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Vue de la Riviere et l'Isle de Courou dans la Guyane francoise, ou deb́arque les Européens pour l'Isle Cayenne

Plan of the city of New York, in North America: surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

A map of the inhabited part of Canada ... with the frontiers of New York and New England ... by Claude Joseph Sauthier / engraved by Wm. Faden, 1777.

Proofs of the corruption of Gen. James Wilkinson and of his connection with Aaron Burr : with a full refutation of his slanderous allegations in relation to the character of the principal witness against him

Bellvue. Mr. Dougherty's agency on the Missouri / Ch. Bodmer pinx ad nat ; L. Weber & Beyer sc.


Massacre of Baldwin's family by the savages!

Rio San Pedro - second crossing of Devil's Rivers J.D.S

Bald, Cousland & Co. bank note engravers & printers, New York & Philadelphia. Permit us to call your attention to this specimen sheet of bank note vignettes

An emigrant train attacked by hostile Indians on the prairie / Champney del. ; Nichols sc.

Bartlemy's house, Esquimalt Harbor

Transatlantic sketches--the Mississippi River

Fort Shepherd, no. 1

Fort Shepherd, Columbia River no. 2

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia showing farm and buildings]

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia]

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, showing cluster of buildings and possibly the fort just left of center]

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, showing cluster of buildings]

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia showing farm and buildings]

[Father Fenwick's discovering of the first Catholics in Ohio]

The gold mining town of Rock Creek, British Columbia, 1860

[Landscape view showing house on stream with falls in foreground]

The pioneer

Panorama, Vancouver, Columbia River no. 1

Life on the plains preparing supper / / from sketches by Mr. James F. Gookins.

Deadly attack of a wolf upon a man, and heroic conduct of the man's wife

Plowing on the prairie beyond the Mississippi / sketched by Theodore R. Davis.

Western sketches - a freshet in the Red River, Texas / Hoskin ; drawn by Frenzeny and Tavernier.

Recollections of pioneer work in California

A pioneer pastorate and times, embodying contemporary local transactions and events,

"The Little Ida" En route for Kansas - fleeing from the Yellow Fever Drawn by Neil Mitchell ; Drawn by Sol Eytinge, Jun., from a sketch by H.J. Lewis

A frontier post office, eastern Montana

Emigrants to the West / W.M. Cary.

Reminiscences of a ranger; or, Early times in Southern California

A picture of pioneer times in California, illustrated with anecdotes and stories taken from real life

The "New home" in the far west / W.U. Morgan & Co. Lith, Cleveland, O.

Pioneer life in 1882

Conflict of the Linn boys with the Indians

Suspicious guests / drawn by H.F. Farny.

A "Boomer" family / / Davies. A "boomer's" wife /Witt. D[?] after Drote[?]

Daniel Boone

Florida. A pioneer home in South Florida

Pilgrims going to church

Pioneer Cleveland / Dalrymple.

His silent partners / Dalrymple.

Sam Pitman's big production, A fortune hunter

Messengers were sent to warn the settlers of the Indian uprising

Moose call

Ranch family in 1900

A frontier ranch, eastern Montana


Superlative provocation / Gallaway.

"Pioneer Seeking Shelter," a realistic group on the Plaza, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, U. S. A.

A Christmas joke with a point to it / Hassman̄.

The lost trail a comedy drama of western life by Anthony E. Wills.

The courtship of Bill Taft / Keppler.

Iron River Wis., in 1908, Iron River, Wis., in 1888

The wolf a play of the Canadian woods by Eugene Walter.

The crafty traders and the easy Indians / Will Crawford.

The mystery of the mistletoe / Will Crawford.

Mormon pioneers about to enter Salt Lake Valley, July 24, 1847

The life of Buffalo Bill. Parts I-III

A new scout on the old trail / Will Crawford.

The Mormon pioneers advanced company coming over Little Mountain, July 1847

California, 1849-1913; or, The rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state,

Monuments of civilization / Keppler.

The autobiography of Charles Peters, in 1915 the oldest pioneer living in California, who mined in ... the days of '49 ... Also historical happenings, interesting incidents and illustrations of the old mining towns in the good luck era, the placer mining days of the '50s

Life sketches of a jayhawker of '49: actual experiences of a pioneer told by himself in his own way,

Recollections of a newspaperman; a record of life and events in California,

The gold seekers of '49; a personal narrative of the overland trail and adventures in California and Oregon from 1849 to 1854

Scharmann's overland journey to California : from the pages of a pioneer's diary

[Family at dinner]

I trembled at the possibility of being the only woman within eighteen miles

West[w]ard bound

Gold and sunshine, reminiscences of early California

The last of the Mill Creeks, and early life in northern California,

Adobe days; being the truthful narrative of the events in the life of a California girl on a sheep ranch and in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles while it was yet a small and humble town; together with an account of how three young men from Maine in eighteen hundred and fifty-three drove sheep and cattle across the plains, mountains and deserts from Illinois to the Pacific coast; and the strange prophecy of Admiral Thatcher about San Pedro harbor,

Early days in California; scenes and events of the '50s as I remember them,

Pioneer notes from the diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875

Early days at the mission San Juan Bautista,

A Yankee trader in the gold rush; the letters of Franklin A. Buck,

California letters of Lucius Fairchild,

California in 1849


Luzena Stanley Wilson, '49er : memories recalled years later for her daughter Correnah Wilson Wright

The new home

Pilgrims going to church

The Gregson memoirs, containing Mrs. Eliza Gregson's "Memory" and the statement of James Gregson ..

A letter from a gold miner, Placerville, California, October, 1850

Alonzo Delano's California correspondence: being letters hitherto uncollected from the Ottawa (Illinois) Free trader and the New Orleans True delta, 1849-1952;

California all the way back to 1828

From the Kennebec to California; reminiscences of a California pioneer

A trip to the gold mines of California in 1848

Mormon Row, Mormon Row Road near intersection of Antelope Flats Road, Kelly, Teton County, WY

The pioneers; or, The sources of the Susquehanna; a descriptive tale

The pioneers

A new home--who'll follow? or, Glimpses of western life

The last of the Mohicans

The pioneers; or, the sources of the Susquehanna. A descriptivetale

A Red River townsite speculation in 1857