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Lunchbox with Lid and Five silver Chopsticks and Rests

Hawks (obverse) ; Flowers and Trees (reverse)

Brown-eared Bulbul Bird on a Branch of Plum

Bugaku Scroll

Tea Scoop (chashaku)

Tankard in the Shape of a Pear

Hen with Chicks

Dish with Bird-and-Flower Design


Beauty of the Kanbun Era

Water Dropper in the Shape of a Youth Seated on a Drum and Holding a Gourd on His Back


Incense burner with lid

Immortal Poet

Tray with Design of Dragons in Waves

Immortal Poet

Portable Writing Cabinet with Tokugawa Family Crests, Chrysanthemums, and Foliage Scrolls

Kosode Fragment

Stirrups with Design of Cosmetic Brushes

Altar Table

Bottle with Rock, Flowers, and Birds


"Morning Glories" (Asagao) chapter from The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari)

Extract of Manuscript Leaves

Karako (Chinese Child) with drum

Activities of Twelve Months of the Year (Tsukinami-e)


Pavilion on Mountain Stream

Priest's Robe

Owl on a Pine Branch


Dish with Heron Design

Rainy Landscape

Shelf for Cosmetic Boxes (Kurodana) with Wild Grapevine and Family Crest

Cherry Blossom Viewing at Itsukushima and Yoshino

Treasure Boat-shaped Incense Box [Kōgō]

Large Dish with Flower Vases and Landscapes in Cartouches

Street Scenes in Kyoto

Priest's Robe

Book of Painted Kosode Designs, Volume 2

Dish with Heron Design

Album of Hawks and Calligraphy

Autumn and Winter Flowers and Birds

Crane, Tortoise, Pine, and Bamboo under a Rising Sun

Small Dish

Barber's Bowl with Baroque Decorations

Landscape of China: Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers

Sutra Box (Kyōbako) with Lotus Pond


Whose Sleeves? (Tagasode)

Album of Birds and Flowers and Other Subjects

Wine ewer with stopper (Tokkuri)

White Hollyhocks

Rectangular Vase with Raised Netting Pattern

Kenzan-style Dish with Bamboo Leaves

The Battle at Ichinotani, Scenes from The Tale of the Heike

Case (Inrō) with Design of Various Flowers Growing beside Rocks and Fence

Young Woman on a Veranda

Ōtsu-e of Thirteen Buddhist Deities

Dish with Phoenix and Flowering Branch Design

Kosode Fragment

Ōtsu-e of a Youth Holding Irises (Yarō)

Priest's Robe

At the Shrine Gate

Piece from a Robe (Kosode) with Pattern of Maple Leaves

Immortal Poet

Flock of Cranes

Soba Cup with Design of Willows


Wine Bottle with Chinese Character Reading Treasure (Japanese, takara)

Immortal Poet

Scenes from the Tales of Ise (Ise monogatari)

Birds Pursued by an Eagle

Box of Three Trays with Decoration of Ferns


Mount Yoshino

Bugaku Scroll

Mountains and Rivers in Autumn

Dish with Abstract Design

Immortal Poet


Beauties and Young Gallants

Cherry, Plum and Willow Trees

Wine bottle

Book of Painted Kosode Designs, Volume 1

The Illustrated Life of Shinran (Shinran shōnin eden)

Immortal Poet

Dish in the Shape of a Shell with Floral Decoration

Portrait of Kyūzan Sōei (1605–1656)

Covered Box for Volumes

View of West Lake


Eight Views of Xiao and Xiang Rivers

Seven Gods of Good Fortune and Chinese Children

Sword Case with Design of Clematis Vine and Checks

Drum (Kotsuzumi) with Design of Hydrangea and Lacquered Storage Box

Spring Trees and Grasses by a Stream

Water Jar with Cover

Soba cup

Case (Inrō) with Design of Shells on Background of Seaweeds, Rocks and Waves