French, and views of the Battle of New-Orleans and Bunker Hill.

Pilots Station / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

New-Orleans (Louisiana) / H. Lewis pinx. ; Lith. Jnst. Arnz & Co. Düsseldorf.

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing 22 figures kneeling, praying to dove, with flame and light for Union Methodist Church in Springhill / New Orleans, Louisiana]

The Battle of New Orleans January 8th 1815 / D.M. Carter ; T. Phillibrown.

Map exhibiting the fixed location of the main trunk of the New-Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Railroad of Louisiana, together with its proposed branches, connections and extensions in Louisiana, Arkansas & Texas; also its connecting steamship routes from Berwicks Bay to ports in the Gulf of Mexico, together with the advantages in point of directness & diminished distance to the Pacific Coast, New Orleans, La. January 24th, 1859.

Map of Texas showing the Sabine and Galveston Bay Rail Road, or Texas and New Orleans Air Line Rail Line, its connections in the U.S. and adjacent territories.

U.S. Reports: City of New Orleans v. Gaines, 63 U.S. (22 How.) 141 (1860)

U.S. Reports: Adams v. Preston, 63 U.S. (22 How.) 473 (1860)

Platform of the Friends of United Southern action ... New Orleans, Dec. 27, 1860.

Map of Texas, showing the line of the Texas and New Orleans Rail Road, and its connections in the U.S. and adjacent territories.

View of the famous levee of New Orleans, the capital of Louisiana, which commencing 43 miles below passes through the [c]ity forming its chief business depot, and extends 143 miles above, on the banks of the Mississippi / photographed by E.H. Nelson, Jun., N.O.

Old Hickory - fabrica de tobacos - superiores de la vuelta abajo - Habana