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Coronation 1965, the King & Queen

HM the Gyalmo, HH Prince Palden, HH Princess Hope

Women and children on an automobile outing

King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

[Prince Palden Gyumed and Princess Hope Leezum seated on white scarves, Sikkim]

Princess Hope & Queen Hope in the palace, Sikkim

King of Sikkim

[Palden Thondup Namgyal, King of Sikkim, and Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, in brocaded dress, walking to the Tsuklakhang Main Temple (Palace Temple) during the King's birthday celebration, Gangtok, Sikkim]

King of Sikkim receives scarves, Sikkim

[King and Queen of Sikkim and their daughter Hope Leezum watch birthday celebrations, Gangtok, Sikkim]



[Rembrandt and his wife Saskia] / Rembrandt.



Assis, au près du toy ... à ton Art divin! / A. Watteau pinxit. ; Tardieu sculp. ; a Paris avec privillege du roy.


Full-length standing portraits of Charles, Prince of Wales, the future Charles II of England, James, Duke of York, the future James II of England, and Princess Mary, children of King Charles I of England, with their two dogs

Excellentissmo D. Domino Jacobo Superantio Veneto ac Senatori Amplissmo Joannes Dominicus Theupolus incisor. ; Jo. Bapta. Theupolus inven. et pin. Venetÿs ..


Frontispiece [Fox, Burke, and North, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, in oval]

Portrait d'apres nature du Sr. Harné natif de Dôle en Franche Comté Grenadier aux Gardes Francaises qui àmonté le premier à l'assaut et à arreté le gouverneur de la Bastille le mardi 14 Juillet 1789

Portrait d'aprés nature du Sr. Humbert, Compagnon Horloger, natif de Langres, qui a monté le deuxieme à l'assaut à la prise de la Bastille, le mardi 14 Juillet 1789

James Hamilton, M.D. Revd. John Wesley, M.A. Revd. Joseph Cole as they were seen walking in the street at Edinburgh in the year 1790 Horton

[Congress voting the Declaration of Independence]

[Head-and-shoulders portraits of Johann Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Peter Schöffer, Melanchton, Johann Fust, and Lucas Cranach] / Stahlstich v. Carl Mayer's Kunst-Anstalt in Nürnberg.

A few small temples still retain their lines of classic beauty. With the recollection of Greece's ancient glory one may spend pleasant hours in the Acropolis The prime minister, Colonel Gonatas of the Revolutionary Government tells Mr. Carpenter what fun it is to boss generals about when only a colonel

[Family group - Smith, his wife and six children pointing at examples of their work]

Saints Ambrose, Gregory, Jerome & Augustine--confessors & doctors of the church / / Rubens Pinxit; G.B. Ellis Sc.

Sir Walter Scott and his literary friends at Abbotsford / painted by Thos. Faed ; engd. by J. Sartain, Phila.

Daguerreotyp. Kvinnan på bilder är: Louise Charlotte Fredika Bülow, f. 21/4 1814 d. 19/3 1855, gift med Abraham Simmons. George James född på S:t Thomas 27/5 1839 d 31/8 1919 i Malmö. Oscar f. 2/2 1841 d. 1/4 1886, gift med Maria (Misse) Chatrine ? f. 7/3 1841 d. 2/4 1916 under besök hos Edv. Sjögrens. Charles Ludvig Fredrik f. 16/3 1844-.


Dancer with mask and musicians

Mohamedan ecclesiastics, the one with the green turban a lineal descendant of Mohamed

[Henry and William Pinkney Rodgers, three-quarter length portrait, seated, holding hats]

[David and Ellen Bell, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

[Erasmus Darwin and Emily Cooper, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

[Group portrait of two unidentified girls, three-quarter length, seated, facing front]

[Three unidentified women, two seated, one standing, facing front]

[Alexander Melville Bell and David Charles Bell, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

[Clark sisters, five women, three-quarter length portraits, all facing front]

[Group portrait of an unidentified boy and girl, three-quarter length, seated on upholstered bench, facing front, holding books]

Family scene, group portrait with adults, child, and a dog, in a parlor J.W. Casilear ; Rice & Buttre

[Unidentified man and woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Two unidentified women seated on a sofa, two unidentified men standing behind the sofa, with a woman peering over the back of the sofa]

[Unidentified woman and girl]


[Emlen Cresson, his mother Sarah Emlen Cresson, his wife Priscilla Prichett Cresson, and his mother-in-law Mrs. Edith Hatten Prichett in a group family portrait]

[Ten unidentified young people, four men and one woman are standing, seated in front are two men and three women, all facing nearly front]

[Two unidentified girls, about three and five years of age, the younger child seated in high chair, older one standing beside her on left, both nearly facing front]

[Unidentified group of six women and a boy and girl, three women and the boy are seated in chairs]

[Members of the Cresson and Prichett families, with three seated women in front and two men and a boy in the back, standing in front of a framed picture or mirror]

[Unidentified man and woman, both about 35 years of age, with a girl about 15 years of age, man and woman three-quarter length portrait, seated, the man nearly facing front, the woman slightly to the left, holding hands; standing between them, facing front, is the girl]

[Unidentified man and woman, both about 30 years of age, with a child about two years of age seated on woman's knee, full-length portraits, facing front, seated on chairs on carpet]

[Editorial staff of the New York Tribune]

[Military officer and a woman, the officer in uniform, standing, facing front, the woman seated, on the left, nearly full face]

Artist group - Mathew Brady seated on left

[Hickson W. and Mary Elizabeth Field, three-quarter length portrait of a man seated in a chair beside a woman with elaborate jewelry]

[Adams family portrait, with man, woman, and baby girl]

[Unidentified couple, man seated and woman standing]

[Three unidentified women]

[Unidentified man and woman, three-quarters length portrait, seated]

[Portraits of three balloonists Ippolito Caffi, Francesco Arban, and G. Seiffard, with a small view of them in an ascending balloon]

[Unidentified woman holding child in her lap]

Gruppenbild "Robert Blum im Kreise seiner Familie"

[William Cassiday Cattell, holding large Bible, with five page boys]

[Unidentified man and woman, seated, facing front]

[Elisa and John McAllister, children of W.Y. McAllister, Elisa standing on chair, John sitting in high chair]

[Unidentified boys, half-length portraits, probably George F. Becker and Alexander Rudolph Becker as children]

[Two unidentified children, a boy and girl, full-length portraits, seated]

Archbishop Manning and Bishop T.J. Shahan, half-length portrait, standing

[Group portrait of students, probably members of The Ranters, at Bethany College, Virginia]

Portrait photograph of an unidentified couple

Mendelssohn Quintette Club of Boston (organized 1849) / Armstrong & Co. Lith. 1 Somerset St. Boston and Riverside Press, Cambridge.

[Two unidentified girls, full-length portraits, seated on chairs next to table with tablecloth]

[Unidentified man, about 40 years of age and a boy about 14 years of age, full-length portraits, nearly facing front, the man, seated, looking slightly to the left, his arm around the waist of the boy standing to the left, looking slightly to the right]

G'ma Hunter (left) and one of her sisters?

[William Hazard and Moses Augustus Field, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

Groepsportret van leden van de familie Asser en bekenden

Portrait photograph of a mother and her children

Arnold. Weitling ? Kramer ; T. Sinclairs lith Philada

Repeated to-night grand combination Swiss bell ringers and Continental Vocalists at the public hall

Daniel Carroll of Duddington's family on porch of house, F and 2nd Streets, S.E., Washington, D.C.

[Large group of school children, with their teacher, standing in a town street]

[Mr. Zina Hitchcock Benjamin family, posed left to right: Cornelia, Zina Hitchcock, Frances Antoinette, Samuel Clark, and Joanette Clark]

[P. J. Espenscheid store, Nevada City, California]

[Unidentified man, about 40 years of age and a somewhat younger woman, both in Oriental costume, full-length portraits, both seated on a carpet on the floor, the man, on the left, cross-legged, turned three-quarters to the right, holding a string of beads; the woman turned slightly to the left, wearing a beaded (?) cap; between them is a hookah, the stem of which both are holding]

Five men posed at a fort or trading post, possibly at Scottsbluff, Nebraska, near the Oregon Trail

[Two unidentified women, full-length portraits, seated at table with tablecloth and bouquet]

[Two unidentified women, three-quarter length portraits, seated]

[Lizzie, John, Annie, and Mitchell McAllister]

[Portrait of the Prime family]

Groepsportret van dochters, zoon en vrienden van de fotograaf

John T. Ford, age 24, Chas E. Ford [age] 2

[Hinckley family, of Albany, New York, full-length group portrait, including Dr. John Warren Hinckley, his wife, a son, and daughter Isabella]

[Three unidentified men, all nearly full figures: man on left with side whiskers, standing, turned to the right, holding a piece of paper; center figure, standing, three-quarters to the left, one hand on hip; man on right, seated, in profile to the right, holding a pencil over a large print which, with two books, lies on a small table with tablecloth]

[Milliner and her daughter]

Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers

Nubian servants & horses

Colonel Airey & Major Hallewell