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Minnesota historical news. No. 188. August 1937. Distributed to newspapers by the Minnesota Historical society, St. Paul.

Some legacies of the Ordinance of 1787

Address at Fort Snelling in the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the treaty of Pike with the Sioux

Schoolcraft's exploring tour of 1832

Causes and results of the Inkpaduta massacre

A Red River townsite speculation in 1857

The sale of Fort Snelling, 1857

The Sioux outbreak in the year 1862 : with notes of missionary work among the Sioux

Boyhood remembrances of life among the Dakotas and the massacre of 1862

Dakota land and Dakota life

A sketch of Joseph Renville : a "Bois Brule," and early trader of Minnesota

A memoir on the history and physical geography of Minnesota

D'Iberville : an abstract of his Memorial on the country of the Mississippi

Our field of historical research : address of Gov. Alex. Ramsey, president of the Society, before its Annual Meeting, Jan. 13, 1851

Organization of Minnesota Territory

Sieur du Luth : the explorer between Mille Lacs and Lake Superior

The Fox and Ojibwa War

Who were the first men?

Le Sueur's explorations : Le Sieur, the explorer of the Minnesota River

Ancient mounds and monuments

Early days at Fort Snelling

Memoir of Jean N. Nicollet

Department of Hudson's Bay

The French voyageurs to Minnesota during the seventeenth century

Speech of Hon. H.H. Sibley, of Minn., before the Committee on Elections of the House of Representatives, Dec. 22, 1848

Letter of Mesnard : written on the eve of embarkation for Lake Superior

St. Louis River

Louis Hennepin, the Franciscan : first explorer of the upper Mississippi River

Battle of Lake Pokeguma : as narrated ry sic an eye witness

Early schools of Minnesota

Early courts of Minnesota

Letter from Prof. W.W. Mather, the geologist : from the "Annals" of 1851

Capt. Jonathan Carver, and his explorations

Description of Minnesota

Religious movements in Minnesota

Pike's explorations in Minnesota, 1805-6

The Dakota language

Who discovered Itasca Lake? : letter of Wm. Morrison, an early Indian trader

Reminiscences, historical and personal

History of the Ojibways : based upon traditions and oral statements

History of the Ojibways, and their connection with fur traders : based upon official and other records

The dual origin of Minnesota

History of transportation in Minnesota

Reminiscences of Minnesota during the territorial period

History of Duluth, and of St. Louis County, to the year 1870

Biographic notes of old settlers

Civilization and Christianization of the Ojibways in Minnesota

The early settlement and history of Redwood County

The Ojibways in Minnesota

How we won the San Juan archipelago

History of pioneer lumbering on the upper Mississippi and its tributaries

Narration of a friendly Sioux

Early trade and traders in St. Paul

Hennepin as discoverer and author

Recollections of the city and people of St. Paul, 1843-1898

Sketches of the early history of real estate in St. Paul

Minnesota journalism in the territorial period

Minnesota's eastern, southern and western boundaries

Groseilliers and Radisson : the first white men in Minnesota, 1655-56, and 1659-60, and their discovery of the upper Mississippi River

The first railroad in Minnesota

The work of the second State Legislature, 1859-60

Early steamboating on the Minnesota and Red Rivers

Memorial addresses in honor of Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple, at the monthly Council meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society, in the State Capitol, St. Paul, Minn., Monday evening, October 14, 1901

Old government mills at the Falls of St. Anthony

The treaty of Traverse des Sioux in 1851 : under Governor Alexander Ramsey, with notes of the former treaty there, in 1841, under Governor James D. Doty, of Wisconsin

William Holcombe

Missionary work at Red Wing, 1849 to 1852

History of the St. Paul & Sioux City Railroad, 1864-1881

Early Episcopal churches and missions in Minnesota

The early government land survey in Minnesota west of the Mississippi River

History of flour manufacture in Minnesota

Sketches of the history of Hutchinson

The Chapel of St. Paul, and the beginnings of the Catholic Church in Minnesota

Memorial addresses in honor of Judge Charles E. Flandrau, at the monthly Council meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society, in the State Capitol, St. Paul, Minn., Monday evening, November 9, 1903

A Sioux narrative of the outbreak in 1862, and of Sibley's expedition in 1863

Moses Sherburne

History of education in Minnesota

History of wheat raising in the Red River Valley

Memorial addresses in honor of General John B. Sanborn, at the monthly Council meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society, in the State Capitol, St. Paul, Minn., Monday evening, October 10, 1904

Lumbering and steamboating on the St. Croix River

Memorial addresses in honor of Governor Alexander Ramsey, at meetings of the Minnesota Historical Society, in the State Capitol, St. Paul, Minn., September 3 and 14, 1903

The old frigate Minnesota

Reminiscences of Little Crow

Early days in Goodhue County

The successive chiefs named Wabasha

The site of Le Sueur's Fort L'Huillier

Memorial addresses in honor of Harlan Page Hall

History of the University of Minnesota

Discovery of the skeletons of many Sioux killed in war, buried near Fort L'Huillier

Rev. Ezekiel Gilbert Gear, D.D., chaplain at Fort Snelling, 1838-1858

Early bridges and changes of the land and water surface in the city of St. Paul

The life and military services of Zebulon M. Pike

A history of the Capitol buildings of Minnesota : with some account of the struggles for their location

The beginning of banking in Minnesota

Recollections of early territorial days and legislation

Charities in Minnesota

Archæological collections recently donated to this Society

The nation and the ship

Minnesota journalism from 1858 to 1865

Boundaries and public land surveys of Minnesota