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San katada no rakugan

View of such parts as are seen from the building at the head of the lake = Veüe de ce qui se voit ... / Rigaud & Baron del. & sculp.

Kerbo, Fra Veien Imellem Bragnæs og Christiana malet af C.A. Lorentzen ; stukket af H.A. Gorsch

Lake of Thun, Swiss / drawn & etch'd. by J.M.W. Turner ; engraved by C. Turner.

Lacs de Natroun. 1. Vue d'El-Rahâouy, près Omm-Dynâr, prise du côté de l'ouest; 2. Carte topographique des deux principaux lacs de Natroun; 3. Vue du batiment appelé Qasr, prise du côté du sud-ouest.

Basse Égypte. 1-3. Vues de trois villages situés sur la branche de Damiette [Damietta]; 4. Vue de la pêche sur le lac Menzaleh [Manzaleh].

Como Saml. Prout ; Thos. Barber

Immagine di un giardino.

Hakone, Kosui-zu

Hōshū misaka suimen


Shinobazu no ike

Shinobazu no ike benten no hokora

View of Dial Mountain.

View at Lake Colden.

Map of the tertiary of Essex Co.

View of the Indian Pass, from Lake Henderson.

Village of Yalahao.

A Senote.

San Miguel, Island of Cozumel.

[An Aguada.]


Enclosure with pools of water, women with baskets of tea.

Llamas traversing the Andes laden with silver Titicaca balsa off Puno sketched by L. Gibbon ; JQ ; lith. of P.S. Duval & Co. Philada

Tour à l'horizon du'un lac

Echo Lake. Franconia Mountains, N. H.

Marie Stuart et ses femmes écoutant un poete ; L'évasion du château de Lochleven (two vignettes on one sheet).

Walden Pond--A reduced plan, 1846

[L'évasion du château de Lochleven.]

[L'évasion du château de Lochleven.]

Horse Shoe Pond, Hudson River, N.Y.

At Southfield, Erie Railway.

Horse Shoe Pond, Hudson River, N.Y.

At Southfield, Erie Railway.

Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō

Inokashiranoike benten no yashiro

View of Madison the capital of Wisconsin. Taken from the water cure, south side of Lake Menona, 1855.

Senzoku no ike kesakakematsu

Katada no rakugan

Ballynahinch - Ireland

Mokuboji uchigawa gozensaihata

Hall - "St. Mary's of the Lake."

Morning - Green Island, Lake George.

Waltonian Club, Waltonian Isle, Lake George.

Public Garden from new Providence Railroad Station.

View from Ft. Wm. Henry Hotel.

Camp Landing.

"An object of general interest." Sketching under difficulties.

The Narrows, Lake George.

"An object of general interest." Sketching under difficulties.

Birch Island, St. Regis Pond.

[View of flower garden and lakes.]

View at Bolton, Lake George, N.Y.

Lake Mohonk, N.Y.

Caldwell from east beach.

Black Mountain, Lake George.

The Public Garden.

[Lake Winnipesiogee.]

Chocorua Lake and Mountain, Tamworth, N.H.

Echo Lake, White Mountains.

Mirror Lake, Mountains and Reflections, Yosemite Valley, California.

"In the Narrows," Lake George.

Looking north from Ft. Wm. Henry Hotel, Lake George.

Glacier Point, from Mirror Lake.

[Wolfeboro from the Lake.]

Residence of Col. W. W. Price - front, Lake George.

Echo Lake, North Conway, N.H.

Green Lake.

Lake form Eagle Cliff.

Minnehaha [steamer], Lake George.

Echo Lake.

Regatta Course, Saratoga Lake.

View at Lake Mohunk [i.e. Mohonk], Ulster County, N.Y.

Rogers Slide, Lake George.

Stage coach, Lake George.

[A hunter.]

Lewis Ore-beds, Lewis Patent, Lake Champlain, Essex Co., N.Y.

Fort William Henry Hotel, from the east.

[People by the pond at the Public Gardens.]

Blue Mountain Lake, from Merwin's. New York State.

Snowy Range (in Aug.) and Alpine Lake, Boulder county, Col. Ter.

Echo Lake, North Conway.

Spring Lake, Druid Hill Park.

Echo Lake.

Echo Lake.

Lake Wilcox, Orlando, Florida.

Boat House. Druid Hill Park, Baltimore.

Camp life at Lake George.

The Public Garden.

W. Peter's steamer Adele.

Old Fort George.

Paradise Bay, Lake George.

The Glen.

Piazza, Fort Wm. Henry Hotel.

Lake George. Fort William Henry Hotel.

Green Lake.

Fort George House from Fort Wm. Henry Hotel.

Lower cascade, Dresden.

Black Butte and Crystal Lake, 90 miles from Sacramento.