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The Tiburtine sibyl and the Emperor Augustus

St. Philip (or Andrew?)

St. Philip

The marriage of St. Catherine

The Lonely Man

The Virgin, St. Sebastian and a holy bishop



'The Sacrifice' or 'Mucius Scaevola', after Parmigianino


The flight into Egypt / PHL.

Nymphs Bathing


Raphael and his beloved

"Faith" (after Parmigianino)

[A philosopher]


Diogenes with the featherless cock


An apostle (Paul?)


Saint Christopher

Hercules chasing Avarice from the Temple of the Muses

Raphael and His Mistress

The Witches' Sabbath

David and Goliath

The Witches' Sabbath

Lovers Surprised by Death

Virgin and Child

Hercules and Antaeus

The Fall of Mankind

St. Jerome in the Desert

The Surprise

The death of Ananias / Raphael Urbinas, perugo da carpo.

Venus and cupids / perugo da carpo.

St. Peter preaching the gospel

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

The resurrection

Death of Ananias

Death of Ananias

St. Andrew standing in profile view and grasping a monumental cross, chiaroscuro woodcut in green and brown, from a series of twelve apostles after Parmigianino

Young St. John the Baptist, seated on a rock with hairskin draped over midsection and left shoulder, pointing upward with his outstretched right arm toward a wooden cross, a lamb lying below him, chiaroscuro woodcut with two blocks

The Virgin in an oval


The virgin, child and St. John

The sacrifice of Abraham

Diogenes, seated before his barrel, reading from a book, a plucked hen standing behind him at right

The rest on the flight into Egypt

Narcissus (Man Seated Seen from the Back)

Young St. John the Baptist in the Desert with a Lamb


The sacrifice

Narcissus (Man Seated Seen from the Back)

Four Doctors of the Church


St. John


The philosopher

The philosopher Diogenes and the allegory of astronomy

[Man seated, seen from behind]

Diana hunting the stag

Leaping Horseman

Christ healing the paralytic man


Hercules Strangling the Nemean Lion

The adoration of the Magi / F.[...].

The Tirburtine Sibyl telling the Emperor Augustus of the coming in Christ, after Parmigianino

The holy family with St. Margaret and a bishop



Massacre of the Innocents

Holy Family

Holy Family

Apostle (Saint Philip or Andrew?)

Vivae Omnium Ferre Imperatorum Imagines...

Rape of a Sabine Woman

Mutius Scaevola

The entombment

The Rape of the Sabines

Virtue / Iacobus Ligozzus Verones inuenit ac pinxit, Andreas Andreanas

The entombment / Raff. da Reggio invent. Andrea Andreano Mant. intagliator.

The Virgin, Child, and saints / Iacopo Ligozia Veronese pittore del Sereniss [...]; Andrea Andriano Mant. intagliatore 1585.

Eve after the Fall / Mecarino inventore, Anda. intagliat[o]re Mant[ua]no.

Hercules and Cacus

Tethys reclining in a giant shell chariot pulled by two sea creatures

Stage design for L'Ortensio, 1589


The Blessed Virgin

The Virgin, Child, and a bishop / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Mantuano intagliatore in Siena 1591.

Christ carrying the cross / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Andreani intagliatore in Siena 1592.



Landscape with Seated Couple

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 9]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 5]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 6]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 1]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 7]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 3]

[Triumph(us) Caesaris (The triumph of Julius Caesar), plate 8]