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View along Adelaide Street with the buildings decorated for the Royal Visit, 1954

Harpokrates in an Egyptianizing Crown and holding the club of Herakles

Head of Vishnu Wearing Three-Lobed Crown

Two Elements from a Crown with Inlaid Stones


Section of a Ritual Crown with Ratnasambhava, the Transcendent Buddha of the South

The dying Bahrâm places a crown on the head of his successor Shâpûr.

Isfandiyâr, who has cut off Arjâsp's head, holds the dead man's crown.

Plumes from Silvered Crown

Silvered Crown


Vajracarya's Ritual Crown

Panel from a Buddhist Ritual Crown Depicting Vairochana

Moses is found by the daughter of Pharaoh; Moses throws Pharaoh's crown to the ground

[Dedication page] [In Russian "To his Imperial Highness the felicitous sovereign and crown prince, the great prince Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. He gives with the deepest veneration, Grigoriy Sharopenko."]

Angel Carrying a Crown

King Louis IX Carrying the Crown of Thorns

Archbishop Gauthier Cornut of Sens Displaying the Crown of Thorns

Feathered Crown

Ritual Crown with the Five Tathagata Buddhas

Crown, Part

Indra's Crown

Moses and the king of Egypt's crown from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 23v

Moses and the king of Egypt's crown from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 23v

Moses holding a crown and a burning stick (coal)

Crown of Thorns from BL Royal 20 B VI, f. 1v

Lawrence; the Crown of Thorns from BL Eg 1070, f. 98

Fourth vision: the woman of the Apocalypse receives her crown from an angel and then flies to the mountains; the dragon spews water from his mouth in attempt to drown her. (Apoc. 12:1-6, 13-16)

Darius is offered the crown of Persia

Miniature showing 1. Faustina lying naked and smiling in bed, as an attendent rubs her down with blood; 2. Faustina, wearing crown, stands before Aurelius, a priest, and others; 3. Aurelius observing the construction of temple. Initial, border design.

Apamene, King Darius' concubine, takes the crown off the king's head, puts it on her own, and slaps Darius' face with her other hand

Miniature of Gaia Cyrilla in a chamber, wearing a crown, seated before a fireplace, spinning wool on a wheel. A helper cards the wool. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. portrait of Mariamne and Aristobolus shown by kneeling man to royal couple; 2. Mariamne, naked except for a crown, engulfed by flames at the stake as townspeople look on. Initial, border design.

Moses trampling the crown of Pharao and eating burning coals

Three angels holding an instrument of the Passion: crown of thorns

St. Elisabeth of Hungary holding a crown

Public coronation of the pope; the emperor with crown in hand stands apart ff. 242-243

A sitting man with four women; three of the women carry attributes: one holds a sword, one a crown, the third a mirror (2nd of 2)

Two men reading; a woman, wearing a crown, and standing in the water or perhaps emerging from it, is seen through a window (1st of 2)

The Sacred Heart and Instruments of the Passion: cross and crown of thorns, lance and sponge held by an angel; the five Holy Wounds

The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, three archers below, an angel arrives bearing the crown of martyrdom,

Instruments of the Passion: cross, three nails and crown of thorns

The Christ-child - crowned as a 'young king' - holding instruments of the Passion: cross and crown of thorns

The Trinity: God the Father holding the body of Christ (Not Gottes), with four angels, two of them holding Instruments of the Passion: crown of thorns, three nails and cross

4 BCE: Archelaus, seeking confirmation of his succession, falls to his knees at the feet of the emperor Augustus. Augustus makes no immediate decision about the succession, as Archelaus's brother, Antipas, also lays claim to the crown.

69 CE: Vespasian's soldiers urge him to seize the crown from the emperor Vitellius. Use of this illustration of a mother and child may be intended as a metaphor for the soldiers' devotion and support.

Panel with the Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns with the Lamentation or Pietà

In Amisus Pompey finds gifts from Pharnaces, Mithridates'son, and many dead bodies of the royal family, including the decomposing corpse of Mithridates which Pompey turns away from in disgust; Publius selling Mithridates' sword-belt to Ariarathes (centre); Caius, the foster brother of Mithridates giving the crown to Faustus, the son of Sulla

Head of Christ, with a crown of thorns

Virgin on the Crescent with a Starry Crown

Virgin on a Crescent with a Starry Crown

Virgin on the Crescent with Scepter and Starry Crown

Virgin on the Crescent with Scepter and Starry Crown

Virgin on the Crescent with Scepter and Starry Crown

Female figure (Saint Catherine?) kneeling on the ground at center pleading to a male figure (Maximus?) who wears a crown and is seated on a throne at right; at left a figure with raised sword about to strike the woman; a group of figures looking on in the background

Man of Sorrows: the upright Christ showing his wounds, bearing the crown of thorns

"Bahram Recovers the Crown of Rivniz", Folio 245r from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of of Abu'l Qasim Firdausi, commissioned by Shah Tahmasp

A frieze arrangement with a putto weating a laurel crown riding a goat at left and many infants playing musical instruments in front

The coronation of the Virgin, Christ holding the crown over her head, God the Father blessing above

Entombment of Christ, whose chest is grasped by Joseph of Arimathea, with two kneeling and two standing female mourners at left and crown of thorns at bottom right

Coin (Crown) Showing Edward VI

Half crown of Edward VI (r. 1547–53)

A bearded man, wearing a crown, seated at table facing several others with long horns, harp(?), and an elephant

Frieze with Grotesques and a Mask Wearing a Whimple and Crown at Center

Head of Augustus (Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus 63 B.C.–14 A.D.) wearing the celestial crown

Vajracarya priest's crown

The infant Christ asleep on a cross, his head resting on a skull, a crown of thorns and nails in the foreground, after Reni

Forehead Ornament for a Crown or a Deity

The infant Christ asleep on a cross, his head resting on a skull, a crown of thorns and nails in the foreground, after Reni


Crown Ornament for a Deity

Crown Ornament for a Deity

Coat of Arms (blank) with Two Putti Holding a Crown

Cartouche with a Crown, the Virgin (?) and the Holy Ghost, and Four Putti

Winged genius holding the Crown of Tuscany in his left hand and a palm in his right

Burial Crown

Study supporting the fainting personification of Sculpture; standing next to them, France as a draped woman holding crown and sceptre

Young Pine Trees on a Stand and a Ceremonial Crown with Long Hangings

Frontispiece from 'Fiesole Destroyed' ('Fiesole Distrutta'), two seated women, one wearing a laurel wreath and the other wearing a hat crowned with laurel, with the Medici arms and the crown of the grand duchy above

[Detail of A map of Virginia of 1612, showing Powhatan in the royal wigwam. He wears a crown of feathers]

Coin (Crown) Showing Charles I

[Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Copernicus discussing matters of astronomy beneath Medici family ducal crown and banner] / Stefan Della Bella, F.

Satyr Mask with a Crown of Ivy, Facing Right, from Divers Masques

Plate 8: Emperor Maximilian II granting a crown to the coat of arms of Amsterdam, from Caspar Barlaeus, "Medicea Hospes"

Frontispiece: a monument decorated with the Medici coat of arms at top in center, flames at top to either side, a hooded figure on right side of monument with a weasel below, a figure to left side wearing a papal crown, a scene of a monk chasing away demons with a cross on base of monument, from 'Frontispiece and four scenes from the life of Saint John Gualbert' (Frontispice et quatre vignettes pour une vie de Saint Jean Gualbert)

Design for a Frieze with Two Putti holding a crown over the letter, 'L' (for Louis XIV?), Plate 3 from: 'Decorative friezes and foliage' (Ornamenti di fregi e fogliami)

Plate 8: a cartouche flanked by dragons, their tails supporting a crown at top, from 'Nouvelles inventions de Cartouches'

Rinceaux with Two Children Holding a Royal Crown Over the Letter "L," Plate 3 from: 'Decorative friezes and foliage' (Ornamenti di fregi e fogliami)

Christ holding a crown and the Virgin receiving St. Anne in Heaven

Head of Christ looking up with crown of thorns, in an oval frame, after Reni

Francesco I d'Este Makes an Effort to Save his Crown by Allying Himself with the Barberini Prince and an Unidentified Cardinal, from L'Idea di un Principe ed Eroe Cristiano in Francesco I d'Este, di Modena e Reggio Duca VIII [...]

Crown of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, known as the Crown of the Andes

Coin (Crown) Showing John George III, Duke of Saxony

The Queens vice chamberlain; two gentlemen ushers; the Queens lord chamberlain; the queens ivory rod, borne by the Earl of Dorset; the Queens scepter with the cross, borne by the Earl of Rutland; the Queens Crown, borne by the Duke of Beaufort.

The orb, borne by the Duke of Someset; the crown, borne by the Duke of Ormond; the scepter with the dove, borne by the Duke of Albemarle;...gentlemen pensioners.

The second plate of the regalia : St. Edward's crown, The crown of state, the orbe, the queens circle, the crown wherwith the queen was crowned, the rich crown, the king's coronation ring, St. Edward's staff,..., the Queen's scepter.

Cap crown

Design for Pediment with Two Heraldic Crests, Lions and a Crown

Crown for a statue