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Grotesque Decoration and Ceiling Designs (Recto); Geometric Design (Verso)

Head of a Woman with Helmet Looking Left

Elevation of a Main Altar with an Alternate Design

Allegory of Wisdom

Design for the Tomb of Christophe de Thou (d. 1582)

Profile of a Design for a Tomb with a Male Bust

Two Studies for a Grotesque Head

Leaving Troy

Assumption of the Virgin (Recto); Figure Sketches (Verso)

Dido and Aeneas (recto); Three Figures Traced in Reverse from Recto and a Study of a Seated Man (verso)

Mocking of Christ

Design for Door Knocker

Grotesque Head with Curly Beard

Design for a Leonine Grotesque Head

Design for a Wall Tomb

Ornamental Design with Amphore and Antique Style Armor (recto); Sketch with Two Figures (verso)

Perseus and Andromeda

Venus Bathing

Design for a Balustrade with Female Figures and Urns

The Baptism of Christ (recto); The Baptism of Christ (verso)

A Standing Cavalier

Project for Interior Wall with Fireplace

Interior with a Man Writing on a Long Table

Foliate Grotesque Head

The Descent of the Holy Ghost

Project for a Fountain

Study of Eleven Heads

Design for a Fountain with Rivergods and Nymphs.

Design for an Polygonal Tabernacle, with Obelisks and a Pediment Surmounted by Three Figures Supporting a Tempietto-like Structure

Design for a Tabernacle Surmounted by Christ on the Cross and Praying Figures (the Virgin and Saint John?).

Design for a Ceiling with a Woman (Aurora?) in a Chariot and Putti (Recto). Design for an Ornamental Frieze (Verso).

A Greyhound in Profile Facing Left

A Hunting Party

Grand Duke Cosimo I of Tuscany Surrounded by his Artists.

Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist and a Donor

The Resurrection of Christ

Allegorical Figure of Fame

Design for a Book Illustration

Acanthus Scroll

Bust of a Man with a Broad Collar

Two Male Saints Kneeling with Angels Holding a Reliquary.

Diogenes Throwing His Cup to the Ground

Three Ornamental Vessel Designs

Album of Architectural Sketches and Drawings

Architectural Design with Two Columns and Figure

Frieze with Consoles, Putti, and Garlands (Recto); Fragment of Architectural design (Verso)

Study of a Donkey

La fourberie

Three Studies for Spandrel Figures

Allegory of History

Sheet of Studies with Angels and Religious Figures (recto); Draft of a Letter (verso)

Design for a Console supported by Putto (recto); Architectural Arcade (verso)

Design for a Vignette with a Nymph Surprised by a Satyr

Design for an Urn with Satyrs for Handles.

Overall Pattern of Acanthus Scrolls with a Putto

Sheet of Jewelry Designs

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

Fragment of Frame Design (Recto); Sketch of a Man's Head in Profile (Verso)

Design for a Book Illustration

Project for an Altar

Design for a Snuff-Box

Putti Supporting Coat of Arms above Archway

Acanthus Scroll

Capriccio View of a Mediterranean Port

Design for a sepulchral monument; verso: Design for a monument

Design for a sepulchral monument; verso: Design for a sepulchral monument

Saint Eberhard of Tüntenhausen as a Shepherd

Overall Pattern with Acanthus Scrolls and a Chubby Putto

Overall Pattern of Acanthus Scrolls

Framing Element with Figures (?)

Herms Supporting and Overdoor with Portrait Oval

Foliate Amor Pouring a Drink for a Griffin

Esther before Ahasuerus

Design for a sepulchral monument with two figures

Design for a sepulchral monument with an allegory of Time; verso: Design for a sepulchral monument

Design for a sepulchral monument; verso: Fragment of a letter and notes

Design for a sepulchral monument in the form of a pulpit; verso: Fragment of a text

The Mariakerk In Utrecht

Architectural Design with a Decorated Frieze Containing a History Scene and Landscape

Design for an Amphora

Border Design with Saints

Design for a Table with Ornate Legs

Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Design for a Ceiling with an Oval Trompe L'Oeil Painting

Kneeling Saint and Lost Souls before the Madonna and Child, with Four Alternate Border Designs

Artist Drawing in an Italianate Landscape

The Annunciation

Acanthus Scroll with Rosette

Design for a Catafalque for King Philip IV of Spain

The King Drinks

Design for a sepulchral monument with Mary Magdalen and Saint Jerome; verso: Sketch (counterproof) and writing exercises

Design for a sepulchral monument with an allegory of Time; verso: Architectural sketch and fragment of a letter

Design for a monument; verso: Architectural sketches

Design for an altar

Design for a sepulchral monument with a portrait bust; verso: Design for a reliquary (?)

Copy of a Repose in Egypt painted by Giovanni da San Giovanni (Giovanni Mannozzi) 1592-1636, for a chapel in the Garden of Crocetta, now in the Accademia in Florence

Design for a Chapel or Niche (Recto); Design for Decoration with Putto Head and Rinceau (Verso)

Roman Capriccio with Terrace

Design for a Tomb or Wall Monument

Portrait of a Young Boy