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Certificate of Employment (Arbeitsbescheinigung) of the Guild of Farriers and Weaponsmiths (Huf- und Waffenschmiede) of Dresden

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Certificate of oath of allegiance

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

E. Williams, April 23, 1783, Blank Certificate of Negro Permissions to Nova Scotia

Membership Certificate of the Society of the Cincinnati

Certificate of Membership in the Society of Cincinnati

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Birth and baptismal certificate

John Lamb, March 28, 1786, Certificate of Official Proceedings on Paul R. Randall

James Martin, January 30, 1787, Certificate of Thomas Silbey's Service as Carpenter Aboard the Marianne

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

State of New Hampshire. In Senate, June 13, 1791. Resolved, that the selectmen of every town and place in this State, from whom any certificate or indent taxes are now due, be directed immediately to call to account their collectors who are deli

American Philosophical Society to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., May 5, 1794, Certificate

[Allegorical scene of interior with columns, Minerva, Fame, and other figures; possibly a design for a certificate]

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Certificate of Bible Society

The United States of America. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas has deposited in the General Land office of the United States, a certificate of the register of the land office at whereby it appears that full payment has

Spafford's patent, for improved wheel-carriages. This certificate, No. is evidence of the sale of a single right to use the improvement secured by my patent ... Albany Mo. 18.

A certificate and a letter inclosing the same, written by a gentleman in New-York, to his correspondent in Kings County. New York, April 26th, 1800. [Positive Photostat].

Birth Certificate

Design for a Certificate(?) sponsored by the French newspaper, La Dépêche

Elgar to James Madison, May 8, 1802. Membership certificate for the Sandy Spring, MD Farmers Society.

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Baptismal Certificate

Michael Gleanes et al.

Birth Certificate

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

John C. Hicks to E. Kilpatrick, October 31, 1814

James Madison, October 8, 1814. Certificate of deposit signed by James Madison.

Ulrich Cummins, June 11, 1814

Turner Brashears, December 12, 1815

New Orleans Citizens to Andrew Jackson, January 8, 1815

William McBride, September 24, 1815

Thomas Akin, August 22, 1815

Rowland Craig, June 29, 1816

A. Blair, November 5, 1816

Thomas L. Harman, February 2, 1816

Edward Livingston to John Brandt, July 2, 1816

Reuben McCoy, October 6, 1816

James Cozby, June 28, 1817

B. G. Gray to Andrew Jackson, April 4, 1818

James P. Preston, January 26, 1818, Certificate of Land Grant

Edmund Doyle, March 27, 1818

Aaron Jordan Booge, September 10, 1818

Richard Keith Call

Birth, Baptismal, and Marriage Certificate

[Charleston, S. C. Hibernian Society membership certificate] / G. Thresher delt. & script. ; A. Anderson.

Samuel Brooks to Andrew Jackson, June 5, 1822

Birth and Baptismal Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Thomas Stephenson, July 30, 1828

James Knox Polk et al. to Statement attesting to the good character of James W. Stephenson et al., August 1, 1828

James Ducket to Samuel Bacon, August 13, 1835

J. M. Random, March 31, 1835

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

Jacob Colclazer, October 11, 1836

[Society of Cincinnati membership certificate] / on stone by c. Parsons, G. & W. Endicott Lith. New York.

To the public. Ridge, September 30, 1846 Having seen a certificate signed by James Miller, and one by H. Winn, neaded corrected reports. I hereby certify, that about nine or ten yearsago, I was postmaster at the ridge, in this District, and John

[Print speciman of stock certificate for Loudon Park Cemetery Company and letterhead for Semi Anthracite Coal Company] / Engraved & printed by A. Kollner, Phila.

[Design for certificate for Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association]

[Certificate of membership for the Washington National Monument Society] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co.

Certificate of nationality. United States of America, City, County and State of New York. [c. 1851].

Marriage Certificate

Certificate of honorary membership of the Weccacoe Fire Company, Philadelphia / des. & lith. by Jas. Queen ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son, Pha.

The Union defenders certificate in support & defense of the government, the Constitution of the United States, against the great rebellion.

Millville Pennsylvania Greenwood Society to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, December 22, 1860 (Certificate)

Chicago Wide-Awake Republican Club to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, June 01, 1860 (Certificate of membership)

Office of the Commissary General of Prisoners, Washington, D. C. ... 186. Sir: In reply to your letter of .... you are hereby informed that in order to obtain a certificate for commutation of rations while held as a prisoner of war for ..., it w

Valentine Hitchcock, Friday, August 22, 1862 (Certificate of Exchange)

William J. Klasprath, August 1862 (Certificate)

Patriotic Union Club, 1862 (Certificate)

Edwin D. Morgan, Friday, April 25, 1862 (Printed Certificate)

Edwin D. Morgan, Friday, April 25, 1862 (Printed Certificate)

Henry M. Lazelle to Valentine Hitchcock, Wednesday, March 18, 1863 (Request for certificate of commutation)

Salvation of our country! Patriotic Union Club of the United States of America. Certificate of membership

New York City Workingmen's Association to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, January 27, 1864 (Committee of workingmen present address and certificate of membership)

William W. H. Lawton, Thursday, September 08, 1864 (Certificate concerning Charles Kenney)

[Certificate to discharge Cornelius V. Moore from Company B, 100th New York Volunteers]

Lincoln Dioramic Association. Certificate for admission.

[Certificate of service in northern army during Civil War]

[Donation certificate for the National Lincoln Monument Association].

Certificate of marriage. Prepared by Rev. Mrs. Phebe A. Hanaford, pastor of the First Universalist society, Hingham, Mass. Boston. C. C. Roberts, printers. [c. 1869.].

Marriage certificate

Family record and marriage certificate

Certificate to Alexander Graham Bell, July 3, 1876

Memorial certificate. United States centennial exhibition. In commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States of America ... This is to certify that a resident of was a visitor at the International exhibit

Sanitary certificate ... After due examination by the Board of Health of the City of Aurora, Indiana, we give it as our opinion that the sanitary condition of [blank] is [blank] satisfactory, and the landing or discharge of [blank] would [blank]

[John J. Pershing and another man holding certificate of Nobility of Almas Temple, with three other men standing around them]

R. Smith to A. H. Wynne

Firemen at work, 1733 (From an old Fire Certificate)

Bureau of Pensions Certificate, July 19, 1890

Lincoln memorial marriage certificate of Thos. Lincoln & Nancy Hanks, old Lincoln cabin, etc.

ferry passage certificate from "A History of the City of Brooklyn and Kings County ... Edited, with introduction and notes, by A. Black"

A.F. & A.M. certificate of membership