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Four monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 75v

Two monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 152

Four monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 150

Monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 149

Bears attacking monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 151v

Monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 149v

Monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 150v

Monkeys from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 151

Men fighting and monkeys at school from BL Royal 20 D IV, f. 1

Miniature of Annunciation. Figure of monkey and cat playing a musical instrument in border. Initials.

Herald and monkeys from BL Royal 14 E IV, f. 121

Foliated Scrolls Inhabited by Monkeys

Foliated Scrolls Inhabited by Birds and Monkeys

Musician, monkey, two pheasants

The Merchant Robbed by Monkeys

The Merchant Robbed by Monkeys

Dancing monkeys

Family of Monkeys

Dancing monkeys

Monkeys on Rocks and Trees

Plate 132: Jupiter Changing the Cercopians into Monkeys (Cercopes bonorum insidiatores in Simias Iupiter transformat), from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'

Case (Inrō) with Design of Monkeys Hanging from Trees Above Waves (obverse); Monkeys Seated on Rocks (reverse)

Netsuke with Decoration of Monkeys and Catfish

Monkeys at Play

Case (Inrō) with Design of Three Monkeys as New Year Dancers

Monkeys at Play

Case (Inrō) with Design of Monkeys Trying to get Persimmons with Stick (obverse); Hawk in Persimmon Tree (reverse)

"The Birds and the Monkeys with the Glow Worm", Folio from a Kalila wa Dimna

Two Monkeys on Two Peaches

Snuff Bottle with Two Monkeys and Rock

Piece from a Robe (Kosode) with Cherry Blossoms and Monkeys with Palanquin

Title page from: The Lilliputian Humorists Drawn as big as the Life

Mercurius Sublimate, a chymist, and his man Crucible

Mynheer Bacon-Face, captain of an East-India man, and Don Diego de los Nafos, a Spanish factor

Le maitre a dancer

Monkeys within vase


Saru o nerau washi

Ni mas ni menos.

The curious and uncommon performances of a monkey: as they will be introduced every evening at Sadlers Wells by Signor Spinacuta


Netsuke of a Horse on a Pedestal with Monkeys Playing About

Saru no ikigimo

Netsuke of Three Monkeys Intertwined

Netsuke of Three Monkeys on the Back of a Fish (Sanbiki Saru)

Son gokū

Monsters, Monkeys, and Men

Baika saru hiku musume

Utsubo zaru

Sakura ni tsunagizaru

Conquiste dello stesso re, sopra popoli d'Africa, rappresentate nel medesimo monumento.

Nègres chasseurs rentrant en ville [left]. Le retour des nègres d'un naturaliste [right].

Who'll have the specie

The new game of the monkey's by Punch

Dynastie IV. Pyramiden von Giseh [Jîzah], Grab 90.

Neues Reich. Dynastie XVIII. Theben [Thebes]. Bab el Meluk [Bîbân el-Mulûk], Grab des Königs Ai; a. c. Wandbilder; d - g Sarkophag.

Ptolemaeer. Ptol. VII Philometor I. Philae. Pylon H.

Neues Reich. Dynastie XVII. Theben [Thebes], Abd el Qurna . Grab 11. A. b. Ostwand; c. d. Im Eigange; e. Westwand; f. Nordwand.

Neues Reich. Dynastie XIX. XX. Pyramidenfeld von Saqâra [Saqqârah], Grab 27.

A subject people bringing tribute.

Poojah [Pûja] of Hunooman [ Hanumân ].

[Design drawing for stained glass with David playing harp and St Cecelia playing organ, both surrounded by heavenly choirs, bells, trumpets, and animals: giraffe, mice, monkeys, rabbit, horse, etc.]

The menagerie keepers stirring up the monkeys. Philadelphia, December 26, 1868. Sir:- Two bills ... are now pending before the Senate of the United States, each of which incorporates several companies, and authorizes them to build railroads, sev

[Le barbier, scène de singes (planche inédite).]

[Le dentiste, scène de singes (planche publiée).]

Flaw in the title / painted by W.H. Beard ; engraved by Saml. Holyer [sic].

"Flaw in the title" / painted by William H. Beard ; engraved by Samuel Hollyer

[Toby Tyler leading monkeys to horse and wagons]

Virginia - a scene in the streets of Richmond - the Darwinian theory illustrated - a case of natural selection / from a sketch by W.L. Sheppard.

[Toby Tyler watching monkey]

La toliette du singe




The monkeys

Mormon maimon gray

We've had a h--l of a time! D.C.F

"The traveling comedians"

Playing go

Triumph bock

[Dog looking at monkey with ball of yarn] / Leander Baker, photographer.

Saruhiki to inu

The monkey and the camel

The aesthetic monkey / engraved, by permission, from the picture by W.H. Beard, in the possession of Mr. Hugh Auchinclos.

A weak combination suspension bridge / F. Graetz.

Why they dislike him -- he will not prove himself a cat's-paw in the enterprise / Gillam.

[Le singe et le chat.]

"Change about" - the monkey the master / Gillam.

[Le singe et le chat.]

Tamausagi songokū



Deer and Monkeys

[The simian, the slumberer, and the everlasting get-there, no. 4]


Mr. Crowley amuses himself with sawdust

The simian, the slumberer, and the everlasting get-there, no. 4

T.E. Moseley & Co.

[Monkey in tree]

[Monkeys in tree]