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Marble head of a goddess wearing a diadem

Rondel with the Goddess Hariti

Glass medallion with the bust of a woman or goddess

Bronze statuette of a goddess

Marble statuette of the goddess Hekate

Relief of a Mother Goddess(?)

Bronze statuette of the goddess Fortuna

Seated Goddess

Coptic Textile Fragment with Image of a Goddess

Goddess, Possibly Nana, Seated on a Lion

Gaja Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Standing Goddess

Lotus-Headed Fertility Goddess Lajja Gauri

Lead figure of a winged goddess, possibly Artemis Orthia

Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity

Gold Foil incised with Standing Image of Goddess Sri

Gaja Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Gaja Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune

Goddess Durga Slaying the Demon Mahisha

Four-Armed Goddess, possibly Sarada

The Goddess Durga Victorious over the Buffalo Demon, Mahisha (Mahishasuramardini)

Prajnaparamita, the Buddhist Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom

Seated River Goddess

The Goddess Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon (Mahisasura Mardini)

Goddess Gauri

Jain Goddess Padmavati

Ritual Ewer with Manasa, the Snake Goddess

Marichi, the Goddess of Dawn, with Seven Pigs

Standing Prajnaparamita, the Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom

Manasa, the Snake Goddess

The God Danda and the Goddess Niksubha (Attendants of Surya, the Sun God)

The Goddess Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon(Mahishasura Mardini)

Wrathful Eight-armed and Three-faced Goddess Tara Marichi, Leaf from a dispersed Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita Manuscript

Demons on an Elephant with Nan Brah Dharani, the Earth Goddess, Wringing Water from Her Hair

Panel with the Moon Goddess and Attendants

Temple Strut with a Tree Goddess (Shalabhanjika)

Dancing Female Goddess, Firing an Arrow from Her Bow and Holding an Elephant Goad ", Leaf from a dispersed Ashtasahasrika Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) Manuscript

The Goddess Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon (Mahishasura Mardini)

Seated Prajnaparamita (?), the Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom

The Goddess Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon (Durga Mahishasura Mardini)

Sword Handle with Scenes of the Goddess Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon Mahishasura

Finial with the Earth Goddess, Nan Brah Dharani, and Standing Vishnu

Standing Lakshmi (Goddess of Fortune)

Vasudhara, Goddess of Wealth

The Mother Goddess Men Brajut (Hariti)

The Goddess Durga Slaying Mahishasura

Goddess Chamunda

Seated Female Goddess

Trisala on Her Couch (left) / The Goddess Sri, One of the Fourteen Lucky Dreams (right); Page from a Dispersed Kalpa Sutra (Jain Book of Rituals)

Miniature showing farmers driving cattle and harvesting grain. Ceres, accompanied by three ladies, approaches. In the background, worshippers pray to statue of the goddess. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing Claudia Quinta hauling a rope attached to a golden ship that carries the marble statue of a goddess. A group of men and women watch from across the harbor. Initial and border design.

Miniature showing workers constructing a gothic temple to Juno, featuring a golden statue of the goddess, and and showing worshippers kneeling before a statue of the goddess. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Isis inscribing book of laws amidst a group of farmers; 2. the apotheosis of Io and the goddess adored in her temple at Rome; 3. Io's ship with its sail furled. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Venus enthroned as Queen of Cypriens, beneath a red canopy, surrounded by couples at play; 2. temple scene with worshippers and statue of goddess; 3. scene showing prostitues; 4. ships in harbor. Border design, initial and rubric.

Goddess of Chaste Love

The farmer and the goddess fortune [cont.]; The travelers and the axe.

The magician [cont.]; The weasel and the file; The farmer and the goddess fortune.

Wrathful Eight-Armed Goddess Slaying a Demon

Offerings to the Goddess Palden Lhamo

Goddess of Dance (Nrtyadevi)

Allegory or Goddess (Juno?)

The Judgment of Paris; he is sitting at left with Venus, Juno and Pallas Athena, a winged victory above; in the upper section the Sun in his chariot preceeded by Castor and Pollux on horseback; at lower right two river gods and a naiad above whom Jupiter, an eagle, Ganymede, Diana and another Goddess

Liggende Venus in landschap

Seated Goddess Diana (recto); Studies of a Nude Male Torso Seen from the Rear, and a leg (verso)

Aurora, goddess of dawn

Plate 8: Psyche seated at a table and attended by invisible servants, Eros beside the goddess, from 'The Fable of Cupid and Psyche.'

The Death of Procris; Cephalus mournig the death of Procris on the right surrounded by Cupid and mourning satyrs and nymphs, the goddess of dawn in her chariot in the background

Venus en Amor in de werkplaats van Vulcanus

Venus en Amor

The Goddess Diana

Mars en Venus

Mars en Venus


Bacchus, Ceres en Venus

Toneel met de kroning van Venus, 1599

Kast met bovenkast met tussen twee deuren een openklappend paneel versierd met naakte Venus in schelp

Design for a Medallion: Huntress Kneeling before an Armed Goddess

"Diana, Goddess of the Hunt", Folio from the Davis Album

Goddess, after the antique


Venus en Amor met Pan

Fountain with a Sculpture of the Godess Diana at Chateau d'Anet

Benten (Goddess of Love)

Venus en Mars door Apollo verrast

Goddess Benten

Composition of figures arranged in a landscape foreground before a statue of a female goddess, at left two nude figures support a nude woman riding a goat led by a putto, at center a draped woman holds one finger to her eye behind a satyr holding a bow, at right Mercury twists away from the satyr, from a series of twelve frieze-like designs showing bacchanals, sacrifices, and dances

Venus en Cupido

The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva

Venus en Amor

Slapende Venus bespied door een sater

Venus op schelp met brandend hart en pijl drijft voor kust van Zeeland, daarboven twee medaillons met portretten van Cloës en Blondae en cartouche met titel vastgehouden door Amor

The Goddess Durga Slaying an Enemy; Page from a Dispersed Markandeya Purana (Stories of the Sage Markandeya)

The Goddess Vasudhara Flanked by Kubera and a Fragmentary Durga

Joan Huydecoper and Sophia Coymans as Mars and Venus

Joan Huydecoper and Sophia Coymans as Mars and Venus

Venus, Amor en Mars

Waarheid toont een schrijfster de geboorte van Venus

Tapestry Depicting Venus, Symbolizing Spring

The Goddess of Music Distributing Her Gifts to the Nations

The God Izanagi and Goddess Izanami