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Opening page of calendar, written in French, and miniature of seasonal activity.

Opening of text and miniature of zodiac, seasonal activities.

Opening of text and miniature of zodiac, seasonal activities.


Circe / AA [monogram of Andrea Andreani].


Fee Simple, a councellor and Beau Bungey, a cringing courtier

Sir Fopling Fine-Step, an Italian dancing master and Goodman Long Breeches, a boorish bridgegroom

Monsieur Perrukesmore, a French cavalier and Penitent Pig-Back, a Catalonian pilgrim

The queen's arms, a night's amusement / Maucourt invt. et fecit.

An election entertainment at Brentford

Le petit déjeuner

Ukie yukimi shuen no zu

The Englishman in Paris

The catch singers

The miser's feast

Pal sangué Mr. l'Prieur v'la l'coup


The paddy's at dinner with Puddinghead [the Regent]

Miyamoto misesaki

A Birmingham toast, as given on the 14th of July by the--revolution society

The Jovial company / A. Brouner, pinxt. ; J. Williams, sculpt., pupil to W.W. Ryland.

The gradual abolition off the slave trade or leaving of sugar by degrees

French happiness - English misery / IC.

Hero's recruiting at Kelsey's; - or- Guard-Day at St. James's / Js. Gy. ad vivam fect.

La chose impossible, ou la commission des finances telle quil la faudroit pour les bien restaurer / Bunbury del. ; L.C. Ruotte sculp.

Chaya de yasumu otoko

Estan calientes.

General Swallow-all-o feasting on a French fricassee!!

The tiger lilies

[Seven men around table, eating and drinking, with one of them playing a lute] / peint par Manfredi ; dessiné par Desenne ; gravé par Alb. Reindel.

The Farmers toast

Sake zuki

Buonaparté pie / Woodward delin.

Arrestation de Louis Capet à Varennes, le 22 Juin 1791 Prieur inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp


Charming-well again




The Plumb-pudding in danger, or, State epicures taking un petit souper ... / Js. Gillray, inv. & fecit.

Mr. and Mrs. Bull reflecting on the taxes

The soldiers definition of madness / Cawse fecit.

John Bull's three stages or, from good to bad & from bad to worse / G. Cruikshank fect.

[Domestic cat and kitten drinking milk from a saucer] / CF.

Kiku no tsuitate no mae no shuen

[Domestic cat and kitten drinking milk from a saucer]

[Domestic cat eating while two kittens play]

[Domestic cat eating while two kittens play] / CF-.

Mr. Burchell's first visit

Mariko, Meibtsu chamise

Kusatsu, Meibutsu tateba

Family amalgamation among the men-stealers

Nègresses marchandes d'angou; Fours à chaux.

Yushima shōkintei

Le souper. Ou les mauvaises maniéres des gens bien élevś


The coffee-shop of Cairo


Buveur ; Escalier devant une maison.

Kameido umeyashiki no zu

[Le repas de paysans.]

[Le repas de paysans.]

[Le repas de paysans.]

[Le repas de paysans.]

Porte d'auberge.

Porte d'auberge.

A sketching party taking their repast, drawn on the spot byJ.R. Smith 1817, and attempted to colour in 1846, 29 years after'd

Scènes de buveurs, d'après Ostade.

Sunday morning ; Log cabin / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, San Francisco, Cal.

Large group, three figures wearing masks, two figures in center drinking from small cups.

Refreshments by the way

Un déjeuner dans la clairière (reproduction)

Ebisu no namazuya

A Christmas dinner on the heights before Sebastopol / W. Simpson delt. ; J.A. Vinter lith.

Dinner at the Regents, Lew Chew / T. Sinclair's Lith., Phila.

Dinner given to the Japanese commissioners on board U.S.S.F. Powhatan / from nature by W. Heine ; Js. Queen del. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Philada.

To Miss Mary E. Taylor. The Supper Bell Polka. Companion to the dinner & breadfast bell / J.H. Bufford's Lith.

Dōkanyama mushi kiki

[Men and women sitting around a table in a tearoom, eating and drinking tea]

[Interior view showing two men being served tea by a young boy in a commercial establishment, possibly druing a business transaction]

[A series of small scenes that illustrate various ways of getting money]

Gare aux vapeurs! (another impression)

Le mobilier du bateau (another impression)

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with fork, knife, plate, and cup sitting on the floor and preparing to eat a slice of the apple on his lap]

Le déjeuné du départ à Asnière (another impression)

New Years calls

[Three unidentified soldiers playing cards, smoking, and drinking in front of American flag]

[Two unidentified soldiers in Union cavalry uniforms with sword share a drink in front of painted backdrop showing camp]

Les poissons (another impression)

La recherche d'un auberge (another impression)

Taking a smile

Titre-frontispice de l'album (3rd state)

Seisha - Orandajin, Nankin

Le éjeuner dans le bateau (another impression)

Le retour (another impression)

War views -- Army of the Potomac -- the way they cook dinner in camp

Tirage à la corde (another impression)

La nuit en bateau (another impression)

Les enfants à la voiture (another impression)