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District white house america, architecture buildings.

Capitol washington dc, architecture buildings.

Statue of liberty landmark liberty, places monuments.

Capitol sacramento architecture, architecture buildings.

Capitol building baton rouge, architecture buildings.

Man statue thinking, people.

White house washington dc senate, places monuments.

Us capitol building washington dc government, places monuments.

Washington dc monument, architecture buildings.

Us capitol building washington dc government, places monuments.

Capitol baton rouge government, architecture buildings.

A Charm for a Democracy, Reviewed, Analysed, & Destroyed Jan 1 1799 to the Confusion of its Affiliated Friends

A charm for democracy, reviewed, analyzed, and destroyed January 1, 1799

Nashville, July 6, 1844. Dear Sir:--- The Democracy of Tennessee, acting through the Central Committee appointed by their State convention, propose to hold a mass meeting at this place on the 15th of August next ....

The Moon --- Extraordinary. Important correspondence. Great excitement among the democracy. Tremendous rush for the spoils. Awful disclosures. Our reporter "Flying mercury" has just obtained the annexed correspondence &c. for publication in the

Mike Walsh. The people's champion and leader of the yound or progressive democracy, nominated by the Democratic Party in Tammany Hall and elected to the New York legislature in Nov. 1846 / J. Penniman, 1847 ; lith. of G. Snyder 122 Fulton St. N.Y.

Harmony in the wigwam! Democracy of the right brand-y

Democratic ticket. Democracy!! Bryant. Pearson. For collector, John Y. Bryant for register, P. M. Pearson. To the Democratic voters of Washington City ... Signed by the Committee. [Washington, D. C.] June 3rd, 1853.

Public library, one of democracy's great institutions, Boston, Mass.

Public library, one of democracy's great institutions, Boston, Mass.

The democrats of Portland, will dedicate the New City Hall, to true democracy this Friday evening ... September 9, 1859. From Tucker's Caloric Printing Establishment.

Spot him! "Rev." Henry Clay Dean, of Iowa, who was present at the Chicago Convention in 1864, at which McClellan was nominated at the Copperhead candidate for President, is now addressing the Pierce-Davis-Sinclair & Co. democracy in this state .

Read this! Let the following extract from a patriotic letter by Gen. Hovey and his Indiana Colonels stationed at Helena, Ark., to the democracy of Indiana, sink deep into the heart of every lover of his country. "In this dark hour of our country

Dan'l O'Connell on democracy! The Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati, publishes an eloquent and earnest appeal.

Dan'l O'Connell ---on--- democracy! ... Irishmen and workingmen! Give your votes in behalf of freedom and not in behalf of slavery'. A Democratic workingman. New York, Oct. 13th, 1863.

Democracy 1832. 1864.

Democracy. 1832. 1864.

Heads of the democracy

Grand demonstration of the democracy in New York City, October 5, 1868

To the united democracy. Seymour, Blair and victory!

The Ku-Klux organization ... Ku-Kluxism and democracy. The Ku-Klux reign of terror. [n. p. 1872].

The new fountain of democracy: swill milk for hungry suckers

Our first duty is to keep down the democracy. Peterboro, September 8, 1874.

Poetic justice

[Randall holding coat tails of Morrison who is trying to cut "tariff" tree from route of "Democracy" wagon]

Democracy's wild steer

The Congressional Districts of South Carolina as "Gerrymandered" by the Democracy in 1882.

Democracy's opportunity / J. Keppler.

The irrepressible log / Gillam.

Incorrigible / Gillam.

Rip Van Winkle's return / Gillam.

The transfusion of blood - may the operation prove a success! / J. Keppler.

Democracy's disastrous egg-dance / J. Keppler.

Democracy's game of blind man's buff [i.e bluff]

A X-mas dream

Childlike and -- Bland

Coroner Harrison is a little too previous / Dalrymple.

map from "The Book of Erin, or, Ireland's story told to the new democracy. [With a map.]"

Don't!! / Dalrymple.

Don't jump! / F.M. Hutchins.

The sea-serpent comes ashore

A pitiful spectacle

Democracy's leap-year party

The busy "B's", what buzz beneath the bonnet of Dame Democracy

True democracy is safe! / C.J. Taylor.

Rainsford is right - the rich must be regulated / C.J.T.



Democracy's plight / J.S. Pughe.



Good Eggs to Roll

"Cleveland is a millstone around the Democracy's neck."- W.J. Bryan

But you can't make him drink / Keppler.

Democracy to Date

Miss Democracy: "Take that away waiter. Warm it over and feed it to the Pops."





I will not long remain without democracy!

Miss Democracy: "He'll run better without it."

The only man in sight / L.M. Glackens.

Herbert F. Bigelow to speak on "Is Democracy a Failure"

Newcomb's democracy. Certain false and misleading statements concerning the political record of Harry T. Newcomb, candidate at the Democratic primaries for the office of State Senator, having been industriously circulated by those who seek to di

"Turned out of meh own home!"

The siren song of partisanship / Keppler.

The white slave / Keppler.

Willing Workers in Miss Democracy's Front Yard


He is keeping the world safe for democracy Enlist and help him / / C. Carleton.

In her path / C. D. Gibson.

Artists - Artist N.R. Brewer painting the portrait of James Bethel Gresham, first American soldier to be killed in the war for democracy and Freedom

First to fight - "Democracy's vanguard" U.S. Marine Corps - Join now and test your courage - Real fighting with real fighters / / Sidney H. Riesenberg 1917.

Artists - Well known painting for Fourth Liberty Loan. James Montgomery Flagg painting "Bleeding Belgium" at the New York Public Library to stimulate sales in the Fourth Liberty Loan Campaign. Belgium, wounded and bleeding, but ever leading onward in the struggle for Democracy is the subject of the painting

Mrs. Susanna Morin Swing [holding banner, "Democracy Should Begin at Home."]

The biggest gun in the war for democracy

To the Envoys of Russia. President Wilson and Envoy Root are deceiving Russia. They say we are a democracy. Help us win a world war so that democracies may survive. We, the Women of America tell you that America is not a democracy [...]

U.S. Marines - first to fight for democracy / L.A. Shafer.

A shot at American industry is a shot at American democracy / Morris.

U.S. Marines - first to fight for democracy / L.A. Shafer 1917.

[The growth of democracy]

Make the world safe for democracy Every Liberty Bond you buy helps win the war : Buy more Liberty Bonds.

The last ditch / C. D. Gibson.

Artists - American Artworks (Wartime Cartoons) - Art inspired by the War. The Advancing Democracy, a work by Chas. H. Wirhans, on exhibition at the American Art Galleries in N.Y


The Dawn of Democracy

The last blow / C. D. Gibson.

[Picketers at White House with signs: "Democracy and Political Prisoners Don't Mix," "Shall Justice Die?" "We are Innocent Victims," etc. Washington, D.C.]

Democracy At It's Best