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Four Saints (recto); Two Saints, Seated Madonna, and Kneeling Figure (verso)

Head of a Bearded Man

Saint Philip Seated, Holding a Book and a Cross

Christ at the Column

The Good Thief

Standing Male Figure

Landscape (recto); Landscape (verso)

Bust of a Young Woman

Historical Scene (Composition Study for Chapelle de Guise)

Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

The Cumaean Sibyl before Tarquin the Proud

Diana with Attributes of the Hunt

Nymph Playing a Horn (recto); Bracket with a Man's Head (verso)

A Sheet of Studies of Flowers: A Rose, a Heartsease, a Sweet Pea, a Garden Pea, and a Lax-flowered Orchid

The Sea Battle in the Gulf of Morbihan

Garden of Eden; Creation of the Animals

The Raising of the Youth of Naim

Military Procession

Adoration of the Shepherds(?)

Design for a Decorative Vessel

Madonna and Child Among the Clouds

Saint Michael Expelling the Fallen Angels

Design for a (Temporary?) Structure consisting of Two Angels carring the Medici Coat of Arms crowned by the Figure of Christ

Two Seated Male Figures Within Spandrels.

The Dance of Death

Three Standing Figures

A House with a Dovecote and Trees by the Sea.

Drawing for a Standard with Christ in Glory Flanked by Putti

Seated Young Woman

A Standing Cavalier

The Expulsion from Paradise

Miracle of Saint Gregory

Allegory of Justice with Two Putti (after Lorenzo Sabatini's Fresco in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence)

Landscape with Saint Christopher and Male Monastic Saint (recto); Victory Crowning a Warrior, and Two Other Figures (verso).

Haman begs Esther for his Life

A Kingfisher on a Branch

Two Standing Male Figures

Saints Peter and John Healing a Cripple at the Gate of the Temple

Jupiter Appearing to Semele

Roman or Greek Warriors Celebrating after a Victory.

Madonna and Child (recto); Head and Bust of Saint John the Evangelist (verso)

Apple of Discord Thrown by Eris at the Marriage of Peleus and Thetis: Study for Fresco in the Hall of Henri II at Fountainebleau

Two Satyrs in a Landscape

Studies of a Seated Youth in Armor

Design for a Fountain with Rivergods and Nymphs.

Triumphal Scene

The Transfiguration, after Raphael

Battle Scene

The Circumcision

The Adoration of the Magi

The Presentation of Mary in the Temple

Temptation of St. Anthony (recto); Fantastic Landscape (verso)

Saint Ambrose Seated in an Interior

Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple (below), Abraham about to Sacrifice Isaac (above)

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saint Anthony Abbot, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Julian the Hospitaler, Saint Roch, and Saint Mary Magdalen?

The Annunciation

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Design for a Casket with the Gonzaga Eagle

Seated satyr, with enlarged head of same (recto); head of a woman (verso)

Saint Thomas

Allegory of the Redemption of the World

Saint Paul Restoring Eutychus to Life

Standing Bearded Man Holding a Book.

The Adoration of the Shepherds; verso: Sketches

Jupiter and Juno: Study for the 'Furti di Giove' Tapestries

The Childhood of Christ, in the carpenter's shop

Design for an Ornamental Panel with Rinceaux, Satyrs, Putti, Monsters and a Human Head.

Nude Male Figure Seated on the Ground

Allegory of the Triumph of Death over Church and State

A Putto Seated on a Frame

Classical Female Figure (Diana or Venus) with Two Infants.

Design for a Wall Elevation with Grotesques

Adoration of the Shepherds

Jupiter Fighting the Giants.

Jupiter and Astraea

The Arrest of Christ

Christ in Limbo

Adoration of the Shepherds

Left Third of a Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

The Adoration of the Magi

Standing Nude Man (recto); Three Studies of Soldiers (verso)

Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and John the Baptist

Saint Jerome Praying in a Landscape.

Vulcan Forging the Darts of Cupid

The Adoration of the Magi

A Hunting Party

Ulysses and His Companions Fighting the Cicones Before the City of Ismaros, Study for a Destroyed Fresco in the Galerie d'Ulysee, Chateau de Fontainebleau

Grand Duke Cosimo I of Tuscany Surrounded by his Artists.

Christ Appearing to Saint Mary Magdalen ("Noli Me Tangere").

Design for a Frescoed Altarpiece of The Resurrection

The Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Study for the Allegory of San Gimignano and Colle Val d'Elsa


Standing Male Draped Figure With His Hands Raised.

Classical Gods, Muses, and Allegorical Figures

A Standing Angel and two Cherubs

Male Nude Lying on a Table

Embracing Female Figures, Some Holding Musical Scores.

God the Father