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Smokestacks and bridge of a steamboat docked at Jackson Square on the Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana

Carte de la decouverte faite l'an 1673 dans l'Amerique Septentrionale /

Carte de la découverte faite l'an 1673 dans l'Amérique septentrionale.

Carte de la rivière de Mississipi : sur les mémoires de Mr. Le Sueur qui en a pris avec la boussole tous les tours et detours depuis la mer jusqu'à la rivière St. Pierre, et a pris la hauteur du pole en plusieurs endroits /

Carte de la riviere Longue : et de quelques autres, qui se dechargent dans le grand fleuve de Missisipi [sic] ... ; Carte que les Gnacsitares : ont dessine sur des paux de cerfs ...

Carte du cours du fleuve St. Louis depuis dix lieues audessus de la Nouvelle Orleans jusqu'à son embouchure ou sont marquées les habitations formées, et les terrains concedez [i.e. concédés], auxquels on n'a pas travaille.

A plan of Fort St. Louis, St. Joseph, St. Jago & of St. Philip scituated at ye entrance of Cartagena Harbour or Boca-Chica with ye parts adjacent and also of the attacks made against the said forts /

Carte particulière du cours du fleuve St. Louis depuis le village sauvage jusqu'au dessous du Detour aux Angloix, des lacs Pontchartrain & Maurepas & des rivières & bayouc qui y aboutissent /

Embouchures du fleuve St. Louis ou Mississipi. 1763.

Carte de la coste de la province de la Louisiane et des bouches du Micissipy ou fleuve St. Louis,

Grondvlakte van Nieuw Orleans, de hoofdstad van Louisiana. De uitloop van de Rivier Missisippi. De oostelyke ingang van de Missisippi, met een plan van het fort, 't welk het kanaal beheerscht.

A plan of the river Missisippi.

Map of the Mississippi River from the mouth of Yazoo River to the southern part of Louisiana

Five hundred pounds reward. [For the capture of the Viginia built pilot boat St. Louis which has be seized and carried off by her crew] [Signed] Anthony Marmajou. Philadelphia 16th July 1778. Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap, in Market-stree

Course of the river Mississipi from the Balise to Fort Chartres; taken on an expedition to the Illinois, in the latter end of the year 1765.

Dédiée a Monsieur Coustard de Massi, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de St. Louis, Lieutenant de Nosseigneurs les Maréchaux de France. Vue perspective du nouveau batiment de l'hopital des enfants trouvés de cette ville avec la demonstration de l'aerostat élevé dans le jardin de cette maison le 14 juin 1784.

North America from the Mississippi River to the Pacific, between the 35th and 60th parallers of latitude

The progress of freedom. On the 6th of April St. Louis elected a mayor, "unrequivocally in favor of the President's policy proclamation, arming of negroes, and all." and the next morning the Missouri Democrat joyfully declared that "St. Louis is

St. Louis Mo. St. Louis, C. Witter [18--?].

Map of New Orleans

... The following resolution passed the House of representatives on Wednesday last, and the senate yesterday. [Regarding the free navigation of the Mississippi River]. Frankfort, November 25, 1803.

[Mississippi river, with Ohio, Rock, Iowa River de Moins, Missouri, White, and Arkansas rivers, and part of the Red River].

[Plan of Baton Rouge and adjoining properties on the Mississippi River].

[Four plats on the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge 1805].

[Cadastral map of an area along the Mississippi River from the United States-Spanish border south to McIntosh Island] /

[Cadastral map of a portion of Feliciana District, Spanish West Florida, between the Mississippi River and the Comite River].

[Map of an area from Pearl River to Bay St. Louis in Spanish West Florida].

[Map of area from Rio Iberville to Thompson's Creek along the Mississippi River, Spanish West Florida, Districts of Manchac, Baton Rouge, and Feliciana].

Map of the Mississippi River from its source to the mouth of the Missouri.

Plan of the mouths of the Mississipi to shew the different situations of the passes of S.W, S.E., N.E., Latoutre & their soudings /

Plan of the mouth of the Mississipi to explain the direction of the thelegraphies lines from Balize to Plaquemines & for other puposes : No. 4, report of the 1st June 1813 /

[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Drawing Showing the Proposed Lighthouse at the Mouth of the Mississippi River, Louisiana

Falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi.

Tivoli. Le dimanche 22 aout, 1824, grand fete extraordinaire a l'occasion de la Saint-Louis. Ascension en balon, par M. Margat ...

Die Balize an der Mündung des Missisippi.

St. Louis skating rink waltz

Map of the route passed over by an expedition into the Indian country in 1832 to the source of the Mississippi /

A map of a portion of the Indian country lying east and west of the Mississippi River to the forty sixth degree of north latitude from personal observation made in the autumn of 1835 and recent authentic documents /

Map showing the most direct commercial route from the Atlantic via L. Ontario, to the province of Upper Canada, the north western states & territories, and to the Mississippi.

View of St. Louis taken from Illinois.

Map shewing the connection of the Baltimore and Ohio-Rail-Road with other rail roads executed or in progress throughout the United States.

All the West going for Matty

Lawless burning of men by the many

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic] with proposed extensions to Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis, in connexion [sic] with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois /

Notice. The undersigned, having chartered the steam-boat Eagle for the purpose of accommodating all the citizens of Alton and the vicinity, who may wish to see the murderers hung at St. Louis, on the 9th day of July next, would inform the publi

New Orleans, taken from the opposite side a short distance above the Middle or Picayune Ferry.

$500 reward!! Whereas the clerk's office of the steamboat Patrick Henry, on her late voyage from Louisville to St. Louis, was broken open, and two packages stolen, containing $4,900 ... This is therefore to offer the above reward o

[Lake Superior, Missabay mountains, Chipeway country, region of rocks and water, Wisonsin Territory; top right.]

[Titonwan country, Ponkas Indian country, Omaha Indian country, Yankton, country; middle left].

$200 Reward. Ranaway from the subscriber, on the night of Thursday, the 30th of Sepember, five Negro slaves

[Plateau du Coteau du Missouri, Yanktonnan country, Yankton country, Salt water region, Chipeway country, Cote du Grand Bois; top left]

[Sac and Fox Indian country, State of Missouri, State of Illinois; bottom right.]

Map of the hydrographical basin of the upper Mississippi River [bottom left].

[Coteau des prairies, M'dewakaton country, Warpekutey country, Winebago Indian country, Iowa Territory; middle right.]

Hydrographical basin of the upper Mississippi River from astronomical and barometrical observations, surveys, and information.

Map, exhibiting the railway route between Baltimore & St. Louis, together with the other principal lines in the eastern, middle & western states; prepared under the direction of B. H. Latrobe, Ch. Engr. B. & O. R.R.

[Xavier Donald MacLeod, half-length portrait, nearly facing front, with mustache and spectacles]

Bloomington, Iowa / painted and litho. by J.C. Wild.

A new map for travelers through the United States of America showing the railroads, canals & stage roads with the distances,

$200 reward. Ranaway from the subscriber on the night of Thursday, the 30th of September. Five negro slaves ... Wm. Russell. St. Louis, Oct. 1, 1847.

Map and view of St. Louis, Mo.

Republican extra--- St. Louis, March 5, 5. P. M. President Taylor's inaugural address. Washington, Monday, March 5, 1839 [i. e. 1849] [St. Louis, 1849].

Map showing the position of Chicago in connection with the North West & the principal lines of rail roads, canals, navigable streams and lakes, together with the most important towns, and their distances from Chicago.

Sketch illustrating the positions of the commercial cities and towns of the Eastern, Middle and Western States with the principal existing and proposed lines of communication.

Gunpowder for sale here / Oliver J. Stuart, N.Y.

A map illustrative of the route of the proposed railroad : from St. Louis to the Bay of San Francisco /

A new map of the United States. Upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent &c. showing also Canada and the Island of Cuba,

U.S. Reports: The Heirs of Don Carlos de Vilemont v. The United States, 54 U.S. (13 How.) 261 (1852)

Bird's eye view of New Orleans.

Skeleton map of rail-roads between Cape Canso and St. Louis,

Map of the Cairo & Fulton Railroad exhibiting the principal tributary lines as projected and its connections with other railroads west of the Mississippi River, which unite with the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and south projected Pacific Railroad via Elpaso [sic] to the Pacific Ocean, showing also the connection by rail road of the cities of New Orleans & St. Louis. Little Rock, Ark. Sep. 1853.

Saint Paul, capital of Minnesota August 1853.

Map of the proposed Northern Route for a railroad to the Pacific.

Battle of Hermannstadt / sketched by Capt. Ed. Scheifele ; drawn on stone & lith by Schaerff & Bro. 71 Market Str. St. Louis.

City of St. Paul, capital of Minesota.

Herculaneum, Missouri.

Cairo, mouth of the Ohio.

Hannibal, Missouri.

The Falls of St. Anthony.

Carondelet or Vide-Poche, Missouri

Alton, Illinois.

New Madrid, Missouri.

Muscadine [Muscatine], Iowa.

Memphis, Tenessee.

Rail road map accompanying the report an[d] exhibit of the Logansport & Northern Indiana Railroad showing its connections and the through route from St. Louis to New York of which this road forms a part; Logansport, Indiana May 1st 1854; L. S. Nash, Chief Engineer.

Cassville in 1829.

Dubuque in Iowa.

Pilots station.

Fort Armstrong.

Galena, on Fever River in Illinois.

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 1830.

St Paul's, Menesotah Territory.

Fort Madison, Iowa.

Natchez, Mississippi.

Keokuck, Iowa.


Baton Rouge (Louisiana).

Nauvoe, Illinois.