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Leaf from Aedes Walpolianae mounted with two prints: (a): Three Soldiers; (b): Christ Appearing to Mary in the Garden

A Collection of Etchings and Engravings in Imitation of Drawings from Various Old Masters, Being Facsimiles of Their Respective Performances, Chiefly by Arthur Pond, & Charles Knapton, London 1734 &c,

The Virgin in prayer, looking at the sleeping infant Christ, in an oval frame, after Reni

Mr. Foote in the Character of Major Sturgeon, in the Mayor of Garratt

The Circumcision of Christ, a group of men and women surrounding him, an angel in the foreground, after Reni

Joseph interpreting the dreams of Pharoah's chief butler and baker

Three Soldiers

The Virgin Teaching St. John

Christ Appearing to Mary in the Garden

Head in Profile of Prodigal Son

Joseph Interpreting the Dreams of Pharoah's Butler and Baker

The Death of St. Joseph


A Blacksmith's Shop

The Pool of Bethesda (St. John, Chapter 5)

The Pool of Bethesda (St. John, Chapter 5)

Landscape with Figures

Seaport with Sailors Loading Merchandise

A female figure seated beside a flower vase

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child

Seated woman with a putto

Virgin and Child

Woman with a book

The Virgin seated with the infant Christ sleeping in her lap, Saint Elizabeth at right, an oval composition, after Reni

Christ Summoning Peter and Andrew

Rape of Europa

Landscape with Shepherd and Shepherdess

Landscape with Cupid and Psyche

Venus and Cupid

Banditti Gambling

Banditti at Market

The Prodigal Son (Houghton Gallery)

Regnier Hansloe, an Anabaptist Minister, and His Wife (Cornelis Claesz Anslo and His Wife Aeltje Gerritsdr Schouten)

King Lear

The infant Christ lying on a wooden box, the Virgin kneeling in prayer before him, Saint Joseph at left, shepherds at right, in an octagonal frame, after Reni

Girl and Pigs

Diana and her Nymphs

Garrick Speaking the Jubilee Ode

Miranda (Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2)

Apollo wearing a mantle and holding a laurel branch and violin

Ophelia (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5)

The doctors of the church consulting books and documents and contemplating the Virgin who is shown above in heaven, flanked by angels, after Reni

Leaf from Aedes Walpolianae mounted with a print and a drawing (a): Head in Profile of Prodigal Son; (b): The Wagonner (after Peter Paul Rubens) in Jean-Paul Mariette mount

The Good Samaritan (St. Luke, Ch. 10, ver. 30)