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Coronation 1965, the King & Queen

HM the Gyalmo, HH Prince Palden, HH Princess Hope

[Lamas playing cymbals during New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Queen Hope on throne at coronation

[King Palden Thondup Namgyal accepting scarves, including one scarf from Alice Kandell, at his coronation, Gangtok, Sikkim]

[Queen and Prince of Sikkim playing outdoors, Sikkim]

Queen and son in Palace playground

[Prince Palden Gyumed and Princess Hope Leezum seated on white scarves, Sikkim]

Coronation 1965, Queen accepts traditional white scarf

Sikkimese princess in ceremonial dress

Princess Hope & Queen Hope in the palace, Sikkim

King of Sikkim

[Palden Thondup Namgyal, King of Sikkim, and Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, in brocaded dress, walking to the Tsuklakhang Main Temple (Palace Temple) during the King's birthday celebration, Gangtok, Sikkim]

[Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, seated, three-quarter length portrait, facing left]

King of Sikkim receives scarves, Sikkim

[King and Queen of Sikkim and their daughter Hope Leezum watch birthday celebrations, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Loving Couple (Mithuna)

Relief of a Female Deity

Head of Buddha

Tree Spirit Deity (Yakshi)

Auspicious Emblem with Five Revelers

Relief of a Female Deity

Rattle with Animals

Jewelry Mold with Figures in a Temple

Fragment of a Horse's Head

Standing Female Figure with an Offering

Head of Buddha

Relief of a Female Deity

Relief of a Mother Goddess(?)


Figure of a Ram

Ornamental Band

Relief of a Female Deity

Head of a Jain Tirthankara

Male Head

Head of a Demonic Male Deity

Bodhisattva and Yaksha

Head of a Female

Standing Lion

Architectural Frieze with Merman Playing Musical Instruments

Bust of a Woman

Princely Couple

Seated Goddess

Bodhisattva and Attendants

Head of a Female

Head with Hat


"Dharmachakrastambha'" (Buddhist Wheel of the Law Pillar) Relief

Head of a Buddha or a Jain Tirthankara

Standing Indra

Head of a Male

The Conversion and Ordination of Nanda

Box Lid with Incised Figural Decoration

Loving Couple (Mithuna)

Four-Sided Pillar with Loving Couples (Mithunas)


Drum Slab Showing the Buddha Standing in the Gateway of a Stupa

Naga Attendant Holding a Fly Whisk

Crowned Bodhisattva

The Great Departure and the Temptation of the Buddha

Head of a Bodhisattva (?)

Exercise weight with scene of Krishna killing the horse-demon Keshi


Seated Ascetic, Deified King, Agni (The God of Fire)

Head of a Bodhisattva

Tile with Impressed Figures of Emaciated Ascetics and Couples Behind Balconies

Lion Standing on a Pillar Capital

Seated Buddha

Linga with Face of Shiva (Ekamukhalinga)

Fragment of a Plaque with a Figure

Tile with Impressed Figures of Emaciated Ascetics and Couples behind Balconies and Ganders

Head of Vishnu Wearing Three-Lobed Crown

Rondel with a Racing Male Deity Cradling His Consort (Probably Shiva and Parvati)

Standing Buddha, probably Shakyamuni

Plaque with Figure Holding a Sword

Head Fragment from a Plaque

Standing Buddha Offering Protection

Head of a Man, Perhaps Eating a Fruit

Nagini (Serpent Queen or Consort of Nagaraja)

Head of Garuda (The Royal Solar Bird)

Ear Plug with Kinnari (Half-Bird, Half-Female Creature)

Head of a Buddha

Round Seal

Tile showing a woman carrying a pot

Bust of Vishnu

Krishna Killing the Horse Demon Keshi

Male Figure

Head of a Buddha

Nagaraja (Serpent King)

Tile with Impressed Figure of Emaciated Ascetics and Couples Behind Balconies

Head of a Male Figure

Head of a Buddha

Mask of Vaikuntha Vishnu

Round Seal

Footed Bowl with Scenes from the Gauttila Jataka

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu

Vishvarupa Vishnu

Bodhisattva with Radiate Halo and Mandorla


Standing Surya (The God of the Sun)