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Military subjects. Camp of 137 Co. C.A.C., Ft. Hancock, New Jersey

National Cathedral exteriors. Apse and choir of National Cathedral from south steps I

Potomac Electric Power Co. Plaster models of electrical history at Potomac Electric Power Co. XII

Theodor Horydczak and family. Merry Christmas to you: Norma Horydczak standing on steps in front of door with wreath

Embassies and legations. French Embassy exterior

Mount Vernon. Left and front of Mount Vernon mansion with rail (horizontal) I

American Photoengravers Association convention. Max Levy & Co. exhibit

Canadian scenes. Art Brown under the bell with man I

Trees. Tree with thick trunk on water bank II

Peerless Furniture Co. Exterior of Peerless Furniture Co

Smithsonian Institution interiors. Spirit of St. Louis in the Smithsonian VIII

Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln statue from right side

George L. Coyle. Portrait of George L. Coyle at desk II

Miss Helen Gandy, secretary to J. Edgar Hoover. Miss Gandy on phone at desk II

National Cathedral exteriors. Boy Scout troop at National Cathedral I

Sunset on the Potomac. Sunset through weeping willows

Dr. Oden, office and residence. Dr. Oden's office XV

Glen Echo amusement park. Close-up of sand lot, vertical, Glen Echo

Statues and sculpture. Thomas Jefferson, full figure bronze, in rotunda of Capitol

Potomac Electric Power Co. Line construction to Indian Head II

Terminal Tower. View of Terminal Tower at night, with eagle on right

National Cathedral exteriors. Apse of National Cathedral from east end I

Potomac Electric Power Co. service station. Construction of new service station building I

Wardman Park Hotel. Cherry blossoms from the roof of Wardman Park Hotel

Moving van, American Storage & Transfer. 1000 cubic ft. capacity

Electric Institute of Washington. Woman cleaning waffle iron

Statues and sculpture. Calvert St. bridge III

Fences. Wooden fence along farm

National Airport. View of National Airport with plane being serviced

Bridges. Natural Bridge in Virginia

Griffith Consumers Co. Interior of Griffith Consumers Co. 1413 New York Ave. office I

U.S. Supreme Court. Real statue at U.S. Supreme Court, three-quarters profile

Architect of the Capitol. U.S. Capitol model XIII

Architect of the Capitol. U.S. Capitol model XXI

Canadian scenes. Close-up of barnacle-encrusted beams and crossbars

Folger Library exteriors. Carving on Folger Library building, Life and death of Richard the III

U.S. Supreme Court exteriors. Statue of Execution of Law at U.S. Supreme Court, three-quarter view I

Liquor store, corner Central and Southern Ave. Exterior of liquor store

Continental Hotel. Interiors and exteriors of Continental Hotel V

Trees. Maple in Rock Creek Park during autumn

Capitol Radio Engineering Institute. Student portrait from Capitol Radio Engineering Institute I

Carlton Hotel. Exterior of Carlton Hotel II

Kitchen Equipment Co. Peter kitchen in Rockville, Maryland II

Potomac Electric Power Co. Fresco work in Potomac Electric Power Co. Building II

Folger Library copy work. Two pages from play Julius Caesar II

Miscellaneous interiors. Living room, to small desk and mirror

Charlotte Hall Military Academy. Seated man VII

Dunbarton College. Hockey field of Dunbarton College II

Custis-Lee Mansion. Front view vertical of Custis-Lee Mansion II

Vendors. Fruit vendor II

Capitol Transit Company. Presentation of picture, Capitol Transit Co. V

Christmas subjects. Nativity scene I

Union Station. View of Union Station from Capitol Plaza, horizontal IV

Memorial Bridge. Construction of Memorial Bridge

Railroad views in rear of Union Station. Train approaching Union Station on right track II

Marquette Apartments. Marquette Apartments with old houses on each side

Powhatan Hotel. Roof garden of Powhatan Hotel, day

U.S. Capitol exteriors. U.S. Capitol through trees (winter) II

Schreier & Patterson, architects. View of U.S. Chamber of Commerce showing location for air conditioning unit II

Potomac Electric Power Co. service station. View showing large boulders from old service station building V

National Cathedral interiors. Bishop Dunn at tomb of Bishop Freeman in National Cathedral II

Horses and ponies. Ideal well-bred horse with good character

Smithsonian Institution exteriors. Smithsonian Institution Building I

Schofield mantels. Baseboard, mantel and columns VI

Washington, D.C. views. View from across river of Washington, D.C

National Cathedral interiors. Tapestry of David and Goliath story in National Cathedral VII

Electric Institute of Washington. Electric fan-vent above cupboards

Statues and sculpture. Homage to Immortality in the King David Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Paintings. John J. Pershing painting I

Street lamp on Mall. Lamp with U.S. Capitol in background

Mount Vernon. Front and right side of Mount Vernon with rail on top

Charlotte Hall Military Academy. Boxer in fighting stance II

Folger Library copy work. Fragment of manuscript

Hibbs Building, 15th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. Exterior of Hibbs Building III

Military subjects. 12-inch Barbet carriage rifle

Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building. U.S. Capitol dome through main door of Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building

Electric Institute of Washington. Life model home in Greenwich II

U.S. Capitol frescoes. Fresco in President's room in U.S. Capitol II

Memorial Bridge. Construction of Memorial Bridge

Questers antique shop. Dressing chest

Library of Congress (Jefferson Building). Stairway in Great Hall, Library of Congress II

Printing shops in Washington for Stanford Paper Co. Man binding books I

Furniture and other home furnishings. Assorted porcelain objects VI

National Airport. Plane beside building and control tower at National Airport

Lt. Williams. Lt. Williams with model airplane V

Christmas trees and decorations. Christmas decorations II

Schuyler & Lounsbery. Interiors of Schuyler & Lounsbery shop I

Railroad at Landon, Maryland. Railroad tracks and power lines II

Portrait photographs. Copy photograph of boy on tricycle

Water scenes. Creek in woods III

Copies of French and English magazines. Freedom magazine II

Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building. Interior office in Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building XIV

Canadian scenes. Memorial to Warren Harding

Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building. Iron works at Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building II

Colonial Ice Cream Co. Ice cream forms XXIII

Woodward & Lothrop. Exterior view of Woodward & Lothrop factory

Miscellaneous interiors. View to bookshelves and piano

Charlotte Hall Military Academy. Classroom scene at Academy

Potomac Electric Power Co. apartments and kitchens. Warwick Apartments exterior III

Colonial Ice Cream Co. Ice cream forms X