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Bowl, possibly a copy of Jun ware

The Betrayal of Christ (copy in roundel)

Christ on the Mount of Olives (copy in roundel)

Christ Carrying the Cross (copy)

Free Copy of Giotto's Navicella (recto); Copy of Adam in Masaccio's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and other Figure Studies (verso)

"Siege of Baghdad", Folio from a Dispersed copy of the Zafarnama (Book of Victories)

"Timur before Battle", Folio from a Dispersed Copy of the Zafarnama (Book of Victories) of Sharaf al-din 'Ali Yazdi

[Page form the vellum copy of the Antoine Verard edition of Roman de la Rose (1493) in the Rosenwald Collection, illustrated with 3 hand-colored woodcuts of woman in domestic situations]

The Virgin and Child with the Skull (copy)

St. Paul preaching at Athens (Copy of Raphael's tapestry, reversed)

Battle for the Banner (copy)

The Musicians (copy)

The Visitation, from The Life of the Virgin (copy)

Copy of Bear Hunt

The Betrothal of the Virgin, from The Life of the Virgin (copy)

Sense of Smell (copy)

Pieta (recto); Madonna and two Cherubs in pen and brown ink; copy of a drawing in the Louvre which is attributed to Raphael (verso)

Judgment of Paris (copy)

Child with Three Skulls (reverse copy)

Der Welt Lauf (Sleeping Justice) (copy)

Jael Killing Sisera, without ornamental frame (copy)

Copy of Frederick the Wise of Saxony

St. Gregory (copy)

St. Matthew (copy)

St. John the Baptist (copy)

Hell (copy)

St. Anne (copy)

St. Catherine (copy)

St. Mark (copy)

St. Agnes (copy)

St. Erasmus (copy)

St. Francis (copy)

St. Erasmus (copy)

St. Elizabeth (copy ?)

Ten Helpers in Need (copy)

The Miracle of St. Bernard (copy)

Virgin and Child Seated by a Tree (copy)

St. Mary Magdalene on the Clouds (copy)

Copy of a Panel with Two Dolphins Facing a Vessel at Center

Copy of Luther as an Augustinian Friar, Half Length

Copy of a Horizontal Panel with Tendrils Growing Outwards from a Vessel at Center

The Entombment (copy)

Reverse Copy of the Top of Dagger Sheath with David Holding the Head of Goliath

Copy of Bernt Knipperdolling

Reverse Copy of Thetis and Chiron

Copy of July and August from The Peasants' Feast or the Twelve Months

Reverse Copy of Dancing Couple, from The Small Wedding Dancers

Copy of The Adoration of the Shepherds

Copy of The Rich Man Transported to Hell, from The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Copy of The Good Samaritan Paying the Innkeeper for the Care of the Wounded Man

Copy of The Good Samaritan Putting the Traveller on His Donkey, from The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Saint Matthew seated and reading from a book held by a putto, set within a fanciful architectural backdrop, from a series of woodcuts of the Four Evangelists, copy after Rue Montorgueil woodcut

Christ on the Mount of Olives, from The Passion (copy)

Reverse Copy of The Judgment of Solomon

Birth of the Virgin (copy)

Copy in Reverse Design Orientation: Based on the Group of Reclining Figures at Left in Domenico Beccafumi's Scene of Moses Striking the Rock in the Pavement of Siena Cathedral

Head of a Child, copy of engraving by Luca Ciambulano

Reverse Copy of Design for a Pendant, from Ars His Myronis Nobilis Effingitus Pagellulis

Village Scene with Woman Standing Beside a Seated Man (copy)

Reverse Copy of Design for a Pendant, from Ars His Myronis Nobilis Effingitus Pagellulis

Rembrandt in a Cap, Open Mouthed and Staring: Bust in Outline (copy)

Five boys, two satyrs, and a goat (copy)

Four small boys and a goat (copy)

Joseph in Prison (copy)

Reverse Copy of Design for a Pendant, from Ars His Myronis Nobilis Effingitus Pagellulis

Christ in Gethsemane (copy)

Four boys, a young satyr and a goat (copy)

Fides (copy)

Copy of a Repose in Egypt painted by Giovanni da San Giovanni (Giovanni Mannozzi) 1592-1636, for a chapel in the Garden of Crocetta, now in the Accademia in Florence

Arundel House from the North, copy

Spes (copy)

Interior of a Barn with Mother and Two Children, Right in Front a Pig (copy)

Engraver's Copy After The Toilet of Venus

Reverse Copy of Design for a Pendant, from Ars His Myronis Nobilis Effingitus Pagellulis

Four boys, a young satyr, and a goat (copy in reverse)

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife (copy)

Landscape showing Coblentz and Harmenstein, copy

Peter Denying Christ, engraver's copy after a painting by Lorenzo Pasinelli

Romanorium Viri et Feminae Habitus, from Fashions of Different Nations (copy)

Beauty Writing a Letter (copy of a section of the Hikone Screen)

Bust of a Man (reverse copy)

Copy after Giambologna's Neptune Fountain in Piazza San Petronio, Bologna

Vision of Constantine, copy after a drawing by Giacinto Gimignani

Reverse Copy of Design for a Pendant, from Ars His Myronis Nobilis Effingitus Pagellulis

The Virgin being crowned by two angels, copy after Cantarini

Potiphar's Wife Accuses Joseph (copy)

London from Arundel House, copy

Melencolia I (copy)

Melencolia I (copy)

Fountain of Hercules in Augsburg (Copy)

Smoker (copy)

Man Sitting by a Window (copy)

The Family (reverse copy)

The Kunibert Tower near Cologne (copy)

View of Lambeth from Whitehall Stairs, copy

The Rhine near Bonn, copy

A dead stag, anonymous copy

Copy after a Sculpture of the Sleeping Eros Based on an Antique Model (from Cassiano dal Pozzo's 'Paper Museum')

Madonna and Child seated on clouds and surrounded by angels, copy in reverse after Cantarini

Saint Sebastian pierced with arrows and tied to a tree, copy after Cantarini