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Marble statue of a youth

Marble torso of a boy

Marble statue of a woman

Marble statue of Aphrodite crouching and arranging her hair

Bronze portrait bust of a man

Marble statue of Hermes

Ring with terminal busts of Ptah (?) and a female consort twisted for a bezel

Snake Ring

Funerary Mask of a woman

Funerary Mask

Ring with busts of Ptah (?) and a female consort twisted so as to form a bezel

Seals (3) from net

Bowl with floral and geometric designs

Plaque with a Winged Horse

Amulet of fist with thumb thrust between first two fingers

Funerary Sandals

Hanging Showing Euthenia in a Garden

Upper Portion of Hairpin

Glass bowl in the form of a shell

String of 6 beads

Funerary Mask

Plaque with a Winged Horse

Snake ring

String of 23 beads


Mask of a man with short curly hair and long sideburns

Ring with snake's head terminals

Snake bracelet

Snake bracelet

String of 3 Beads

Statuette of Herakles holding apples

Amulet of Harpokrates

String of 10 Mosaic Beads

Funerary Mask

Group of 5 composite eye beads

Cup with geometric decoration

Pair of Child's Slippers

Seals (3) from net

Burnishing tool, goldsmith's

Ring with snake's head and tail twisted to form bezel

String of 4 beads

Marble statue of an old fisherman

Marble head of a woman

Stela depicting Anubis and a mummy on a bed for for Pachom-alal, son of Peteharsomtous

String of 27 Eyed Beads

Glass Bottle

Seals (3) from net

Plaque representing a Greco-Roman type temple with Corinthian columns

Ring with snake's head terminals twisted to form the bezel

Harpokrates in an Egyptianizing Crown and holding the club of Herakles

Palm of a Ceremonial Fan

Robe made to imitate leopard skin with rosettes with the name of Harnedj-?

Dōtaku (Bronze Bell)

Cup with three rows of impressed decoration

Snake bracelet

Plaster relief fragment with a male figure on a throne

Plaster relief fragment with a male figure on a throne

Black jasper intaglio portrait of a Roman lady

Fragment of a marble relief with dancing maenads

Marble head of a Hellenistic ruler

Bronze statuette of Harpokrates

Greywacke plate

Fish Net

Burnishing tool, goldsmith's


Double-Headed herm Bust

Bottle (unguentaria)

Bottle (unguentaria)

String of 15 bugle beads

Funerary Mask

Plaque representing an Egyptian open shrine (kiosk)

Bottle (unguentaria)

Shallow dish with high relief figures of Isis and falcon-headed Horus

Headdress from the Head of a Mummy of a Child


Mummy Tag of Psentsenpshay, son of Thoteu

Mummy label of Senpnouthe, daughter of Sulis; her mother Taphiomis

Leather Shoe with Gilded Medallions

Spirally twisted tubular armlet, former goose-head terminals missing


Bone needle



Mummy label of Petempto the younger, age 79, son of Petemin; his mother Kolluthe

Anubis as Defender of Osiris / Dionysus

Theatrical Masks and Ram Vessel for Offering

Bracelet with spirally twisted strands and a Herakles knot at the bezel

Theatrical mask for offering

Theatrical mask for offering


Dolphin pendant

Figure of Isis-Aphrodite

Mummy label of Petemin, the son of Petempto, whose father was Petemin the Younger; his mother Thatre

Funerary Mask


Three Poems from the “Collection of Poems Ancient and Modern” (Kokin wakashū), known as the “Araki Fragment” (Araki-gire)


Spirally twisted tubular armlet with one goose-head terminal preserved


Mummy label of Psenpnouthes, (son of) Kollouthes; his mother Senpsenthmesios