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Source of the spring in the Rample [sic] From Central Park Album, 1862

Hotel letter-heads. Gilsey House, New York cor. Broadway and 29th Street. J. H. Breslin & Bro. proprietors New York, 1893.

The Sky Line of New York

When Kossuth rode up Broadway. Below, left: Louis Kossuth, the great Hungarian patriot, received with cheers by 100,000 Americans upon his arrival in New York on December 6th, 1851

Certificate of membership in the Society of Iconophiles, made out in the name of Amos F. Eno, and signed by Wm. L. Andrews, president and Richard H. Lawrence, secretary

This map of the city of New York and island of Manhattan....

A view of St. Pauls's Church, New York

A view of the present seat of his excel. the vice president of the United States

Portrait of Alexander Hamilton and a view of the "Grange"

The New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church and Wall Street. Below, left, bust portrait of George B. Post, architect

Lithographs of New York in 1904, "The Flat Iron"

Lithographs of New York in 1904. Broadway above 23rd Street

Lithographs of New York in 1904. Pine Street

Lithographs of New York in 1904. The Stock Exchange

A south east prospect of the City of New York in 1756-7 with the French prizes at anchor

Lithographs of New York in 1904. Nassau Street

Lithographs of New York in 1904. Broadway from Bowling Green

Lithographs of New York in 1904. Union Square

Lithographs of New York in 1904. William Street

Lithographs of New York in 1904. "Broadway Towers"

Lithographs of New York in 1904. "Building the building"

Lithographs of New York in 1904. The Times building

Broadway looking north at Grand St.

A view of New York in 1775

A south west prospect of the City of New York (1806)

Clinton Hall, Nassau and Beekman Streets

Novum Amsterodamum

Jumel Mansion, 1901.

Van Cortland Manor House, 1901.

Rose Street, 1904

Fraunces' Tavern, 1903.

Houses on Battery Park, 1905.

Grace and Trinity Churches

St. John's Chapel, Varick Street, 1904.

Rogers House, No. 7 State Street, 1904.

Peter Cooper's house, Fourth Avenue and Twenty-eighth Street, 1904.

Oyster market on West Street, 1903.

Doorway, Third Avenue and 122nd Street.

St. Paul's chapel about 1812

Old house on Broadway, at Great Jones Street, 1902.

East view from the Singer Tower

South view from the Singer Tower

North view from the Singer Tower

West view from the Singer Tower

Deaf and Dumb Asylum.

The old post office New York

Fraunces' Tavern

Metropolitan Hotel. [Niblo's Hotel]

St. Nicholas Hotel, Broadway, New York. Uriah Welch, proprietor

The Borough Hall, Brooklyn

Ville de Manathe ou Nouvelle-Yorc.

View on the Hudson River, from Ruggles House, Newburgh

Columbia College

Birds eye view of the City and county of New-York with environs

Stationers Hall, Pearl 245 Street, New York.

Christ Church. New York.

South interior view of the New York Post Office located by authority of the Hon. Charles A. Wickliffe, post master general. And arranged by John Lorimer Graham, Esq. postmaster. Feb. 1st, 1845

The Old Tribune building. Photo-Electrotype Co. N.Y. On building to left, sign Daily witness.

The Old Rigging House.

Bowery Theatre, New York

Building with signboard: Madison Cottage

Mercantile Bank

Ceremonies of dedication of the Worth Monument. (Nov. 25, 1857)

Trinity Church

Maiden Lane, New York. Jewelry centre of the world

View of New York from the south east.

North interior view of the New York Post Office, located by authority of the Hon. Charles A. Wicliffe [sic] post master general. And arranged by John Lorimer Graham Esq. postmaster, Feb. 1st, 1845

Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Square, New York

New York from Governors Island

Church of the Pilgrims, Union Square

View of kitchen

Albany on the Hudson

St. John's Chapel, New York.

The Narrows, New York Bay. From Staten Island

The Bank of the Republic, Broadway

Public schools. School-House No. 49, Thirty-Seventh Street near Second Avenue.

St. Thomas Church, Broadway

Ticket to Jenny Lind's grand concert, Friday Nov. 29, 1850.

Everett House, north side of Union Square. [3 lines.]. . .House is now open. . . Above, picture of the hotel

St. Paul's Church, Barnum's Museum, & Astor House. Above: Views of New-York

View of the American Museum, Broadway, New York

Public schools. Interior view of the drawing room of the Free Academy of the City of New York

Free Academy of the City of New York, corner of Lexington Avenue and Twenty-Third Street. Exterior view

The new armory, corner of White and Elm Streets, New York.

In ink: "Homestead of Isaac and Michael Dyckman Broadway and Hawthorne St. John H. Judge."

A description of a view of New York, now exhibiting at the Panorama, Leicester Square. Below, two views, top one showing City Hall, lower one Broadway, with St. Paul's.

Portrait of the late Amos F. Eno.

Public schools. Front elevation Ward School No. 21 in Marion-Street, 14th Ward, and Ward School No. 10 in Wooster-Street 15th Ward.

View on Broadway. St. Paul's Church. Astor Hotel.

The Ninth National Bank of New York, No. 409 Broadway. Erected 1869. . .

View on the Hudson

A view of New-York and its environs. Taken from the heights of West Hoboken

Public schools. School-House No. 48, 20th Ward, Twenty-Eighth Street, near Sixth Avenue.

Public schools. Front elevation Primary School No. 32, in 186th-Street, Twelfth Ward.

New York from Brooklyn Heights.

Ferry house, New York, corner of Broad & Garden Sts. Stadt-Huys, New York, built 1602, razed 1700

Pierponts' Distillery on Long Island

The trainbands signing Leisler's declaration

Panorama of the west side of Broadway, from no. 1, Bowling Green, to a few houses above Dey St. . . .Lettering in pen-and-ink indicating streets and buildings, among latter, Atlantic Garden, Stevens House, Aldrich Court, Old City Hotel, . . .Franklin Hotel.

A sheet of vignettes. . .including depictions of Stephen Girard on rock by waterside, New York Exchange, Philadelphia Exchange, portraits of Washington and Lafayette, Washington crossing the Delaware, after Sully, a U[nited] States dollar, and three allegorical vignettes.