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Merry Christmas

Are you not a coquette, Lulu darling?

Hildebrand Montrose

Something is wanting

Hush, don't make a noise, or else you'll wake the baby

Waiting, only waiting

The pearly drops from Ode to Washington

Mild as the moonbeams which on fountains tremble from Kais, or love in the desert and Arlaxerxes

The sun is up

The corsair boat glee

The fireman's song, march

A song for America

The star of freedom, an ode for July fourth

The old granite state

The soldier's funeral

Come, come away

Wife, children, and friends

The mechanic's song

The sea bird's song

Happy are we darkies so gay, parody on air from the opera La Bayidere

Carry me back to old Virginia

Snow drop Ann

Good night dear friends

Jim Crow polka

Rosa dear

O come to de husking

Now I lub Sukey dearly

Kate Loraine

De lubly nigger boy

De lubly Sukey dough nut

Joe ob Tennessee

All freemen are united

In bliss we shall meet thee

The female slaves lament

I hab leff Alabama

Oh Phoebe, an Ethiopian ballad

Nelly was a lady

Good bye Sally dear


Commence ye darkies all

Dolcy Jones

Dine and Joe

Duz you know dat from de brack opera ob de Rivals, or, De colored coquette

Old Dobbin

The blind boy's been at play, mother

Susy dear, new Ethiopian ballad

Virginia rosebud

I'd offer thee this hand of mine

We left New England's sunny hills

Welcome sweet bird of song, or, Jenny Lind's first night in America

Sweet Alice, or, Ben Bolt

The Swiss-boy's farewell

Clopatra Hyde

Philadelphia yaller gals

Poor Linda

Christy's Jane Monroe

The Wooneac serenade

Christy's Katy Dean, a celebrated Ethiopian melody

Way down in Ca-i-ro

Song for the Union

We're all at home, or, When the evening shadows

Farewell ode

Good bye Linda Love, the admired negro melody

Welcome to Jenny Lind

She sleeps in the grave

Lubly cullard dine

Welcome to Jenny Lind

Wait for the wagon

Oh! Boys, carry me 'long

Oh! Emma was a darling

Poor Mary Cook

Nancy Shore, or, She's the gal to dance with me

Color'd orphan boy

De young folks will be out

Julia, in a lone quiet spot

Strew flowers! Strew flowers!

My mountain Kate

Nelly wants to marry, an Ethiopian ballad

Nelly Bell, an exquisite Ethiopian ballad

Julia Dean

The star of love

Ella Ree, a new Ethiopian melody

Thou art gone from my gaze

Tilda Horn

Do good!

We are coming sister Mary

Sweet Lucy May

Yes! 'Tis true that thy Katy now is sleeping, companion to Katy Darling

Oh take me back to Tenessee

Ella dear

Joanna Snow, comic ballad and chorus

Julius from Kentucky

Katy's cry

Good bye

Grave of Lilly Dale

Brandy and water, ballad

Oh! Watch you well by daylight

Uncle Tom's gone to rest

Farewell old home

Kitty Crow, ballad