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Portrait of the Artist

Mary Cassatt at the Louvre: The Etruscan Gallery


Au Louvre: la peinture (Mary Cassatt)

Knitting in the Glow of a Lamp

Two young ladies seated in a loge, facing right.

At the dressing table.

The Cup of Tea

Lydia Crocheting in the Garden at Marly

[Standing nude with towel]

The corner of the sofa, no. 3

In the Opera Box (No. 3)

Woman with Dog

Sewing on the Grass


In the Opera Box

The Chess Game

At the theatre.

Lydia Looking Toward the Right: Trees Beyond

Old Woman Knitting

Lydia Reading, Turned Toward Right

Woman on a Bench

The Visitor

Lady in black, in a loge, facing right.

Knitting in the Library

The Visitor

Portrait of George Moore

Robert Holding a Cat

Heads of Ellen and Robert Cassatt.

Outline sketch of a mother and baby.

[Catherine Cassatt] / Mary Cassatt.

Robert's Back

Catherine Cassatt.

Lydia and Her Mother at Tea

Ellen and Robert in hats and coats.

Mlle. Luquet seated on a couch.

The Folding Chair

Susan seated before a row of trees.

Mlle. Luquet in a coat and hat.

Lydia looking toward the right; trees beyond.

In the garden.

Lady at the Tea Table

Susan's head.

Susan and child facing each other.


Mr. Gardner Cassatt reading the paper.

Mr. Gardner Cassatt reading the paper.

The folding chair.

Before the fireplace.

Susan looking down at her hands.

Mr. Gardner Cassatt reading the paper.

Under the lamp.

Mrs. Cassatt reading to her grandchildren (No. 2).

Sewing on the grass.

Sewing on the grass.

Sewing on the grass.

Robert Seated, Facing Left

Mathilde feeding her dog (No. 3).

Robert holding a cat.

Mathilde feeding her dog (No. 1).

Ellen holding a cat, looking left

Baby's Lullaby

Catherine seated on an upholstered chair.

The mandolin player.

The mandolin player.

Mother Berthe holding her child.

Baby's lullaby.

On the Balcony

Gardner held by his mother.

Mimi seated, wearing a sleeveless dress.

The sick child (No. 2).

The sick child (No. 3).


Portrait sketch of Mlle. M....

Nurse and baby Bill (No. 1).

Mother Berthe holding her child.

The Mandolin Player

The sick child (No. 1).

Bill in coat and cap.

Back View of Draped Model Arranging Her Hair

The map.

Young girl fixing her hair (No. 1).

On the bench.

En deshabillé.


The map.

Bill lying on his mother's lap.

Mrs. Gardner Cassatt and her baby seated near a window.

Nurse and baby Bill (No. 1).

After-dinner Coffee

Bill Lying on His Mother's Lap

Bill holding the back of a chair.

After-dinner coffee.

The map.

Preparing Bill for an outing.

Mrs. Gardner Cassatt holding her baby.

Gardner held by his mother.

The mandolin player.

Baby's lullaby

En Déshabillé