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Man and child

Bronze hand of a boxer

Marble right hand and wrist with a supporting strut

Knife, Hand

Marble head of Apollo with fragment of his hand

Right Hand of the Buddha

Hand Pendant

Marble left hand holding a small box

Marble left hand holding a scroll

Left Hand

Knife with a Hand Holding an Orb

Spatula in the Form of a Hand


Shard: Hand of Offerer

Shard: Encrusted Neckpiece with Head and Hand

Arm and Hand Fragment

Hand with Mirror

Minature Hand in Vitarka Mudra

Hand from BL Harley 3735, f. 13

Hand Bell

Hand from BL Arundel 547, f. 64

Hand with Niello Decoration

Hand Bell

Hannâd ibn 'Umar kisses the hand of Muhammad, pledging his aid and allegiance.

Muhammad dismounts before the house of Ayyûb al-Ansârî and puts his hand on the shoulder of the owner, who is overcome with emotion.

Nu'mân kisses the hand of Muhammad, embracing Islam.

Abû Hishâm of Medina kisses the hand of the Prophet.

Abû Bakr and the Prophet's nephews ask the Sakifîs for the hand of their daughter Barîrah in marriage to Muhammad.

Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript: the Sixth Angel Delivers the Four Angels that had been Bound at the River Euphrates; an Altar Appears in the Heavens as the Enthroned Christ Raises His Hand in Blessing

Reliquary, Hand from

The conversion of St. Paul: on the way to Damascus the hand of God appears to Saul, who falls from his horse and is blinded by the light

Hand Bell

Hand Bell

Hand Bell

Opening of calendar; in later hand with Franciscan entries.

Note of content in modern hand.

Opening of list of readings, in hand 2.

Hand 1, beginning of table of chapters.

Gemellion (Hand Basin) with a Knight on Horseback

Final page, with prayer in different hand.

Table of contents and Jerome's preface for the psalms in different hand.

Gemellion (Hand Basin) with the Arms of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Two columns with red and blue initials and penwork -- same hand as main text?

Hand 2, prologues for Matthew and Apocalypse. 3-line initials with penwork. Rubrics. Explicit.

Man taking a woman by the hand from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 139v

Historiated initial by Hand I showing Jerome as scribe. Manicules in margin as pointers.

Historiated initials, Hand II, of Joel talking to a group of people. Marginal note in blue ink directs reader to second prologue of Joel at the end, after Interpretations of Hebrew Names.

At the opening of Apocalypse, historiated initial by Hand I of John, as if asleep in his vision of Christ with the two-edged sword in his mouth. Note in blue ink for locating prologue.

Opening of Jerome's prologue to the Psalter, hand 2.

Hand 4; explicit.

Shift from main hand (hand 1) to different hand (hand 2) or just smaller version of hand 1?

Hand 2, with placemarkers and marginal note.

Hand 3, with initial, placemarkers, marginal note, and catchword.

Hand 3 reappears. Initials and rubrics.

Opening of letter, large initial, rubric. Note of provenance at top. Hand 1.

Notes, written in hand 5.

Hand 3, red initials and rubrics.

Hand 4 (perhaps same as hand 1?).

Return to main hand, initials.

End of main hand; three note hands. Signature of Catesby.

Opening of main text in hand 1, puzzle initial with penwork, small initials.

April: man holding flowers in each hand

During Belshazzar's banquet a hand appears and writes on the wall (MENE, MENE, TEKEL and PARSIN (UPHARSIN))

Explicit of text and date of copying in scribe's hand.

Gauntlet for the Right Hand, from Tannenberg Castle

In another hand, the opening of English verse, "Mary modir wel ye be."

Note of content and date, in modern hand.

End of hand 1, note hand.

Opening of hand 5.

Explicit and hand 4

Hand and a Half Sword

Miniature of John the Evangelist, 3-line blue initial, border design. Main hand (hand 1).

Opening of hand 6, painted initial and rubric.

Explicit, in hand 2.

Beginning of hand 4 -- notes.

Change of hand? Pale yellow daubs as placemarkers appear f. 148; initials and linefillers.

Explicit of text. Hand 2. Simpler decoration of last 3 folios -- red initials with brown penwork, rubrics, yellow daubs as placemarkers.

Opening of text, large painted initial with angel figure pasted in, rubric, placemarkers, hand 1.

Opening of text, red initials, marginal and interlinear notations, hand 1.

Last page of notes, in hand 1.

End of hand 1, beginning of hand 3.

Hand 2, placemarkers, marginal commentary.

Opening of text, rubric, hierarchy of scripts, large initial on gold field with painted design in border, hand 1.

End of hand 6; hand 7.

Opening page, hand 1, initials and rubric.

Main hand (hand 3), initials, border decoration, rubrics, catchword.

Right Hand

Miniature. New hand? Small initials and placemarkers.

Opening of hand 4, different style initials, rubrics in French.

Hand 2, different styles of initials.

Shift from hand 1 to hand 2.

Opening of hand 2.

Hand 8, page of tabula, explicit.

Hand 2

Transition from hand 1 to hand 2.

Hand 4, initial with penwork, rubric, placemarkers.

Hand 5, placemarker and catchword.

Vessel, Hand with Kero

Close of French text in main hand; hand 3.

Added notes in a later hand, including 4 lines in Flemish on the causes of war as bad counsel and lack of wisdom, and 8 lines in French punning on the word "corde" (string).