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Truck trailers line up at a freight house to load and unload goods from the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, Chicago, Ill.

[Tools necessary to prove and load guns]

Girl with a Load of Hay, Outside of Thorbogen

Tafeu! Receipt to manufacture 1 cart load of Dodge Hayward's land dressing, worm and insect killer:--- ... Directions for using ... Dodge Hayward, proprietor. [n. p. 1840?].

The great political car and last load of patriots. Dorr, Jackson, Simmons and Arnold!

Haying-time the last load.

On a load of hay - "Now then, children, hold on!"

A Wagon Load from Jersey

The Centennial [4 scenes]: 1. A wagon load from Jersey [group of people in horse-drawn wagon]; 2. On the farm, going to the centennial for a day [man and 2 women in farmhouse]; 3. Footing it [2 men walking]; 4. Arrival of train on the grounds

Logging a big load

The "magnetic" Blaine; or, a very heavy "load" for the Republican party to carry

The last load

Please! somebody help us to let go of this load

The World's Fair load of logs, 36,055 feet

"The last load"

Woman with heavy load strapped to her back

Largest load ever hauled

Irkutsk (?) - 2 men (Mongols?) carrying load on pole between their shoulders; large church in background

Load! 1st Kentucky Volunteers - Porto [sic] Rican Army

City types. Jerusalem porter. (Carrying huge load of empty petrol tins)

Halt in the Peace Procession. Uncle Sam - I'll not carry that load. We'll stop right now

"Load!"--On the advance line with the fighting Twentieth Kansas

Taking a government load to Copper Center

Truckman checking a load of snow, New York

Hauling Load of Squash on Wagon

Taking a government load to Copper Center

Various types, etc. Woman with baby and load.

A load of bananas, Jamaica

Palestine, transportation, donkey carrying load of roots and twigs for fuel

Load of wood [wool?], Armenian relief

The dwarf with his heavy load on a mountain road, Japan

Last load

A load of fuel--Zuni

A Load of cane on a Cuban sugar plantation

Coming back with a boat load

[Russian gun with 9 in. shell ready to load -- at Wolf Battery during the siege of Port Arthur]

Korean farmer with load of grass for market

This is the good old saint on the road. Skimming along with his precious load

One redwood tree makes a train load

Load of logs

A heavy load

Load of banners, Labor Parade

Banner load, Pine Island, Minn. Largest load of logs ever hauled on sleighs by horses / L.H. Halverson, photographer, Blackduck, Minn.

A car load of groceries being distributed to local salesmen for a box car grocery firm in Sumner, Nebraska, .

Little Girl Woodpickers Making Up a Load. Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Mery Horn, a hunchback. The doctor told her it was a severe case and was being aggravated by the heavy load of papers she carried and so she must stop. She replied "But I need the spending money. I have to go to shows." Location: Hartford, Connecticut.

A Load of Fancy Poultry

Svenskhandel i Volqvartsgården. Fem mann med sleder og oppakning foran låvebrua i forretningsgården til Peder Holden

A Heavy Load. Location: New York--Brooklyn, New York (State)

Load of Xmas trees, N.Y.

Record load of wheat

A Car Load of Texas Corn

Oyster boat with load coming up to the barge to unload. Location: Mobile Bay, Alabama.

A Load of kimonos just finished. Girl very reticent. Thompson St., N.Y. Location: New York, New York (State)

Carrying home the tags. A heavy load and long distance. Highland Street, Roxbury, Mass. Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts.

James Gibbons and load of tags he is carrying a long distance from the factory on Vale Street to home 988 [?] Center Street. See also other photo of interior. Also Home Work report. Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts.

5 minutes to 9 A.M. Eleven-year-old girl running home with a twenty-pound load of garter buttons for home-work. Trying not to be late for school. (See also Report.) Location: Worcester, Massachusetts.

Vitto Romano, 76 Charter Street, Boston, Mass., carrying load of garments from 30 Blackstone Street. Said 12 years old and that only his mother finishes them. Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Man carrying load of caps made at home to factory, 9-11 University Place, --- Feldstein's. Location: New York, New York (State)

Carrying tags. A little tot with a heavy load. Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Girl with heavy load of tags. See report. Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The breaking point. A heavy load for an old woman. Lafayette St., below Astor Pl., N.Y. Location: New York, New York (State)

[Bus load of children of Paterson, N.J., strikers (silk workers) in May Day parade - New York City]

A load of Christmas packages

Train load of British troops enroute to Ypres Salient and Area. Boesinghe, Belgium. 8-22-1917

A [...] 75000 load of [...] money, [1914]

Eight-year old Jack driving load of hay. See Hine Report, Rural Child Labor, August, 1915. Location: Western Massachusetts, Massachusetts.

Drills - Artillery - Field - Loading - Ready to load machine gun, American Lake, Washington

American Red Cross - Vehicles - Truck load of Americans off for the front lines given a send off by the A.R.C. workers at Dijon, France

Between St. Quentin and Laon. A load of straw for the dug-out. March 1917

American Red Cross - Miscellaneous - Truck load of American Red Cross supplies which has just arrived in Paris by mail, on its way to the warehouse

Airplanes - Types - Fastest aeroplane in the world. Side view of the new Curtiss plane built for the Navy. This plane can develop a speed of 160 miles faster than any other machine in the world. It is 32 feet wide, 34 feet long, 10 feet high and can carry a useful load of over half a ton. It has attained a height of 12,500 feet in 10 minutes. This plane is equipped with a Model K, 12 cylinders, 400 H.P. Engine

American Red Cross - Salvage - Red Cross Salvage. There is a use for everything no matter how old or how worn it is. This is the motto of the Red Cross Salvage Campaign which is now in progress, over the entire country. Old shoes, clothes, tinfoil books, and other discards are in the collection. A truck load of salvaged material collected in Los Angeles by the Red Cross

Airplanes - Types - Fastest aeroplane in the world. Front view of the new Curtiss Aeroplane built for the Navy. This machine is the fastest in the world and capable of making 160 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour faster than the speed attained by any other machine in the world. It can climb to a height of 12,500 feet in 10 minutes. It is equipped with a Curtiss Model K, 121 cylinder 400 H.P. Engine. It can carry a load of 1,000 lbs. It is 32 feet wide, 34 feet long and 10 feet high

6:00 A.M. at Post Office Square. Truck load of tobacco workers bound for American Sumatra Tobacco Farm, S[outh] Windsor. They return about 7 P.M. Location: Hartford, Connecticut / L.W. Hine.

American Red Cross - Soliciting Funds - Miscellaneous - Red Cross wood day, Bemidji, Minn. Wood donated by farmers and sold at auction for the benefit of the Red Cross. The prize load brought neary $100

American Red Cross - Vehicles - American Red Cross helps French prisoners get clothing. Ambulance with load of French prisoners just returned from Germany, leaving Grand Palais, Paris, France, where they went to get much needed clothing supplied to them by the French Government. Taken Nov. 1918

American Library Association - ALA - European - French - St. Nazaire. Getting books off pile to load on truck for Nantes. Sgt. McNamara near center of picture. Note parpaulins covering boxes, the only protection things have on this dock against rain

6:00 A.M. at Post Office Square, Truck load of tobacco workers bound for American Sumatra Tobacco Farm, S[outh] Windsor. They return about 7:00 P.M. Location: Hartford, Connecticut / L.W. Hine.

Airplanes - Types - Manufacturing Curtiss J.N. 4D planes at the Springfield Aircraft Corporation, Springfield, Mass. Rudder in position ready for weights of testing load

American Red Cross - Warehouses - Red Cross warehouses in France. Load of Chapter boxes off for the front

American Red Cross - Refreshments - Enroute - Captain Dennis, A.R.C., and his staff issuing hot drinks to train load of wounded American soldiers, Blois, France

American Red Cross - Warehouses - American Red Cross supplies and warehouse in France. Automobile ready to start with a load from Warehouse 51 Rue de Ponthieu, Paris

Ceremonies - Salutes and Parades - Miscellaneous Ceremonies - War activities in Duluth, Minnesota. A truck load of enthusiastic cheerers who caused the burning of the Kaiser's goat in the Armistice celebration

American Red Cross - I thru M - Miss Morley, A.R.C. worker at Orleans, France, supervising the unloading of a load of furniture of a load of furniture made by French Mutiles which is to be sold to Refugees at a low price

American Library Association - O through R - This load is typical of those taken to quarantine camps and to troop trains, except that "Side boards" are removed to permit the showing of magazines in the picture. During one month approximately 40,000 magazines were taken to the isolation camp and directly to men in temporary quarantine about the camp. All departing troop trains are supplied with magazines: one bundle of from 25 to 30 is placed in each coach before the men entrain. Camp Doniphan

American Library Association - Dispatch - 300 boxes of A.L.A. books piled on dock ready to load

Airplanes - Types - Manufacturing Curtiss J.N. 4D planes; Springfield Aircraft Corporation, Springfield, Mass. Rudder relieved of load showing the permanent set caused by total load applied for ten minutes

Ceremonies and Parades - Marines who stopped Hun drive at Chateau Thierry parade in Philadelphia. Citizens of Philadelphia turned out in blinding snow storm to greet 500 of her wounded Marines back from war. A 'load' of men too weak to march passing down line of march

Airplanes - Inspection - McCook Field, Dayton, O. Sand load testing dept., showing sand load test of experimental airplane. C.P.I

American Library Association - European - French - Sling load of A.L.A. books. Dock #2, St. Nazaire, France

6:00 A.M. at Post Office Square, Truck load of tobacco workers bound for American Sumatra Tobacco Farm. S[outh] Windsor. They return about 7 P.M. Location: Hartford, Connecticut / L.W. Hine.

Airplanes - Types - Manufacturing Curtiss J.N. 4D planes; Springfield Aircraft Corporation, Springfield, Mass. Rudder with full load, which is applied for ten minutes

Airplanes - Historical - Swedish Aviator and Seaplane for Tans-Atlantic Flight. Capt. Hugo Lundstedt making final preparations for the cross Atlantic flight in a seaplane capable of developing 80 miles an hour with a load of four passengers and twos of gasoline

American Red Cross - Vehicles - A.R.C. workers taking truck load of food to Sedan, the first food that the people of that city had been seen since the Germans left it seven days before

A small messenger with a heavy load. Special delivery messenger #10. Taken in the morning near Common. Location: Boston, Massachusetts / Lewis W. Hine.

Airplanes - Miscellaneous - With the American Forces in France. A Wheel barrow load of concrete bombs used in target practice by our aviators in France

American Red Cross - Supplies - A load of supplies being shipped by the American Red Cross at Dallas, Texas. 1918

Airplanes - Struts - Testing aeroplane struts for maximum load. Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wis

Lighten his load! Give and give and give United War-Work Campaign, Nov. 11th to 18th.