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Cornflower Pendant

Scarab Inscribed with the Name Maatkare Over a Papyrus Thicket

Basket with handles


Bead in the Form of a Lotus Petal

Head of ibex from shoulder of a vessel

Scarab Inscribed for the God's Wife Hatshepsut

Dish Decorated with a Rosette


Cowroid bead

Carved Plaque from a Bracelet

Sheet, linen mark, fine spin, irregular weave

Tally stone from Hatshepsut's Valley Temple

Relief with two stands

Daisy Pendant

Tiles from the railing of a throne dais of Ramesses II

Fragment of a Dish of Polychrome Mosaic Glass

Funerary Cone the Overseer of the Ships Amun Seshi

Vessel fragment

Scarab Inscribed with a Geometric Pattern

Ointment Jar

Beaded Bracelet from Baki's Burial

Offering table with hand, Akhenaten names

Forked Staff of Harmose

Tile from marsh scene

Model Ax from the Foundation Deposit for Hatshepsut's Tomb


Statue of the Goddess Sakhmet

Frog amulet

Funerary Cone of the Scribe Pawah and His Wife, Henutwadju

Akhenaten chest, Aten cartouches

Funerary Cone of Djehutynefer called Seshu

Canopic Jar Representing the Deity Qebehsenuef

Pendant: Bunch of Grapes


Inscribed corner element, Aten cartouche

Tweezer-Razor Implement

Ointment Jar from a Foundation Deposit of Hatshepsut


Model of a Scribe's Palette Inscribed for Amenhotep

Relief of a courtier

Relief of Queen Nefertiti

Fragment with cartouche ending and following epithets

Small Bowl or Cup

Head of Akhenaten, nemes portion

Scarab Inscribed With a Protective Motif


Sheet, linen mark, medium spin, irregular weave

Daisy Pendant

Disk-shaped Jar Lid

Funerary Cone of the First King's Herald Amunedjeh

Scarab Inscribed for Amenhotep III


Funerary Cone of the High Priest Ahmose


Inscribed Stone from Hatshepsut's Valley Temple

Arm (?)


Fragmentary Ostracon Depicting a Priest


Shabti of Khonsu

Seal Impression Attatched to a Fiber Tie from Tutankhamun's Embalming Cache

Funerary Cone of the Chief of the Madjay Penre

Funerary Cone

Djed Amulet

Funerary Cone of the House Mistress Taiy

Mold for an Ear Amulet


Scarab Inscribed with a Geometric Pattern

Scarab Inscribed Hatshepsut United with Amun

Funerary Cone of the Overseer of the Double Granary Menkheperresonb

Scarab Inscribed with the Horus Name of Thutmose I

Bead in the Form of a Cornflower

Scarab Ring of Ruiu

Cowroid Inscribed with a Nefer Hieroglyph

Scarab Inscribed Hatshepsut United with Amun

Heart Scarab with a Human Head

Daisy Bead


Scarab Finger Ring


Linen Sheet

Cornflower Pendant

Kohl jar

Funerary Equipment, Tomb of Userhat

Mold of a Lotus Petal

Cowroid Seal-Amulet

Smelter's Crucible

Architectural Inlay

Inscribed Element, possibly back pillar with Aten cartouche

Blue Kerchief from Tutankhamun's Embalming Cache

Anthropoid Coffin of a Woman

Shebiu Necklace of Hatnefer

Mold for a Cornflower Bead

Funerary Cone

Stamp Seal in the Shape of Wedjat-Eye

Scarab Inscribed with the Throne Name of Thutmose III

Bundle of Locks of Hair

Model rocker

Rectangular plaque seal