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Tartariae sive Magni Chami Regni tÿpus.




[Map of SE Asia, Dutch East Indies, & Philippines]

[Sphendonē], hoc est, fvnda Posidonii.

[Priest holding crucifix standing beside boat, looking at map of "Tartaria, Cina, India"]

Partie meridionale de l'Inde en deux presqu'isles l'une de ç̧à et l'autre de là le Gange /

L'Inde de ç̧à et de là le Gange ou est l'Empire du Grand Mogol et pays circonvoisins tirée de purchas et de diverses relations les plus nouvelles /

Nova Persiæ, Armeniæ, Natoliæ, et Arabiæ /

L'Asie, : Selon les nouvelles observations de Mess.rs de l'Academie des Sciences, etc. /

[Africa, Europe and Asia.]

Asiae recentissima delineatio, qua status et imperia totius orientis unacum orientalibus indiis exhibentur /

A map of Asia : with its principal divisions /

Present Asia distinguisht into its general divisions or countries together with their capital cities, chief rivers, mountains &c.

A new map o East Indies, taken from Mr. de Fer's Map of Asia, shewing their chief divisions, cities, towns, ports, rivers, mountains &c.

Map of the Old Continent exhibiting its greatest diametrical length from the point of East Tartary to the Cape of Good Hope

A new map of Great Tartary, and China, with the adjoyning part of Asia, taken from Mr. de Fer's map of Asia.

Ancient Asia, according to its general divisions and names of its countries together with their chief cities, rivers, mountains &c.


Generalis totius imperii Moscovitici : novissima tabula magnam orbis terrarum partem a Polo Arctico usq[ue] ad mare Iaponicum, et Chinae Septentrionalis confinia exhibens : cum via Czaricae nuper Legationis ex urbe Moscua per universam Tartariam, ad magnu[m?] Chinae imperatorem.

Persarum imperium.

Map of Turky [sic], Arabia and Persia.

Theatrum historicum ad annum Christi quadringentesimum : in quo tum Imperii Romani tum Barbarorum circum incolentium status ob oculosponitur pars orientalis /

A map of the East-Indies and the adjacent countries ; with the settlements, factories and territories explaning what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal &c. ...

Map of Asia ...

L'expedition d'Alexandre : pour l'Histoire Ancienne de Mr. Rollin /

Recentissima Asiae delineatio, qua imperia, ejus, regna, et status, unacum novissimis Russorum detectionibg circa Mare Caspium et Terram, Yedso alias dict /

A new & accurate map of Persia, with the adjacent countries : drawn from the most approved modern maps &c, the whole being regulated by astronl. observations /

Premiere partie de la carte d'Asie : contenant la Turquie, l'Arabie, la Perse, l'Indie en deca du Gange et de la Tartarie ce qui est limitrophe de la Perse et de l'Inde /

Carte des royaumes de Siam, de Tunquin, Pegu, Ava Aracan, &c.

Asia, ěst nor ashkharhagrakan znnutʻeantsʻ : pʻoragreal i Vēnētik i Vans Srboyn Ghazaru i tʻuis merum 1236.

Bowles's new one-sheet map of Asia, divided into its empires, kingdoms, states, and other subdivisions : laid down from observations of the most celebrated geographers.

A new general map of the East Indies : exhibiting in the Peninsula on this side of the Ganges, or Hindoostan, the several partitions of the Mogul's Empire ; and the dominions of the English East India Company in the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, Orixa, as well as upon the coasts of Malabar and Coromandel ; with the French and Dutch possessions according to the peace of 1783 : and in the peninsula beyond the Ganges, the kingdoms of Assam, Cashar, Aua, Aracan, Mien, Pegu, Siam, Lao and Cambodia, &c. /

Chart of the N.W. coast of America and the N.E. coast of Asia, explored in the years 1778 and 1779.

Modern Asia /

Asia and its islands according to D'Anville.

Asia with its islands and different regions : according to their modern divisions ; also the discoveries made by Capt. Cook.

Charte von Asien : nach de bewährtesten astronomischen Beobachtungen den neuesten Reisen, und de vorzü̈glichsten Charten, insonderheit aber der Geographie de Hrn I.C. Gatterers. gemäss Stereographisch entworfen /

Asia, according to the best authorities.

Asia according to the best authorities.

Asia according to the best authorities.

Asia /

Alexandri magni imperium et expeditiones /

Iran und Turan : Persien, Afghanistan, Biludschistan, Tuckestan : eine geographische Skizze /

Carte de la Turquie D'Asie de la Perse de l'Afghanistan et de l'Arabie /

Das Hochland von Iran enthaltend die Staaten von Persien, Afghanistan und Beludschistan /

Persia and Cabool /

Persia Arabia &c. /

map from "Oriental and Western Siberia; a narrative of seven years' explorations and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia ... With a map and numerous illustrations"

Johnson's Turkey in Asia : Persia Arabia &c. /

Commercial and geographical relation of New York to Europe and Asia, with views of Hong Kong, Honolulu, Aspinwall, Panama, and on the Pacific Railroad

Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia : Afghanistan, Beloochistan.

Ėtnograficheskai︠a︡ karta Azīi︠a︡tskoĭ Rossīi /


Seat of the war in Asia, map of Afghanistan.

Map of central Asia on the basis of the surveys made by British and Russian officers to 1881.

Nouvelle carte generale des provinces asiatiques de L'empire Ottoman : sans L'Arabie /

Stanford's map of western Asia /

Central Asia : /

A map of the countries between Constantinople and Calcutta : including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan & Turkestan.

The Eastern question in Europe and Asia /

map from "Through Central Asia. With a map and appendix on the diplomacy and delimitation of the Russo-Afghan frontier ... With ... illustrations. [A popular edition of the author's “Russian Central Asia,” etc.]"

map from "A Journey in Khorassan and Central Asia. March and April, 1890. [With a map.]"

map from "Russian Hosts and English Guests in Central Asia ... With sixty illustrations and a map"

map from "A Visit to the Russians in Central Asia. [With illustrations.]"

Asia pavilion.

Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and parts of central Asia.

Map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia (ethnographical).

[Asia. Children playing ball. Men in the woods. Girl carrying infant on her back]

Asia /

Bartholomew's general map of Asia.

The Far East and adjoining areas /

Soviet Central Asia. 5-60.

Southeast Asia. 10-63.

South Asia. 10-63.

Asia and Europe. 8-67.

Asia and Europe. 2-75.

South Asia, oil and gas prospects.

Southwest Asia.

Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.

Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.

Southwest Asia.

Ethnic groups in southern Soviet Union and neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

South Asia.

Mainland southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia : strategic straits and maritime claims.

Major ethnic groups in Central Asia.

Major ethnic groups in Central Asia.

South Asia.

South Asia.

Southwest Asia.

Southwest Asia.


South Asia.

The Caucasus and Central Asia.

Southwest Asia.

Southeast Asia.