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Sard ring stone

Saint-Guilhem Cloister

Capital with the Presentation of Christ in the Temple (from Saint-Guilhem Cloister)

Impost Block with Acanthus Decoration

Double Capital with Birds



Cuxa Cloister

Head of King David

Column Statue of a King

Head of a King

Portion of a Pilaster with an Acrobat

Head of a Bearded Man

The Priest Aaron

Sculpture of Moses with Tablets of the Law

Angels Swinging Censers

Manuscript Illumination with Initial V, from a Bible


Cameo with Head of Female Saint Wearing Wimple

Coat of Arms

Keystone from a Vaulted Ceiling

Limestone Keystone from a Vaulted Ceiling

Evangelists Mark and Luke

Angel Carrying a Crown

Sculpture of an Enthroned King

Saint James the Great

Catapult Projectile from Montfort (Starkenberg) Castle

King Clothar I

King Clovis I

Doorway from Moutiers-Saint-Jean

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Crowned Head of a Woman

Crucified Christ

Enthroned Virgin and Child

Standing Saint or Apostle

Leaf of a Writing Tablet

Enthroned Virgin


Diptych with the Adoration of the Magi and the Crucifixion

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

Window with Grisaille Decoration

Grisaille Panel

Grisaille Panel

The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux, Queen of France

Prophet Isaiah

Reliquary Shrine

Saint Mary Magdalene

The Lamentation

The Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg, Duchess of Normandy

Drinking Bowl (Hanap)

Franc à Cheval of John the Good

Saint Elzéar

Leaf from a Manuscript of Valerius Maximus

Tomb Effigy Bust of Marie de France (1327-41), daughter of Charles IV of France and Jeanne d'Evreux

Hand and a Half Sword

Section from a Quran Manuscript

Virgin and Child

Manuscript Illumination with Crucifixion in an Initial T, from a Missal

Cardinal Guillaume d'Estouteville (1403–1483), Bishop of Ostia and Cardinal Archbishop of Rouen

Profile Portrait of Bishop Antonius Campanus of Agram (Zagreb)

Double Capital

Plaque with the Crucifixion

Female Figure with Raised Arm

Casket (cassetta)

Covered Cup


Double Capital

Plate with Pelican in her Piety

Pair of Rowel Spurs

Manuscript Leaf with the Last Judgment, from a Book of Hours

Honor Making a Chaplet of Roses

Madonna and Child with Saints Philip and Agnes

Three Standing Figures (recto); Seated Woman and a Male Hermit in Half-length (verso)

Courtiers in a Rose Garden: A Lady and Two Gentlemen




Portrait of an Ecclesiastic

Ring with the Name of Pope Paul II (r. 1464–71)

The Annunciation from the Hours of Charles of France

The Lamentation of Christ

The Holy Virgins Greeted by Christ as They Enter the Gates of Paradise

The Battle with the Sagittary and the Conference at Achilles' Tent (from Scenes from the Story of the Trojan War)

Saint Michael

Portrait of a Woman

Visored Sallet

Saint Anthony


Medal: Charles VIII

Virgin and Child

Manuscript Leaf with the Annunciation from a Book of Hours

Chair (Sgabello)

Saint Andrew