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Jerusalem Waterworks

Petra, entrance

Mosque of Omar i.e., Dome of the Rock interior

Tell Hazar?

Locust plague

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. Southern theatre at Jerash American Colony, Jerusalem

Jaffa. Rocks of Andromeda

Shepherds playing flute

Dead Sea sunrise from Neby Mousa i.e., Nebi Musa

Sinai, shepherd and sheep

Petra, el-Khazne

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. Ruins of bath, Jerash American Colony, Jerusalem

Church of Holy Sep. i.e., Sepulchre. Jewelled crosses

Cedars of Lebanon

2 men on camels, Sinai Mts. i.e., mountains

Chapel of the Carpenter Shop, Nazareth

Man standing next to tree

Lower section of el Khazne in Petra

Storm at Jaffa


Prickly pear (Opuntia Ficus indica, Haw.)

Ruth series, Ruth the Moabitess

Trans-Jordan types. Bedouin mother and swaddled baby ; Bedouin women and children in front of tent; windmill in background


Antique glass

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. The forum at Jerash American Colony, Jerusalem

Monument of Paul in Tarsus. Greek Ortho. i.e., Orthodox Church


Antique bronze


Jerusalem. British homes, embassy

Interior of Garden Tomb American Colony, Jerusalem

Lebanon. The cedar grove. (Distant view Dahr-el-Kadib in the background)


Turkish soldiers marching past Am. i.e., American Colony on Nablus Road Jerusalem; Another view of Turkish soldiers on Nablus Road

Antique glass

Christian chapel belfry, St. Catherine i.e., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai

Tower of Jezreel

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. The odeum at 'Amman American Colony, Jerusalem

Beth Saida

Roman bridge and city gate, Banias

The citadel (castle), Aleppo

Dead Sea

East of Jordan and the Dead Sea. General view of Madeba American Colony, Jerusalem

Map of Petra

Bedouin woman

Ain Farah water supply

Jordan estuary at the Dead Sea

Landing place, Jaffa


Cedar of Lebanon

Streets. Jerusalem. David Street. (Western end, arched street of steps)


Stations of the Cross and the Rosary

Ruth series


Market in unidentified town

Mosque of Omar i.e., Dome of the Rock from N

Southern Palestine. Old well at Beersheba

Northern views. Mount Hermon American Colony, Jerusalem

Military hostel, Tel-Aviv

Ruth series, Ruth the Moabitess

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). View of Temple area from Tower of Antonia

Goatskin tannery at Hebron

Mount Moriah, original contour

Bethpage i.e., Bethphage from Olivet, Jerusalem


Robinson family

Beth Shemesh


Cemetery with stone tombs


Boy & camel, Mt. Sinai box

Petra. Aaron's Tomb exterior, on Mt. Hor American Colony, Jerusalem

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Steps leading to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre American Colony, Jerusalem

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). Panorama of Jerusalem from Olivet, in three sections

Temple of Horus, Edfu, Egypt


Northern views. Home of Christ, Nazareth

Trans-Jordan. Petra. Temple of el-Khazne. (Doorway of side chamber)

23rd Psalm, sheep


Jewish factories

Jerusalem wheat market

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery

Jerusalem (El-Kouds). The railway station American Colony, Jerusalem

Camels at watering place

Beverage seller on street

Famous religious paintings. "The breaking of the Bread" at Emmaus, by Martinelli, in Latin Church at el-Kubebeh

Costumes and characters, etc. Bust of a Bedouin

Series of prehistoric flints


Northern views. Endor American Colony, Jerusalem

Well at St. Cath. i.e., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai

Dead Sea

The locust plague, at camp

Goatherds with goats by a stream, probably in Palestine

Military photograph copy

Pilgrims carrying cross before Ecce Homo arch

"Bringing in the sheaves"