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Mrs. Phil Riley, St.Clair car

Ford Motor Co. Marine Car at Dist. Bldg., 9/14/26

Hupp Motor Car Co.

[Northern Manufacturing Company touring car, three-quarter view]

[Hudson automobile, possibly in Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan]

[Unidentified man and woman riding in back of car]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[ ? Car racer]

[Packard automobile, Packard Motor Car Company]

Loading railway express car

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

Housewives' League car

King and Queen of Italy in a car

New York - Paris race - G.B. St. Chaffray, Dedion car

Fitziu (about to enter chauffer driven car)

Rosalie Jones' car

Kingdon and Jay Gould in car

Auto telegraph car, no. 2


New York - Paris race: St. Chaffray - Dedion car, New York

Vanderbilt Cup Auto Race, Robertson pouring gas into car tank, on racetrack

New York - Paris race: Roberts in Thomas car

Moto Bloc French car New York to Paris race

Vanderbilt Cup Auto Race, Sticker in "Mercedes" Car 3 before crowd

New York-Paris race: Zust car followed by Thomas car at Utica, New York State

Vanderbilt Auto Race, Isotta Car

[Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarter length portrait, standing up in car, waving hat]

Tank used in French alpine country as a sightseeing car

[Miss Maude Younger of San Francisco, Legislative Secty. of the National Womans Party, who has arrived in Washington to attend the Convention of the Womans Party, working on her Ford car - her dog, Sandy, is in the foreground]

Mrs. Wm. Upton, 70 yrs. old who drove Ford car from San Francisco to Washington

Ford Motor Co., Ford touring car at Monument, [Washington, D.C.]

Ford Motor Co. Duz delivery car

Ford Motor Co. Ford touring car in Rock Creek Pk., [Washington, D.C.]

Ford Motor Co. Ford touring car at Library [of Congress, Washington, D.C.]

[Hudson Super Six car in front of State, War and Navy building, Washington, D.C.]

D. McDonald in car

Ford Motor Co., Ford touring car at White House, [Washington, D.C.]

Cars on assembly line at the Ford factory.

[Official Liberty Bond Sales car]

Burman in car

[Bob Burman, race car driver]

Ford Motor Co., Ford touring car at Capitol, [Washington, D.C.]

Boise (vicinity) (?), Idaho. 1911-12 (?). Ladies sitting in a Ford car

Herbert E. French in Ford car


[President Woodrow Wilson and wife Ellen Axson Wilson leaving the White House by car, Washington, D.C.]

Santa Claus car

[Soldiers unloading armored car in village ; Row of armored cars]

[Row of armored cars ; Soldier with weapon in armored car]

Mercedes car captured by French

[Armored cars on maneuvers ; Two soldiers in armored car]

Willys-Overland touring car, 1915

Racing car, c. 1915

Pan Amer. Financial Conference? May 25, 1915 (Pres. wilson leaving car?)

Going to Work During car strike

[Family car camping]

D.C. Fire Dept. car for Semmes Motor Co.


Suffragists selling flowers, 5/16 (Mrs. Spinack's car)

Tourists on Columbia River Road -- A.D. Charlton - Mrs. Amos T. French - H.J. Titus - Lavelle Charlton - A.T. French - John Yeon & Mrs. French Vanderbilt in first car

Mrs. J.A. Whitcomb [Official Car, Lee Highway Association, Cross Continent Trip; White House, Washington, D.C., in background]

"Laurel in the Pines" Lakewood N.J. Mrs. J.A.H. [Alison Trumbull] Hopkins, N.J., Chairman at wheel, Miss Agnes F. Campbell, N.J., Organizer seated in car. Miss Botsford, N.Y., seeing them off. Picture taken during trip thru 3d C.D. N.J.-March 2+3 [1916].


Mrs. J.A.H. [Alison Turnbull] Hopkins' car in front of N.J. Headquarters, 17 W. Parls Street, Newark. Mrs. Morris B. Mead (South Orange), Chairman of 10 C.D. by car - Miss Agnes F. Campbell, organizer tying on banner.

Maxwell car, 2/11/16

[Side view of the Disbrow Special motor car]

Wm. P. Barnhart in Pullman Car, 1917

Ford Motor Co. Ford car at new museum

Semmes Motor Co., [Washington, D.C.]; Turville car

Dodge Motor Co. (Semmes Motor Co.) Treasury car

Draper, State Dept. car

A.R.C. car (Major Perkins), Salonique

Fremont car

[Woman getting into back seat of car as chauffeur holds door, Washington, D.C., area]

Pittsburgh Strike [1919 strikers demonstrating in car]

To Sinai by car. Car stuck in the midst of a sand dune. Sand drifts across the road

[Arab man driving car with other men as passengers]

Tulsa car, 1920

Allen car, 1920

Tulsa car, 1920

[1920 car with five bystanders, Washington, D.C.]

Killeen duplex truck mail car

Allen car, 1920

Herald tour, Point Comfort, Gardener car

Gardener car

Hudson Super Six racing car in Washington, D.C. [in front of the State, Navy and War Dept.]

Sir Herbert Samuel and party, leaving Amman, [Jordan, in car with others]

Wescott Car, Herald Booster run, [5/6/20]

Car driving down a street, New Orleans or Charleston, South Carolina

Hudson, stolen car

Fredericksburg tour, Jordan car

Vice Pres. car & chauffer [...], 12/4/20

Herald tour, Point Comfort, Gardener car

To Sinai by car. Wadi Feiran. A halt on the way

Fredericksburg tour, Jordan car

Military subjects. Group of soldiers standing by car

Duesenberg Straight Eight, "Built to outclass, Outrun and Outlast any car on the road"

Jordan Car, [Washington, D.C.], 1920