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Novum Amsterodamum. View from the south issued 1671.

Man, at left. with bow and arrows seated on ground, handing beaver[?] to a woman, at right, standing. On banderole, over clouds: Nieu Amsterdam, al. New Yorck

New York. A. The fort. B. The chappel.

New York a city in N. America inhabited by English and Dutch subject to the K. of England.

Nieu Amsterdam, een stedeken in Noord Amerikaes, Nieu Hollant, op het eilant Mankattan: namaels Nieu jork genaemt, toen het geraekte in 't gebiet der Engelschen.

New York. References . . . New York is situated . . . masts, etc.

The south prospect of the city of New York, in North America.

A view in Hudson's River of Pakepsey & the Catts-Kill mountains. From Sopos Island in Hudson's River

Plan of New York City of New-York and its environs to Greenwich . . .Town. Survey'd in the winter, 1775

A south west view of the City of New York in North America. 1. The harbour. 2. Nutting Island. 3. Staten Island. 4. Long Island. 5. Rutgars House. 6. South River. 7. Brew-house.

South east view of the City of New York. 1. New Colledge. 2. Old English Church. 3. City Hall. 4. French Church. 5. North River. 6. Staten Island. 7. The prison. 1768

Vue de la Nouvelle Yorck.

L'entrée triumphale de troupes royales a Nouvelle Yorck

Plan of the city of New York, in North America. Surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

Representation du Feu terrible a Nouvelle Yorck

A plan of the city and environs of New York in North America.

Débarquement des troupes Angloises à Nouvelle Yorck

Plan of New York, Manhattan between North or Hudson River and East or Sound River. Park of Long or Nassau Island

A plan of the city and environs of New York in North America.

La destruction de la statue royale a Nouvelle Yorck.

Chart and plan of the harbour of New York & the Couny. Adjacent, from Sandy Hook to Kingsbridge comprehending the whole of New York and Staten Islands, and part of Long Island & the Jersey shore : and shewing the defences of New York both by land and sea

New York from Hobuck Ferry House New Jersey

Mount Vernon in Virginia. The seat of the late Lieut. General George Washington commander in chief of the Armies of the United States

New York from Long Island

The City of New York in the State of New York, North America, published Jany. 1, 1803

View of the City of New York taken from Long Island.

A schooner with a view of New York

View of Hell Gate, the entrance from Long Island Sound to New York

These are to certify that "Daniel Payne" is pursuant to law, nominated and appointed one of the Firemen of the City of New York, September 5th, 1808, John Pintard, clerk

This map of the city of New York and island of Manhattan....

The President's house in Washington; (lately taken & destroyed by the British Army)

Map of New York. ; entered 1817

This certifies that "Daniel Payne" has served as a fireman the time prescribed by the law of the state entitled "An act granting privileges to the Firemen of the City of New York: passed 12th of April 1816, New York," November 5th, 18 "22", Thomas Franklin, chief engineer. I. Morton, clerk C.C.

Certificate of membership, General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York

New York from Heights near Brooklyn

Capt. T. Webb preaching in the barracks of N. York. View of the First Methodist Church in John St. New York--the first erected in America 1768.

Landing of Gen. Lafayette, at Castle Garden, New-York, 16th August 1824

Commencement of Passaic Falls

Falls of Cohoes of the River Mohawk

Saw mill near Luzerne

Machine for the portage on the Susquehanna.

Indian Brook

Falls on the Flint River

Passaic Falls

Mills on the Black River

Lower falls near the residence of Mr. Montgomery

Military post, Sackett's Harbor

Hudson Fall of the village of Gleens

Deer Creek Falls

Town of Hudson

Falls of Mt. Ida above the town of Troy

Schooley's Springs

View on the Passaic River

Water works on the Schuylkill River

General view of Niagara from the Canadian side

Horse Shoe of Niagara from the Canadian side

Bridge and Hudson River near Luzerne

Extremity of Adley's Falls

General view of the Hudson at Adley's

Rapids on the Hudson at Adley's

Road and bridge over the Mohawk

Theresa Falls, Indian River

Foundry on Jones Creek near Baltimore

Falls on the Genesee rivers

Falls of the Hudson at Sandy Hill

Course of the Hudson and the mills near Sandy Hill

Commencement of the Falls of Canada Creek

Pawtucket Falls

View of the Natural Bridge

Colman's literary rooms, Broadway, New York

La Grange terrace, Lafayette Place. City of New York

City Hotel, Trinity & Grace Churches. Broadway. New-York

New York. O what a charming city! View of the city from the Jersey shore

Type-written label: "View of the Narrows from Bedloes Island. Fine drawing in water-colours showing numerous ships

Rotunda--Chambers Street.

Residence of Philip Hone Esq. and American Hotel, Broadway. New-York

St. Pauls, Broadway, N.Y.

The Irving dinner, at the City Hotel, N. Y. May 30, 1832. The author of the "Sketch book" addressing his countrymen after an absence of seventeen years

View of the New York Quarantine, Staten Island

View of New Brighton, S. I.

New York from Heights near Brooklyn

View of New Brighton, S. I.

The Actor's Monument, the late Edmund Kean, Esqre. contemplating the tomb he caused to be erected to the memory of George Frederick Cooke, in Saint Paul's Church Yard, New York, America

New York from Brooklyn Heights

Broad Way from the Bowling Green

South St. from Maiden Lane

Lunatic Asylum, New York

View of the great conflagration of Dec. 16th and 17th, 1835; from Coenties Slip

Light may the boat row, duett, sung with the most enthusiastic applause by Mrs. and Miss Watson, at the Park Theatre, concerts &c.

Broadway, New-York. Showing each building from the Hygeian Depot corner of Canal Street to beyond Niblo's Garden

Pacific Hotel.

St. Mark's Church, New York

The Great Fire of the City of New York, 16 December 1835

Custom House, now building in the City of New York, January, 1837

New York Merchant's Exchange

The ruins of Trinity Church after the fire

Troy. Taken from the west bank of the Hudson, in front of the United States Arsenal

Masonic Hall, Broadway, N.Y.

View of New York City Hall, with fountain playing in foreground. Above: Croton Jubilee Quick Step

View of the great receiving reservoir. Yorkville City of New York