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Members of the German military carry lit torches in honor of General (GEN) Charles L. Donnelly Jr., departing commander in chief, US Air Force Europe, and Allied Air Forces Central Europe. The Soldiers are participating in the"Grand Tatoo,"one of the West Germany military's highest honors

Office of the Administrator - Agency Headquarters Renaming Ceremony - ceremony to mark the renaming of the Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters in honor of President Bill Clinton [412-APD-1126-2013-07-17_WmJClintonRename_094.jpg]

Honor Making a Chaplet of Roses

Levi Avenging the Honor of his Sister Dinah

Honor from the series "The Honors"

Anagram in Honor of Charles III, Duke of Lorraine and Bar

Ritual in honor of Psyche / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani] in Mantoua 1602.

Plate 125: Aurora Asking Jupiter to Honor Memnon (Aurora a Iove Memnoni, mortis honorem petit), from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'

Allegory in Honor of the Roman College Founded by the Borghese Family

Fish Construction in Honor of the Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand into Ghent in 1635

Allegories in Honor of the Birth of the Dauphin

Allegories in Honor of the Birth of the Dauphin

Decoration for a Thesis in Honor of St. Francis Solano

Allegory in Honor of Cardinal Richelieu

Allegory in Honor of Anne of Austria

A Party in Honor of the Bear and the Wolf from Hendrick van Alcmar's Renard The Fox

Fireworks given by the Swedish ambassadors to honor Karl Gustav, Count Palatine, executed by Johann Carl, Nuremberg 1650

Virtue Crowned by Honor

Virtue Crowned by Honor

The Temple of Honor of the Glory of Louis le Grand

In honor of Livio Odescalchi, Gonfaloniere (Standard-Bearer) of the Holy Roman Church

In honor of Livio Odescalchi (1652–1713), nephew of Pope Innocent XI

In Honor of Antonio Magliabecchi, Florentine Librarian

In Honor of Nicholas Keder, the Swedish antiquarian (1695–1735)

Memorial Decoration for the Interior of a Building to Honor the Deceased Ernst Ludwig, 1725

Procession held in Saint Peter's Basilica in honor of the Canonization of several Saints

Allegory in Honor of Pope Benedict XIV

Imaginery ancient temple designed in the style of those built in honor of the Goddess Vesta . . . (Tempio antico inventato e disegnato alla maniera di quelli che si fabbricavano in onore della Dea Vesta . . . )

To the freemen and freeholders of the EastWard of the City of New York. Gentlemen, Having had the honor or serving you for three years last past in the office of an assistant, [again offering himself for the office.] [Signed Henry Brevoort. New-

At a General Assembly of the Governor and company of the Colony of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, by Special order of his honor the governor, the fourteenth day of June, Anno Domini, 1776 Whereas the troops now rasing in this Colony must be fu

Providence, October 25, 1781. Three o'clock P.M. This moment an express arrived at his honor the deputy-governor's from Col. Christopher Olney, Commandant on Rhode-Island, announcing the important intelligence of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis

Order of Procession in honor of the Constitution of the United States. New York, N.Y., July 23, 1788

Order of procession, in honor of the establishment of the constitution of the United States. To parade precisely at eight o'clock in the morning, of Friday, the 4th of July, 1788, proceeding along Third-street; down Fourth-street to Market-stree

In Honor of Admiral Lord Howe, 1794

Scheme of the review, for the 13th November, 1798. in pursuance of orders from Brigadier General Washington. The Inspector does himself the honor to enclose to the commanding officers of corps, his schemes for the reviews of the 22nd. Feb. 1796,

To the citizens of Accomack, Northampton, Elizabeth-City, Warwick and York. Friends and fellow-citizens. As I had the honor of being twice elected your representative without opposition, when your counties were added to Gloucester and Mathews to

The Davidson Medal, in Honor of Lord Nelson, and the Victory of the Nile

In Honor of Charles Gounod, the Composer

In Honor of M. Eudoxe Marcille, Director of the Museum of Orleans

Medal of Honor

In Honor of M. Bédorez, Former Director of Primary Education in the Department of the Seine

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Founding of the Legion of Honor, 1804

Portrait of François Coppée of the French Academy & Legion of Honor

In Honor of the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Gustavus Adolphus

In honor of Prince Emmanuel Bibesco

Military Festival at Boulogne with Napoleon Distributing Stars of the Legion of Honor

Four Scenes from "Cries of London" Series: Here's your Potatoes...; Buy my Moss Roses...; Light your Honor; Pray Remember the Blind

The Founding of the Orphanage of the Legion of Honor

Le cauchemar Jeu jeu jeune homme, prends ces gou gou gouttes.

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

This plate of the town of Fayetteville North Carolina, so called in honor of that distinguished patriot and philanthropist, Gen'l La Fayette, is respectfully dedicated to him by the publisher.

In Honor of King Friedrich William of Wurtemburg, Known as William I (1816–64)

Jackson ticket. Honor and gratitude to the man who has filled the measure of his country's glory--Jefferson

In honor of the election of our distinguished fellow-citizen General Andrew Jackson, to the presidency of the United States, you are respectfully invited to attend a ball in Nashville ... Nashville, December 10, 1828.

Circus. Monday evening, March 9, 1829. The managers have the honor to announce the engagement of Mr. Gaither, who, having astonished all Europe, with his wonderful feats, will appear before a Washington audience ... [Washington, 1829].

Medal of the Constituency of Meaux in Honor of Its Deputy

To the citizens of Washington. A hand bill is in circulation signed "a citizen and a tax payer" in which, among Gen. John P. Van Ness's claims to the honor of being re-elected Mayor of Washington, it is stated that he has ordered suit" against J

God save American. A grand national ode in honor of the glorious anniversary of American independence . . .

Great Harrison meeting ... in Chillicothe in honor of the Citizen father of Ohio and the North-Western country ... September 7, 1835.

A free public dinner in honor of the Hon. Jas K. Polk will be given at Lewisburgh in Marshall county, on Thursday the 6th of October. The Citizens of Marshall and the adjoining counties are respectfully invited to attend and participate ... Sept

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Next Tuesday, 24th July, grand day and evening fete, will be given in honor of the foreign ambassadors ...

Raimund und Melusina hatten das hochzeitliche Lager bestiegen und mit zärtlicher Liebe hielten sie einander umschlungen; ..

In Honor of the Surgical and Pathological Discoveries of Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart., Sergeant-Surgeon to George IV, William IV, and Victoria (1783–1862)

Order of exercises in honor of the memory of Wm. Henry Harrison, late president of the United States, at Roxbury, April 16, 1841. Roxbury. John S. March's Press. [1841].

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

Democratic inauguration ball. Sir: You are no doubt aware that extensive preparations are being made by the Democratic Association of the District of Columbia ... to give a magnificient ball on the evening of the 4th of March next, in honor of t

Democratic Inauguration Ball. [Mrs. Anna Maria Wilson] The Pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a BALL to be given at the National Theatre, on the evening of the 4th of March, 1845. In honor of the President and vice President e

The honor of company is solicited at the National 8th of January ball, to be given at Carusio's saloon. Washington City. D. C., on Thursday, 8th January, 1846. Managers ... [Washington, 1846].

Washington City, August 17, 1848. Sir: Captain Fraser solicits the honor of your presence, with such friends as may accompany you, at the launching of the new revenue Brig, from the Ship yard of Wm. Easby, near the observatory on Saturday the 19

Description of the design of the Washington National Monument, to be erected at the seat of the General Government of the United States of America, in honor of "the Father of his Country," and the worthy compatriots of the Revolution. Washington

Whig young men's ball commemorative of the birth of Washington and the Battle of Buena Vista. Friday evening, February 22d, 1850 at the Musical Fund Hall. The honor of 's company is particularly requested. [Philadelphia 1850].

[Medieval costumes of Central Europe: fig. 1 Queen Clotilda; fig. 2 Maid of honor; fig. 3 Frankish leader; fig. 4 Frankish warriors; fig. 5 King Clovis; fig. 6, Charlemagne; fig. 7, 8 Prince & Princess; fig. 9, 10 Noble & wife; fig. 11 Leader under Charlemagne; fig. 12 Warriors; fig. 13 Bishop; fig. 14 common people; fig. 15-18 Frankish royal family; fig. 19, 20 Plebendary & nun; fig. 21 Citizen; fig. 22, 23 Norman king & queen; fig. 24-26 Norman nobles; fig. 27, 28 Norman citizen]

Abolition Meeting Held at Willis's Rooms in Honor of Harriet Beecher Stowe

The inauguration procession in honor of President Buchanan passing through [...]

Grand Celebration of the Cincinnati Steam Fire Dept. in honor of the opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. "A Steamer" of the fire dept. of Cincinnati turning out to a fire; Procession of the steam fire-engines of the Cincinnati Fire Dept., on the occasion of the Opening of the ... Railroad

Grand Celebration of the Cincinnati Steam Fire Dept. in honor of the opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. Trial of all the steam engines of Cincinnati on the occasion of the opening of the ...Railroad

Honor to Washington. A national ode

Grand torch-light parade of the New York firemen in honor of the Prince of Wales, passing the Fifth Avenue Hotel, October 13, 1860

Commodore Perry at the battle of Lake Erie. "Ready! All ready your honor" / J.R. Chapin ; W. Ridgway.

Monsieur Daumier, your Robert-Macaire series is delightful. It's an exact picture of the thieves of our period... the faithful portrait of innumerable crooked characters one finds everywhere - in business, in politics, in bureaucracy, in finance, everywhere! everywhere! The scoundrels must bear you quite a grudge... But you have the esteem of honest people... You haven't been given the Cross of Honor yet?... That's really shocking!

Gov. John Winthrop -- In honor of the birthday of Governor John Winthrop, born June 12, 1587 / K. H. Burn del.

Union ball. 1861. The honor of Mrs. Lewis S. Haydens' company is requested at the Union Ball on Monday evening March 4th at Washington, D. C. Washingtong, D. C. Philip & Solomons, Metropolitan book store [1861].

[Unused copy of the dance cards prepared for the Union Ball in honor of the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861: cover]

[Unused copy of the dance cards prepared for the Union Ball in honor of the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861: inside, programme on one side, engagement on other]

The rolls of honor. Notice to volunteers. All Pennsylvania volunteers mustered into the service of the United States from the commencement of the war, are entitled to have their names inscribed on the rolls of honor to be deposited in Independen

Samuel W. Crawford to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, August 20, 1863 (Invitation to attend ceremony in honor of General Meade)

1) The President's funeral car, on a steam lighter, approaching New York from Jersey City; 2) View of the funeral car containing the remains of President Lincoln; 3) Interior of the President's funeral car with the coffin and guard of honor

National inauguration ball, March 4th, 1865 The honor of Mrs. Joseph Wood company is requested.

Programme [sic] of funeral ceremonies! In honor of Pres't Lincoln. To be held in the rotunda of the Capitol! On Thursday, May 4th, 1865, at 3 o'clock P. M.

Message from his honor the mayor.

Treasury Department. It is hereby ordained that in honor to the memory of our late illustrious Chief Magistrate, all officers and others subject to the orders of the Secretary of the Treasury, wear crape upon the left arm for the period of six months.

Memorial services in honor of the late Major General Geo. H. Thomas United States army, to be held in the Hall of the House of representatives of the United States on Tuesday evening, the 5th of April, A, D. 1870 ... [Washington, D. C. 1870].

"Our honor's bright all o'er the land." an original poem, commemorative of heroic deeds and loyalty of colored patriots. by Geo. W. Potter. [n. p. c. 1870].

Raleigh, N. C., Sept. 30, 1871. Hon. H. L. Bond. Judge United States circuit court. Sir: We have the honor in the interest of the peace of the people to North Carolina to address you this note. The fact that a secret, unlawful organization, call

In Honor of Thomas Carlyle's 80th birthday, 1875