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The Martyrdom of Saint Clement I, Pope

The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist, Pope Saint Dionysius, Filippo Neri and a Male Saint

Standing Buddha

The Flagellation

A Gazelle in Profile, Moving Toward the Right

A Seated Saint Reading from a Book

A Man Seated on a Throne

Group of Warriors Standing

A Warrior on Horseback

Study of the Head of a Youth Gazing Upward

Vulcan Building a Fence Around the Mount of Venus

Head of a Young Woman

Free Copy of Giotto's Navicella (recto); Copy of Adam in Masaccio's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and other Figure Studies (verso)

Saint Philip Seated, Holding a Book and a Cross

A Young Man in Armor, Facing Front

Three Standing Figures (recto); Seated Woman and a Male Hermit in Half-length (verso)

Standing Youth Leaning on a Long Staff (recto); Seated Man (verso)

Standing Youth Holding a Club (recto); Temptation of Adam and Eve (verso)

Men Shoveling Chairs (Scupstoel)

Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Right (Recto); Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Left (Verso)

A Warrior Subduing Another (recto); Warrior Seen in Bust-Length with Fantastic Helmet (verso)

Portrait of an Ecclesiastic

The Resurrection

Saint Francis Before the Bishop

Saint John the Evangelist

Measured Drawing of a Horse Facing Left (recto).

Bust of a Man in a Hat Gazing Upward

Standing Male Figure

Sketches of Figures of the Virgin Kneeling, Saint Peter Standing, Seated Allegorical Figures of Faith and Charity, and Child Standing on a Corbel (?) (recto); Sketches of Figures of Saint Sebastian Standing and the Virgin and Child with Angels (verso)

Head of a Man in Profile Facing to the Left

Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen

Standing Figure of Saint Stephen and the Head of Another Figure Within the Framing Outlines of a Rectangle, Crude Sketch of the Head of Another Figure, Undecipherable Sketch of a Polygonal or Circular Object with Small Projections

Studies of ten (?) heads and two ears (recto); Studies of three figures and a head (verso)

Design for Serving Piece

Tomb of Cecchino Bracci, S. Maria in Araceoli, Rome

Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

The Cumaean Sibyl before Tarquin the Proud

Diana with Attributes of the Hunt

Two Designs for Carved Panels

Landscape with Two Seated Figures

Historical Scene (Composition Study for Chapelle de Guise)

The Agony in the Garden

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

Plan and Elevation for a Fountain

A Vase

Building Complex

Grotesque Decoration and Ceiling Designs (Recto); Geometric Design (Verso)

An Eagle Preaching to the Animals

Portrait of La Val de Pramence

Virgin and Child Worshipped by Three Bishops

Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Right and Left Halves of Three Candelabras

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

Portrait of Henry VII

Symbolic Figure (a Sibyl?)

Studies of a Dog

Neptune in his Chariot

Vendor of Horoscopes

The Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist

Portrait of a Man

Studies of Figures

Adoration of the Magi

Saint John the Baptist

Two Male Figures in Half-Length Conversing.

Composition for a Spandrel

Decoration for a Spandrel in a Cove

The Volto Santo of Lucca

Design for a Bucket

Saint John the Baptist Appearing Before Herod

Cassandra preventing Deiphobe from killing Paris

December: And Old Man Seated by a Hearth with a Young Man Blowing on the Fire

The Destruction of the Pharaoh’s Army

Project for Decoration (Stage Setting)

Madonna and Child with Mary Magdalen

Decoration for a Spandrel in a Cove

Massacre of the Innocents

Jesus Disputing with the Doctors in the Temple (Luke 2:46-47)

Saint John the Baptist before Herod and Herodias

Design for a Bronze Vessel

Design for a Triple Tomb

Crucifixion with the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist

Sheperd with his Flock and a Dog

Madonna and Child Enthroned

The Annunciation

Santa Maria in Vallicella, elevation; plan (recto) blank (verso)

Head of a Man

Study of a Standing Male Nude

The Baptism of Christ

A Sheet of Studies of Flowers: A Rose, a Heartsease, a Sweet Pea, a Garden Pea, and a Lax-flowered Orchid

Design for a Man's Tomb

Design for a Saltcellar with Putti

Leaving Troy

Cephalus and Procris

Design for a Coat of Arms Surmounted by a Ring with Allegorical Figures of Justice and Fortitude

Design for Spoon, Fork, Two Knives (Crossed over scissors), Scissors, Ear Spoon and Toothpick

Design for Wall Decoration with Two Female Figures

Project for a Façade Decoration (recto); Architectural Studies (verso)

Allegorical Figure (Faith?)