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Mountaineers and farmers trading mules and horses on "Jockey St.," near the Court House, Campton, Wolfe County, Ky.


Januarius Petrus Stephani inventor

[Crowd in square in Haarlem, Netherlands] / P. Zaenredam invent. ; J.V. Velde, sculp.

La lanterne magique

[The barker at the fair]

Ale Porte del Dolo / A. Canal. f.

[Imaginary view of S. Giacomo di Rialto]

Le Preston. V / A. Canal. f.

Al Dolo / A. Canal. f.

[Capriccio with reminiscences of Padua]

[The market at Dolo] / A. Canal., f.

Veduta dell' arco di Costantino, e dell' anfiteatro Flavio detto il colosseo

Veduta de Campo Vaccino

Veduta del tempio de Bacco

Palazzo dell' Accademia di Francia / G. Vasi.

Kennyuhsan no zu ni

This print representing part of the town and harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, looking down Prince Street ... Representation dúne partie de la Ville & Port de Halifax, dans la Nouvelle Ecosse, prit de bas de la ruë de Prince ... Serres pinxit ; Jas. Mason sculpsit

Ukie on edo fukagawa sanjūsangendō no zu

A view of the market place in the city of the Havana Vue de la place du marché dans la ville de la Havane prise = Vista de la plaza del mercado en la Ciudad de la Havana / / drawn by Elias Durnford Engineer ; engraved by C. Canot and T. Morris.

Satsuki ame

Vuë de la place capitale a Quebeck. Prospect des haupt plazes der untern Stadt zu Quebec Vuë de la place capitale dans la Ville basse a Quebec / / gravé par Francois Xav. Habermann.

Ukie fukagawa eitai suzumi no zu

Nakazu no kei

Ukie wakoku no keiseki shin-yoshiwara nakanochō no zu

Ukie wakoku no keiseki shin-yoshiwara nakanochō no zu

Shinpan ukie shiba shinmeigū no zu

[Interior view of the Temple of Neptune, Paestum, plate 13]

An high wind in St. Paul's Church yard

The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

The encampment in St. James's Park MDCCLXXX

Ukie Kinryūzan ichi no zu

Ukie kinryūzan ichi no zu

Ukie Edo nihonbashi odawarachō sakana ichi no su

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

A return from an invasion, or, Napoleon at a nonplus / JN.


Tableaux de Paris. Les charbonniers Marlet ; lith. de Marlet


Palace at Bucharest

Ponte grande

Nihonbashi yori fuji o miru zu




Ponte piccolo

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a large home and smaller houses, outbuildings, and perhaps a slave cabin]

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

[View of the city of Charleston, S.C., with a mansion, the Nathaniel Rusell House on Meeting Street at center, surrounded by smaller residences and First Scots Presbyterian Church at right]

[Perspective view of Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, with St. Michaels Church at right center]

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

View of a street in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a church at center

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with homes and outbuildings at left and right, and a long row of brick building, perhaps barracks, at center]

St. Michaels Church, Charleston, S.C.

Moto-yanagibashi yuki no kōkei

City street scene with "Brewhouse" in "Spittle Fields"

Panorama of the times

Verlegenheiten. No. 11, Himmel! ich bin auf den ersten Deutschen angagirt - ich auch! Nous voila bien arrangés pour faire la premiere valse Danhauser

Vue de la place des boutiques / Cadolle delt. ; lithe. par Deroy.

London Bridge, from Bankside, as seen in Sept.r 1826.

Fontaine de Grenelle / J. Romney, sc. ; T.T. Bury, delt. ; A. Pugin, dirext.

A fourth day morning view of Friends meeting house on Cherry Street, Philadelphia drawn on stone by W.L. Breton ; Kennedy & Lucas' lith

A monday morning view of Friends meeting house and academy, Philada. forty years ago drawn on stone by W.L. Breton, Philada. 1829 ; Kennedy & Lucas' lithography

Life in Philadelphia. Plate 13 / Clay fecit 1829.

Life in Philadelphia. Plate 11 C

The Colonel electioneering. How to get a vote, or going fixed for the purpose / drawn & engraved by H. Alken.

Like master like man / E.W. Clay del.

Great solar eclipse. To be seen every day at West's observatory, No. 7 Pear St. Philadelphia. NB No postponement on account of weather


Antwerp Saml. Prout ; Wm. Floyd

Garde civ. Chasseur à cheval. Arrêté du 14 Juil. 1831.

Padua Saml. Prout ; E.J. Roberts

Ghent Saml. Prout ; J.H. Kernot

Dresden Saml. Prout ; J.T. Willmore

Rouen Saml. Prout ; W. Wallis

Como Saml. Prout ; Thos. Barber

Prague Saml. Prout ; J. Le Keux

Caen Saml. Prout ; Jas. Carter

Roman column at Igel near Treves drawn by S. Prout ; ornament by F.W. Topham ; engraved by S. Fisher

Treves Saml. Prout ; E.J. Roberts

Nuremberg Saml. Prout ; E.J. Roberts

Takanawa ōkido no zu

Nihonbashi no hakuu

Chateau des Tuileries, côté du carrousel Palace of the Tuileries, side of the carrousel / / dessiné d'apre nature et lith: par Ph. Benoist ; figures par A. Bayot ; lith. de Gihaut frères Editeurs, Boulevart des Italiens, 5.


Nihonbashi [2nd edition]

Kanbara [2nd edition]

Le chirurgien nègre ; Boutique d'un marchand de viande de porc / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succ. de Engelmann.

Siberian village

Rue Droite à Rio Janeiro.

Ōji ōgiya


View of Worcester, Mass. taken from Union Hill / P. Anderson del. ; on stone by R. Cooke ; T. Moore's Lithography, Boston.

Gotenyama hanazakari

Broadway, New-York. Showing each building from the Hygeian Depot corner of Canal Street to beyond Niblo's Garden.


Shin-yoshiwara nakanochō haru no kei

Shinobazu no ike benten no hokora

Gotenyama hanazakari no zu