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Kicking a man when he's down!

The Boulevard

The Big Bonanza

Malone, at the back of the bar!

Don't marry your mother-in-law!

One hundred years!

Patrick mind the baby

I'm all broke up to day!

I never refuse

The Gallant brigade!

They borrow, but never return!

I hold the winning hand

Murphy's little back room

The Irish regiment

He was such a nice young man!

Crooked whiskey

Juliana Jones


Political situations

When Brown comes rolling home!

May the best man win!

Mollie Brady

We can't agree!

He isn't as rich as he used to be

Centennial on the brain

Casey's whiskey polka

Sunday night when the parlor's full

Duffy to the front

Toss the Turk

Pat Maloney's family

The Five cent shave

The Brooklyn fire!

I'm just the man you're looking for

George Constantine McKeown

I'm out for a lark

Since James put on high collars

Would you if you were me

Terrance Muldoon

Band master's repertoire

The Girl on the wire

That dear little church 'round the corner

The Fraternal polka

I am waiting Allie darling


March St. Stephen

Drifting with the tide

Coming home from the ball

Whiskey you're the divil

The Hohenlinden march

Johns waltz

Luly waltz

" School festival" march

The Bachelor's dream

He's such a lovely waltzer!

A Glass of cold water for me!

My dear old Irish home

From Madison to Union Square

Mignon waltz

Rather too "heavy" for me!

Girofl-̈girofla lanciers

Chilperic galop

The Runaway mare!

The Monks galop

Cagliostro waltz

God bless our home!

A Terrible example!

When the little birds are singing in the garden

The Belle of Rockaway

Lift up a man when he's down

Whisper softly, tell me, darling!

The Belle of the avenue!

Albion galop

Invitation march

My love! my dove!

Fat Mickey!

Brother Jonathan polka

Golden light of hearth and home

Rosa Muldoon; or, The queen of the shannon

On time, waltz

Awfully fly

My son Charley

Roger O'Malley

To-night we say farewell!

New York life, waltz

Miss Maloney's ball

Farewell, my darling!

Do not turn me from your heart

The Candidate for alderman

Caterina waltz

Introduction to third act from "Lohengrin"

Happy moment

Margaret mazurka

There's silver in your hair, Jessie

La Boulangr̈e!

Call me your darling again!

Here I am!

Softly smiles love's golden summer

When our ships wander home

Gather roses while they bloom

You promised to write me a letter