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Louis XV

Andrea Cornaro

Innocent XIII (Pope 1721–24)

Antonio Maria Biscioni (1674–1756)

Coronation of Queen Caroline

Francesco Niccolò Gabburri

Mary II

Charles I

Henry VIII

Henry IV

Edward IV

Edward I

Edward V

Henry VII

Richard II

George II

Medal of George II and his Family

Clement XII (Lorenzo Corsini, 1652–1740, Pope 1730–60)

Jernegan's Lottery Medal

Royal Education of the Dauphin

The taking of Porto Bello by Admiral Vernon

Martin Foulkes

Commemorating the Capture of Porto Bello in 1739

Abraham de Moivre

Alexander Pope

The Birth of Archduke Joseph

Charles Spencer, Duke of Marlborough

Benedict XIV (Pope 1740–58)

John Campbell, Duke of Argyle and Greenwich

Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield

John, Lord Carteret

Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford

William Pulteney, Earl of Bath

Robert Barker

Sir Hans Sloane

Sir John Barnard

Sir Edmund Halley

Sir Andrew Fountaine

Theatre Royal Covent Garden Token

Antonio Maria Biscioni (1674–1756)

Count Maurice, Maréchal de Saxe (1696–1750)

William IV, Prince Orange, Stadholder of The Netherlands

Marco Antonio Zucchi

Academy of Ancient Music


Joseph of Bavaria

Accession of King George III

Commemorating the Marriage of Louis XVIII as Count Louis-Stanislas-Xavier, Count of Provence, and Marie-Josephine-Louise, daughter of King of Sardinia, in 1771

Amelioration of the Study of Latin in Public Schools

Jean Henri, Count of Fumel, Bishop of Lodève (1717–1790)

Louis XVI

The Engagement of John Paul (Jones) (1747–92) with the British ship Serapis off Flamborough Head, September 23, 1779

American Liberty

American Liberty (Libertas Americana)

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Gustavus III, King of Sweden (b. 1746, r. 1771–92) and Louise Ulrika, his mother (1720–1782), as founders of the Swedish Academy

London Royal Society of Arts Medal

Andreas Peter Bernstorff (1735–1797), Danish Foreign Minister (1784–97)

In Honor of Admiral Lord Howe, 1794

Francis Ferdinand IV and Clementina

Commemorating the Organization to Resist the French in 1798

The Davidson Medal, in Honor of Lord Nelson, and the Victory of the Nile

The Inspiration of Genius

In Honor of Charles Gounod, the Composer

The Breaking of Camp at Boulogne; and Assuming once more of the Command of the Army by the Emperor. 1805.

Establishment of Schools of Pharmacy. 1803.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897

Distribution of Eagles to Army by the Emperor. 1804.

Escape of Bonaparte from Assassination, Dec. 24, 1800.

Mme. Severine (?), portrait of a woman

Woman conducting an orchestra

Capture of Vienna and Presbourg. 1805.

Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1878

Completion of the Road from Nice to Rome, 1807

Anatole De La Forge

Fall of Four Prussian Fortresses, 1806

In Honor of M. Eudoxe Marcille, Director of the Museum of Orleans

Proclamation of the Code of Napoleon. 1804.

Annexation of Ligurian Republic to France (founded in 1797 on the ruins of Genoa) to France. 1805.

Lazare Carnot

Portrait of Edmond de Goncourt (1822–1896), novelist and man of letters


Constantin Meunier, Sculptor

The Conquest of Hanover. 1803.

Crossing of the Great St. Bernard and Battle of Marengo, 1800.

Pierre Boulanger, Ironworker, and His Wife

Banquet by Municipality of Paris on Occasion of Napoleon's Coronation. 1804.

Nude bust of girl playing the violin (Le Violon)

Award of the Massachusetts Humane Society

A Vision of Victory

The Venus de Medici. 1803.

Friedrich Ludwig Zacharias Werner (1768–1823)

In Honor of M. Bédorez, Former Director of Primary Education in the Department of the Seine

The Birth of the King of Rome, 1811

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in the Garden of the Tuileries. 1806.

Award of the Massachusetts Humane Society

Completion of the Road over the Simplon

Marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise. 1810.