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Engraved Bowl

Seal Impression, Bishop

Seal Impression, Municipal Seal of Middelburg

Head of Christ

Album with Twelve Engravings of The Passion, a Woodcut of Christ as the Man of Sorrows, and a Metalcut of St. Jerome in Penitence


Wall Fountain (laver) in the form of a Turret


Saint John the Evangelist

Man of Sorrows

Holy Water Basin

Saint Peter


Plate, Woman Holding Bird and Inscription

Plate with Pelican in her Piety

Saint Paul

The Temple in Jerusalem, from the "Postilla Litteralis (Literal Commentary)" of Nicholas of Lyra

The Annunciation, flanked by Eve and the Serpent and Gideon's Fleece, from a Biblia Pauperum blockbook, 3rd edition

Come My Beloved, Let Us Go Forth Into the Field, illustration from a Canticum Canticorum blockbook, 2nd edition

Moses Receiving the Law, illustration from a Biblia Pauperum blockbook, 4th edition

Virgin and Child with Saint Anne Presenting Anna van Nieuwenhove

Monastic Saint

Plate with Wife Beating Husband

Virgin and Child

Manuscript Leaf wtih Saint Dorothy, from a Book of Hours

Virgin and Child

Black Venus

Manuscript Leaf with the Resurrection, from a Book of Hours

Studies of a Dog

Rest on the Flight to Egypt


Chest front panel

Chess Piece in the Form of a Knight

Diptych with the Nativity and the Mass of Saint Gregory

Manuscript Leaf with Saint Thomas, from a Book of Hours

The Triumph of the Cardinal Virtues: Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude and Justice (one of a series)

Manuscript Leaf from a Book of Hours

Half of a Prayer Bead with Jesus Carrying the Cross

Glass Panel of Saint Nicholas

Prayer Bead with the Crucifixion and Jesus before Pilate

Half of a Prayer Bead with the Prayer of the Rosary

Emperor Charles V, Sultan Suleyman II, and an angel

The Triumph of Virtues: Justice, Peace and Abundance

The Adoration of the Shepherds (Cartoon)


Seated Man, Precariously Balanced, Playing Bagpipes

Study of a Standing Male Nude

Neptune and Caenis

Prayer Bead with the Adoration of the Magi and the Crucifixion

Palazzo Nerone

Garden of Eden; Creation of the Animals

Cephalus and Procris

Fragment of an Ornamental Design

Study of a Tree

Allegorical Scene

Imaginary Hilly Landscape with Ruins

Bellows with the Flight into Egypt

The Triumph of Humility (one of a series)

The Triumph of Poverty (one of a series)

Medallion with the Betrayal of Jesus

The Triumph of Virtues: Justice, Peace and Abundance (one of a series)

Half of a Prayer Bead with the Lamentation

Miniature Altarpiece with the Crucifixion

Drawings of the Zodiac


Judah Giving Tamar his Staff and Bracelets

Fragment of architectural frame

Scene from the parable of the marriage feast (Matthew 22:11-14; The king denouncing the man who was not wearing a wedding robe)

Man in Turkish Costume Holding a Shield

Man on a Donkey in a Landscape

Design for a Vignette in Strap-Work

Glass Panel of Saint Nicholas

Sense of Smell (copy)

Manuscript Leaf with the Betrayal, from a Book of Hours

The Triumph of the Church (one of a series)

Sainted Abbot

Medallion with the Feast of Ahasuerus

Miniature Coffin

Frieze with Fruit, Foliage and Putti Climbing through Strapwork


Five Men Around an Anvil, verso: Figures in a Wood (The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist?)

Mourning St. John from a Crucifixion Group

The Triumph of Silenus

Two Women

Market Scene

Temptation of St Anthony

Resurrection of Christ


Mourning Virgin from a Crucifixion Group

Half of a Prayer Bead with the Crucifixion


The Triumph of the Church

Miracle of Saint Gregory

Fragment of design for architectural frame

Hunting Scene

Apollo, Marsyas, and Midas

Adoration of the Magi

Virgin and Child

Designs for Book Illustrations

Letter P with the Legend of Saint Philip