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Map of Illinoise [sic] /

To the public. [Regarding agricultural interests of the state of Illinois] Signed Farmer. July 27th 1840. [s. l.]

To the voters of Madison County. The people of [blank] precinct, are respectfully solicited to meet the candidates at [blank] on the [blank] day of July, at 12 o'clock. [s. l., 1840?].

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

Attention delegates to the Springfield convention!! You, one and all!! are requested to meet in Market-Street, on Monday morning, June 1st, at six o'clock ready to take up your march for Springfield. William S. Lincoln, Marshal. Saturday, May 30

Public meeting. G. B. Arnold, an independent democratic candidate for the state Senate, from this County, will address the Citizens of [blank] at [blank] o'clock. A general attendance is requested [Ill., 1840?].

A list of the members of the 12th General Assembly of the State of Illinois, with their age, occupation, place of residence, politics &c.

Mr. Huntington's address to the public. An address to the public by Mr. Huntington, on the renewal (for a limited season) of his lectures & recitations ... [s. l., 1841?].

To the free and independent voters of Madison County. Fellow-citizen: In offering myself as a candidate for the office of probate justice of the peace ... Your fellow-citizens, George W. Prickett. July 15, 1843. [s. l.]

Public vendue. The undersigned, administratrix of the estate of Edward Fisher deceased, will sell, at public vendue, on Saturday, April 22d, the personal property of said estate ... Catherine M. Fisher, Administratrix of Edw'd Fisher, deceased.

Democratic ticket Democratic electors for the state at large ... Democratic state ticket. For Governor Joel A. Matteson ... [s. l., 1852?].

Rail road and county map of Illinois showing its internal improvements 1854.

D.B. Cooke & Co's railway guide for Illinois shewing all the stations with their respective distances connecting with Chicago.

Republican and democratic tickets. [Illinois campaign ticket]

Democratic ticket. [Illinois campaign ticket]

Republican ticket. For President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. For Vice President Hannibal Hamlin of Maine. Electors of President and Vice President [11 names] For Governor Richard Yates ... 1860. [s. l.]

Map of Pike County, Illinois /

Ager vs. information Young America politics.

William H. Shippen, 3 1/2 years old

[Illinois election ticket.] For presidential electors.

[Illinois election ticket]. For president. Abraham Lincoln. Vice President. Hannibal Hamlin.

Map of Kane County, Illinois /

Memorial. To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the State of [blank] Your memorialists, members of the National Lincoln Monument Association would most respectfully solicit your attention to the accompanying articles of ass

Sectional map of the state of Illinois : especially exhibiting the exact boundaries of counties as established by law and the general topography of the state as towns, streams, lakes, ponds, bluffs, rail-roads, state-& common-roads & tc. also the main coal field, mineral districts, outcrops of coalbanks, mines & tc. /

G. Woolworth Colton's railroad map of Illinois.

The stolen stars by Gen. Lew. Wallace. Dedicated to the soldiers of the Union. [1864?].

[A. Kidder Proclamation of Emancipation.]

Map of Will County, Illinois /

[Representative Joseph G. Cannon]

President Lincoln's first home in Illinois

[Lumber(?) mill with "Barton" sign on top]

Top of Starved Rock

[Street with buildings and horse and wagon]

Hon. Norman B. Judd, Representative from Illinois / Engd. by G.E. Perine.

Abolishing Slavery. Joint resolution of the thirty eight Congress of the United States of America, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, abolishing slavery.

Map of Carroll County, Illinois /

When Jesus comes

Roll on, roll on, billow of fire

Map of Christian County, Illinois /

John A. Logan in 1859 / Gillam.

The Law vindicated, - four of the Chicago anarchists pay the penalty of their crime ... / from sketches by Will E. Chapin.

50th Congress Illinois delegates / Brady & Handy Photo Wash D.C.

Front view of a portion of the Lincoln cabin with a group composed of Mrs. Norah Gridley, Miss Mary Coleman, the typewriter, the brothers Megar, architects, and Mr. Stille, and showing young Hall a great grandson of Tho Lincoln looking through the window of the east room of the cabin / Root, Kimball Hall Studio, 243 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

A partial view of the Lincoln cabin with open door and group of four including Mr. Thomas Lincoln's grandson John J. Hall / Root, Kimball Hall Studio, 243 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

Picture of Mrs. Norah Gridley, cousin of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, and Miss May Coleman, the typewriter, taken outside of and near the corner of the Lincoln Cabin, August 9/91

Herald Despatch Premium map of Christian County, Illinois.

Galbraith's railway mail service maps, Illinois.

Railroad map of Illinois prepared under the direction of, and presented by, Cicero J. Lindly, Chas. S. Rannells, and Jos. E. Bidwell, railroad and warehouse commissioners. April 1, 1898.

Poor Illinois! / Dalrymple.

Chicago and North Western Ry. passenger train

Map of Franklin County, Illinois 1900.

The Chicago & Alton Limited

Map of Winnebago County, Ill.

[Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon]

Map of Peoria County, Illinois.

Threshing oats in the barn, Illinois, U.S.A.

Pitching sheaves of oats to the thresher, showing automatic feeder and back cutter, Illinois, U.S.A.

The town elevator--taking oats from scales up into the elevator, Illinois, U.S.A.

On the straw stack, wheat threshing, old fashioned stacker, Illinois, U.S.A.

[Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon reading at a desk]


[Camp Deneen, Elgin, Illinois]

[Camp Deneen, Elgin, Illinois]

Mrs. Jessie Hardy Stubbs of Chicago and Washington, D.C., is one of the prominent members of the Advisory Council of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage. Mrs. Stubbs' brilliant work in Illinois and New York is a part of the history of the national suffrage movement. She is well known and beloved throughout the country for her speaking and organizing ability and for the loyal service she has given to suffrage. She was formerly National Press Chairman of the Congressional Union.

[Interior of mausoleum, Illinois]

Miss Gertrude Crocker of Illinois, Treasurer of National Woman's Party.

Mrs. Josephine R. Linton Suff[rage] Chairman of Ill.

Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.

Camp Grant officers, 86 Division and part of 92 Division

Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.

Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.

Camp Grant officers

Camp Grant's welcome to Gov. Louden, Nov. 1-'17

TR reviews and addresses troops [Fort Sheridan, Ill.]; TR riding in auto, Chicago, 1917 /

Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois

"Uncle Joe" Cannon reading Gettysburg Address

Illinois Central merchandise frieght train

"Uncle Joe" keeps up with the latest fad Uncle Joe Cannon refuses to be outdone by the newer members of Congress and has become a radio fan himself, although not for campaigning purposes, for Uncle Joe will not run for Congress again.

Erosion in this apple orchard started from dead furrows. The farmer could have prevented much of this erosion by plowing across the hillside instead of towards the trees. Illinois

Careers ahead / Beard.

The job of being a parent / Kreger.

October's "bright blue weather" A good time to read!.

In March read the books you've always meant to read

January--A year of good reading ahead / Hazlett.

Training center for household employees--Household Service Demonstration Project, W.P.A. / Cleo.

National exhibition "Index of American Design"

Hiking WPA recreation project--Dist. no. 2 / / Shari.

Story hour W.P.A recreation project - Dist. no. 2 / / Shari.

Little Miss Muffet ... reading a picture book ... / Gregg.

Art classes for children / REK

Your home is not complete without a sanitary unit, recommended by the State Department of Public Health

Federal Art Project - exhibition of paintings

Syphilis--Examination results are confidential ...

Corn crib of concrete blocks, capacity 7000 bushels, harvest of 140 acres. Central Illinois

Athletics--W.P.A. recreation project, Dist. No. 2 / Hazlett.

Sand modeling W.P.A recreation project - Dist. no. 2 / / Shari.

Funny side up

Duquoin High School auditorium - "Leaning on Letty", the famous comedy success--A stage production / A.G.

Federal Art Project Works Progress Administration exhibition of graphic arts

Be kind to books club Are you a member? / / Gregg.