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St. Faith holding a book and a palm

Faith from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 270

Faith from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 270

Faith from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 269v

Faith from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 269v

Sketches of Figures of the Virgin Kneeling, Saint Peter Standing, Seated Allegorical Figures of Faith and Charity, and Child Standing on a Corbel (?) (recto); Sketches of Figures of Saint Sebastian Standing and the Virgin and Child with Angels (verso)

Triumph of Christian Faith

Ewer with Figures of Faith, Hope, and Charity


Allegorical Figure (Faith?)


"Faith" (after Parmigianino)



Faith personified by a woman standing in a niche, pointing to rays in the upper left, from 'The Virtues'


Faith (Fides), from the series The Seven Virtues

Faith, from the series The Seven Virtues

Ecclesia Christi (Faith), from the series of Sibyls

Surface Decoration, Grotesque with Strapwork, including Double Wall Niche, at the Top the Christian Virtues Faith, Hope and Charity, at the Center the Laocoon from Veelderleij Veranderinghe van grotissen ende Compertimenten...Libro Primo

Man Protected by the Shield of Faith

Faith (Fides) from The Virtues

Faith (Fides) from the series The Virtues

Faith (Fides) from The Virtues

Bust portrait of Pope Pius V in profile facing left set within an elaborate architectural structure upon which sit allegorical figures including Faith, Charity and Religion above and Justice and Prudence below who flank St Michael

Pendant Design with Faith Standing in a Circular Temple

Allegory of the Christian Faith with Christ at center, holding the cross

The Defenders of the Catholic Faith in the Netherlands adoring the Virgin

Design for a Dome Compartment with Figures of Faith and Hope

Faith, probably from a set of the Virtues

Levamen Onostrorum, from Allegories of the Christian Faith, from Christian and Profane Allegories

Allegory of Faith


Personification of Faith

Personification of Faith

Faith, from the Cardinal Virtues

Soldiers Enlisting to Defend the Faith agains the Turks, from L'Idea di un Principe ed Eroe Cristiano in Francesco I d'Este, di Modena e Reggio Duca VIII [...]

The Arms of France Accompanied by Personifications of Law and Good Faith

Allegory of the Catholic Faith

Allegorical Figure of Faith

Allegorical Figures of Faith, Hope and Charity in a Niche

Design for a Frontispiece with Figures of Faith and Hope

Scene of Abduction (recto); Allegorical Figure of Christian Faith, Drawn over Faint Landscape Indications (verso)

The life of faith: exemplified and recommended in a letter found in the study of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Belcher, late of Dedham, in New-England, since his decease. An answer to his question. How to live in this world so as to live in Heaven? to whi

Faith, Hope and Charity


New York City. ff. Personally appeared Moses Sherwood and William Bennett, both constables of said City and being duly sworn, depose and faith, that on Saturday morning, between the hours of five and six o'clock, the second day of this instant O

In Congress, June 29, 1779. As Congress are bound by every motive of policy and of public & private justice to maintain the credit of the paper money emitted by their authority on the faith of the United States [Resolutions to borrow twenty mill


Faith and Charity

The faith of treaties exemplified or John Bull's last effort to oblige his false friends / S.W.F.

His most excellent majesty George the third, by the grace of god, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, king, defender of the faith &c, &c, &c / engraved by Will'm. Skelton.

Allegories of Faith, Hope, and Charity


I, William S. Fulton, Governor of the Territory of Arkansas, do hereby certify, that [blank] was commissioned a [blank] in and for the county of [blank] and Territory of Arkansas, on the [blank] day of [blank] 183 [blank] ; and that full faith a

Sketches of Seven Statues: "Faith," "Paolo and Francesca di RImini," "Charity," "Roman Matron," "Venus Feleste," "Danyatrice," and "Sleeping Amor"

Faith, E C - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]


Faith and Hope

Destroy not man's faith in man! Accept the right man, whichever party nominates him! ... G. S. Peterboro June 12, 1868.


Holy Roman Catholic faith

The triumph of faith: when thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; Isaiah, XLIII.2

Resting in faith

flora from "Songs of Love and Joy. Poems. [Hymns selected from “Hymns of Faith and Hope.” With illustrations.]"

flora from "Songs of Love and Joy. Poems. [Hymns selected from “Hymns of Faith and Hope.” With illustrations.]"

Irish faith healer from "Guy's South of Ireland Pictorial Guide, etc"

[Francis Schatter (faith healer): head and shoulders, facing front]

[Francis Schlatter, faith healer, half-length portrait, facing front]

[Francis Schlatter (faith healer) serving free lunch in rain, Denver]

Design for "Angel of Faith" window

Design for "Angel of Faith" window

Faith, J G - 12th Cavalry

"We have faith that we shall not prove false to the memories of the men of the mightly past," President Roosevelt's inaugural address, 1905

Fire samejenter på vei til kirken, muligens i Varanger eller gamle Kirkenes 1907.

Pres. Coolidge signs the Nation's Birthday Book and the Patriot's Pledge of Faith

Faith Baldwin

Faith, hope, and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is tango / Keppler.

American Red Cross - N thru W - Capt. Gustave Ohlinger, U.S.A. Capt. Olinger was a member of the Military Intelligence Division General Staff. Author of "Their True Faith and Allegiance" and "The German Conspiracy in American Education," active in the disruption of the German American NAtional Alliance

The Harriman National Bank urges faith, courage, and patience / M. Waddell 1918 ; Metro Litho. Co. N.Y.

Folklig läkekonst. Smöjning. Ett barn dras genom ett s.k. vårdbundet träd för att tillfriskna, här ifrån engelska sjukan. Uppland.

Faith in Canada--Use it all for Victory Bonds

Packing shipment of Matzoths [i.e. matzos] for the 77th Division for men of Jewish faith in the A.E.F. for the Passover Holiday, at Warehouse #40, Q.M.C. Depot, St. Denis [France] / Signal Corps. U.S.A.

[You must have full faith in Jane, Lynn]

Old Jacob, with a quick wave of his iron hook, ordered Faith to her little chamber

Rev. N. De. Carlo, pastor of Holy Rosary Church, Wash., with a silver chalice presented by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy. The gift is one foot high with reliefs of the apostles cut on the base and delicately engraved handles symbolizing faith, hope, and charity. Presentation made by Dr. Sahetta, counselor of the Italian Embassy

The Faith of Young America

Stalloen, en seidestein, ved Kvslsundveien i 1933. To personer på veien ser utover fjorden.

Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Arrived in California June 1936. Mother and three half-grown children; no father. "Anybody as wants to work can get by. But if a person loses their faith in the soil like so many of them back there in Oklahoma, then there ain't no hope for them. We're making it all right here, all but for the schooling, 'cause that boy of mine, he wants to go to the University"

WPA Federal Theatre [presents] If ye break faith

Grace (Lower Stone) Church, Faith vic., Rowan County, North Carolina

Grace (Lower Stone) Church, Faith vic., Rowan County, North Carolina

Grace (Lower Stone) Church, Faith vic., Rowan County, North Carolina

Grace (Lower Stone) Church, Faith vic., Rowan County, North Carolina

Grace (Lower Stone) Church, Faith vic., Rowan County, North Carolina

Beulah Faith, 20, used to be sales clerk in department store, reaming tools for transport on lathe machine, Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth, Texas

Gammel offerplass på Haddeland i Eiken, uthus i bakgrunnen, 1941.

St. Mary's County, Maryland. People going to All Faith Church

St. Mary's County, Maryland. Minister's daughter sitting on a tombstone, watching people come to All Faith Church where her father is minister

Chaplain David Rubin taking his turn at cleaning and sweeping the chaplains' quarters. Chaplain Rubin is of the Orthodox Jewish faith, and comes from Long Island, New York. U.S. Army chaplain school, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana