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A Soldier on Duty

[Engraved frontispiece with two illustrations: 1. A woman kneeling and praying; 2. A woman preparing food; and title page of The Whole Duty of a Woman, or a guide to the female sex. 1735]

The Industrious 'Prentice Performing the Duty of a Christian: IIndustry and Idleness, plate 2

The Industrious 'Prentice performing the Duty of a Christian [plate 2]

The Industrious 'Prentice performing the Duty of a Christian [plate 2]

The Industrious 'Prentice performing the Duty of a Christian [plate 2]

The Industrious 'Prentice Performing the Duty of a Christian (Industry and Idleness, plate 2)

The Industrious 'Prentice Performing the Duty of a Christian: Industry and Idleness, plate 2

To the Delaware pilots. We took the pleasure some days since, of kindly admonishing you to do your duty; if perchance you should meet with the (ea). Ship Polly, Captain Ayres; a three decker which is hourly expected .... to Capt. Ayres of the sh

To the worthy inhabitants of the City of New York. Every good citizen will be inclined from duty as well as interest, to love his country, and to be zealous in advancing its welfare [Arguing in favor of the purchase of tea shipped by the British

The following is a copy of a letter, said to be wrote by Gen. Brattle, to the commander in chief, viz. Cambridge, August 29, 1774. Mr. Brattle presents his duty to his Excellency Gov. Gage, he apprehends it his duty to acquaint his Excellency fr

To the freemen, freeholders, and other inhabitants of the City and County of New-York, Gentlemen. In times of public danger, I conceive it to be the indispensable duty of every member of the community to communicate his sentiments to his fellow

In Provincial congress. New York, June 7, 1775. Resolved, that whensoever doubts shall arise, which respect to the recommendations, or resolutions of the Continental Congress ... It is the duty of such persons, to apply to this board for an expl

Baltimore, April 18. The following resolves, with his Excellency the Governor's proclamation, reflect so much honour on this infant state, and so clearly manifest the justice and dignity of its rulers, that I think it my duty to present them to

In Council, March 26, 1781. Sir. I inclose you by express, three acts of the last session of Assembly for ascertaining the number of militia in the state; exempting artificers employed at iron works from militia duty, and remedying the incovenie

An address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania It is a principal duty of good citizens in every community to lay before their countrymen and fellow-citizens their candid and dispassionate remarks upon such important matters as interest the whole soci

... Whereas Congress did, by a resolution of the twenty-third day of September, one thousand seven hundred eighty-nine. recommend to the several states to pass laws making it expressly the duty of the keepers of their jails to receive and keep t

Staunton, September 3d, 1793. Considering it the duty of the people of this district, to declare their principles and opinions, on subjects which at present agitate the public mind ... and a respectable number having met for that purpose appoint

A friendly address to the inhabitants of the town of Providence. Friends, brethren, and fellow-citizens. Impressed by a sense of duty, and actuated by motives of charity to our fellow men, we the clergy of this town, beg leave to arrest your att

... Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be the duty of the respective clerks of the several district courts in the United States, to return true copies of the t

(Circular.) In Council, 8th of January, 1798. Gentlemen, My official duty calls upon me to request your particular attention to the law relative to the appointment and duties of sheriffs ... Your most obedient servant. [Signed in Mss.] James Woo

Ecclesiastical scrutiny or The Durham inquest on duty

The closet companion: an help to serious persons, in the important duty of self-examination. Intended to be fixed up on the Christian's usual place of retirement, in order to remind him of, as well as to assist him in, the work ... [Signed] G. B

State of New Hampshire. In the House of representatives, Dec. 10, 1799. Whereas the constitution of this state makes it the duty of the selectmen and assessors of the several towns and places in this State, in warning the first annual meeting fo

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Georgia Republican extra, Savannah, 25th April, 1804. Judge Bowen having ordered the Charge given to the Grand Jury on Monday last, to be published in the Georgia Republican, the editor felt himself bound by his duty to refuse the publication an

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Secretary's office. Concord. January 20th, 1807. To the selectmen of the town of --Gentlemen, You are sensible of the duty imposed upon all the towns in this State, by the Act of the Legislature passed December 30th, 1803, entitled an "Act to ca

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To Colonel Enoch Mason. Duty obliges us to watch with a lynx eye, the man whose principles we suspect, though we should aver his upright and patriotic intent ... [Signed] A poor freeholder [181-?].

Let every Federalist do his duty, and Masschusetts will yet be saved!!! Federal republicans! Boston, April 1811.

That sense of duty which impels every man to cry out mad-dog on the approach of a rabid animal urges me to make this effort to guard the public against one of the most cunning scoundrels with whom I have ever come in contact. This man is Charles

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To the voters of the second electoral district of Maryland composed of Calvert, a part of Prince George's & Montgomery counties. Fellow-Citizens. The time will soon arrive when you will feel it to be your bounden duty calmly and deliberately to

U.S. Reports: Dos Hermanos, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 306 (1825)

To the public. It will be recollected, that in a publication which I felt it my duty to make on the 9th of April last, in relation to the punishment of John Wood, I spoke of Doctor James L. Armstrong, the reputed author of "A Tennessean," as "an

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Working men, attention!! it is your imperious duty to drop your hammers and sledges! ... and attend the great meeting ...

Working men, attention!! It is your imperious duty to drop your hammers and sledges! one and all, to your post repair, this afternoon, at five o'clock P.M. and attend the great meeting called by the papers of this morning, to be held at the City

Intelligencer- Extra. Harrisburg, Pa. Tuesday Evening, Dec. 26, 1838. To the people of Pennsylvania. It is our painful duty to inform the people of Pennsylvania that the Senate this afternoon passed a resolution by a vote of seventeen to sixteen

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map from "A Tour of duty in California; including a description of the Gold Region; and an account of the Voyage around Cape Horn; with notices of Lower California, the Gulf and Pacific Coasts and the principal events attending the conquest of the Californias ... Edited by J. N. Balestier"

U. S. Patent office. November 8, 1849. Sir: Endeavoring to trace up the history of American inventions as a duty appertaining to his Bureau and supposing that interesting facts may lie hidden in the archives of the various states ... I respectfu

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James Stuart hung by the vigilance committee on Market St. wharf on the 11th of July 1851 ; Immense multitude present - 500 of the vigilance committee on duty at the execution / / Publ. & lith. by Justh Quirot & Co., Calif. corn. Montg. Sts. S.F.

To the citizens of Washington!!. The undersigned deems it a duty he owes to the public as well as to himself, to state that he has been proscriptively removed by Samuel Strong, the superintendent, from his situation as a stone cutter at the Capi

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Important considerations. Fellow Citizens:- Understanding that there are now current some misapprehensions in relation to the act of annexation, I feel it my duty, having been in the Legislature the last year, to make this explanation, ... G. Wa

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Citizens of Boston! On Monday next you will be called upon to perform a very important duty. ... On Monday we shall be called upon to perform a different duty, and that is, to vote for worthy men, without regard to party, who shall manage the af

To the electors of the city of New-York. The defeat of Fernando Wood at the coming election for mayor is the duty of every one who has an interest in the welfare of New-York ... [New York, Nov. 1859].

Washington Greys 8th Regt. N.Y.S.T. Colonel George Lyons Commandant on special duty at Camp Washington Quarantine, St. I. [i.e., Staten Island] Sept. 11th to 28th 1858 by order of the Commander in Chief, Governor John A. King

Memoranda as to the liability of British subjects to perform military duty ... U. S. Senate. Executive documents No. 38. 36th Congress, 1st session. [1859].

"Union and the constitution." To the legal voters of Boston. On Monday, December 10th you are called upon the discharge the important duty of electing a mayor and other municipal officers for the ensuing year ... The candidate for mayor is Josep

Joseph Dickinson (Maine) Brevetted for gallantry of staff duty at Gettysburg

[Winter picket duty]

Joseph Dickinson (Maine) Brevetted for gallantry of staff duty at Gettysburg

Proclamation! Headquarters, Alexandria, Va., May 26, 1861. Special orders No. L. Capt. Whittelsey, First Michigan infantry, is detailed for duty as Provost Marshal of this city ... Cll. O. B. Willcox. Headquarters, Alexandria, May 26, 1861. Orde

Duty, Joseph - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Duty, J F - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Co. - , 170th New York Infantry on reserve picket duty

Duty, Coonrod - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

Exempts! Dr. Cutter, of Woburn, will be at Lyceum Hall, Reading, on Tuesday, the 11th instant, from 8 1-2 A. M. till 12 o'clock, M., to examine all who claim exemption from military duty! on account of physical disability ... Selectmen of Readin