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Set of Seven Boxes


Round Box and Cover

Two Bowls

Lunchbox with Lid and Five silver Chopsticks and Rests





Buddha, Probably Amitabha (Amituofo)

Buddha Seated under the Bodhi Tree



Element from a Lacquered Leather Cuirass

Fragment: Head of Buddhist Image


Prajnaparamita, the Buddhist Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom

Head of a Buddha

Pair of Plum-Blossom-Shaped Cups

Bowl with “Hare’s Fur” Decoration

Flying Apsaras (Hiten)

Trefoil-shaped covered box with decoration of chrysanthemums

Standing Crowned and Jeweled Buddha

Dainichi Nyorai

Miniature Shrine with the Enthroned Buddha

Sutra Tray

Attendant Bodhisattva Kannon

Attendant Bodhisattva Seishi


The Guardian King Bishamonten

Armor for the Torso and Hips

Incense box with fragrant grass design

Crowned Buddha

Incense Box with Pommel Scroll Design

Box with Pommel Scroll Design

Lobed Box

Writing Brush

Jizō Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha)

Dish with Petal Border

Box with Pommel Scroll


Pedestaled dish with scalloped rim

Seated Buddha

Deep Dish

Fudō Myōō


Stem Cup with Pommel Scroll Design

Standing Buddha Flanked by Disciples

Box with Camellias

Box with Pommel Scroll Design

Box with Camellias

Box with Dragons amid Clouds

Jizō Bosatsu

Pair of dishes with flowers

Shoulder Defense (Sode)

Helmet (Hoshi Kabuto)

Box with Scene of Bathing Children

Box with camellia

Dish with peonies

Dish with “Pommel Scroll” Design

Tray with Flowering Plum and Birds

Dish with peonies

Hexagonal box with inverted corners

Round Dish with Birds and Flowers

Tiered Box with Scholar-Official in a Landscape

Tray with pommel scrolls

Shoulder Defense (Sode)

Dish with long-tailed birds and hollyhock

Box with “Pommel Scroll” Design

Box with pommel scroll design

Dish with Pommel Scroll Design


Dish with Flowering Plum and Birds

Tray with women and boys on a garden terrace

Pair of Dishes with Scenes from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Lozenge-Shaped Tray

Armor (Yoroi)

Tray with Figures in a Landscape

Six of the Twelve Divine Generals (Jūni shinshō)

Dish with garden scene

Box with Pommel Scrolls

Armor (Yoroi)

Octagonal food box with pommel scrolls

Incense Box (Kogo) with Pines and Plovers

Lozenge-shaped dish with garden scene

Tray with Pommel Scroll

Three Shoulder Defenses (Sodē)

Incense box with “fragrant grass” design

Box with pommel scroll design

Standing Shield

Sake Vessel (Heishi) with Butterflies

Tray with Eighteen Scholars of the Tang

Incense Box (Kogo) with Design of Autumn Grasses

Serving Tray with Angled Corners

Box for Tooth Black with Design of Saltmaking Hut on the Shore (Suma no ura)

Tiered Box with Figural Scenes, Flowers, and Birds


Cuirass (Haramaki Dō)

Ogival tray with decoration of floral scroll

Letter Box with Design of Chrysanthemums and Autumm Grasses