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[Lamas playing cymbals during New Year's ceremony, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Office of the Administrator - Agency Headquarters Renaming Ceremony - ceremony to mark the renaming of the Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters in honor of President Bill Clinton [412-APD-1126-2013-07-17_WmJClintonRename_094.jpg]

Marriage ceremony from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 31

Clodius Pulcher, dressed as a woman, introduces himself into the house of Julius Caesar during an annual ceremony of Bona Dea, and is discovered

Ceremony from BL Harley 1498, f. 76

Ceremony from BL Harley 1498, f. 76

Box and utensils for incense ceremony set

Man and Woman in Court Dress Looking at Young Pines for New Year Ceremony

Outfit for the New Year Ceremony

Kitchen Utensils with Greens for the Ceremony on January 7th

[Native American burial or memorial ceremony with man standing by shelter with bundles of bones, friends and relatives of the dead, and lodge in background, New France (Canada)]

Ceremony of the Contract of Marriage between Władysław IV, King of Poland, and Marie Louise Gonzaga, Princess of Mantua, at Fontainebleau

[A betrothal ceremony]

Case (Inrō) with Design of Objects for Tea Ceremony

Water Jar for the Tea Ceremony with Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove Design

Water Jar for the Tea Ceremony with Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove Design

Table for Tea Ceremony

The Marriage Ceremony

The Natche, a ceremony in honour of the Kings son in Tongataboo [i.e. Tongatabu] / Webber del. ; Angus sc.

A Mock Marriage Ceremony

Screen and Utensils for the Incense Ceremony

Blue; Dipper-holder of Celadon and Other Objects for the Tea Ceremony

Green Peas in a Measure and Sprays of Hollyhock with Heads of Sardines; Symbols Representing the Ceremony of Exorcising Demons

Objects Representing the Ceremony of Exorcising Demons, One of the New Year Performances

Set of Utensils for the Tea Ceremony

Wine-Set for the New Year Ceremony

“Beans for Tossing During Setsubun Exorcism Ceremony,” from the series Ise Calendars for the Asakusa Group (Asakusa-gawa Ise goyomi) From the Spring Rain Collection (Harusame shū), vol. 2

Actor Scattering Peas; A Ceremony of Exorcism for the New Year

Contemplez l'ouvrage de pouvoir arbitraire / Le Barbier l'aîné inv. del. ; Patas sculp.

Two Women in Summer Costume Taking a Young Girl to a Shinto Temple for the Miya Mairi Ceremony

Ceremony held in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican

Wine-pot and Cup for the New Year Ceremony

[Religious ceremony with rooster]

Actor Nakamura Utayemon with Two Women Preparing for the New Year Ceremony

[Demon with sword in his mouth upsets tea ceremony]

[Tea ceremony]

Young Woman Carrying a Wine-Pot for the New Year Ceremony

Anabaptist ceremony in N. America / J. Milbert del. ; M. Dubourg sculp.

The Ceremony of Investiture of My L**d S**m**th with the Order of Cabbage-hood

Order of the ceremony to be observed at the dedication of Union Hall Lodge-Room at the corner of Oliver and Henry Streets, on Tuesday evening the 29th April, Al L. 5823 ... New York, April 26, 5823.

[Nine humorous vignettes of a woman looking at her reflection in two mirrors, crowded stagecoach being loaded, insolvent man refusing to get out of bed, man walking on ceiling, John Bull and the Yankee barber, woman having portrait painted, town man mocking clothes of a country man, men greeting each other in storm, and fainting bride at Afro-American marriage ceremony]

Folding Screen for Tea Ceremony with Six Bird-and-Flower Paintings

The new London bridge, as it appeared on Monday, August 1st, 1831, at the ceremony of opening by their Majesties

Austellung der Leiches Raphaels / Thiel.

Göteborg C inviges 1856.

Kronprins Carl inviger Arboga - Örebro

Exhuming the remains of President Monroe in the Second Street Cemetery, NYC [Funeral of Pres. James Monroe]

Lying in State at the City Hall, New York [Funeral of Pres. James Monroe]

The ceremony at the grave, in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia [Funeral of Pres. James Monroe]

[Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Interior view of Fort Sumter during ceremony of raising flag]

Samuel W. Crawford to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, August 20, 1863 (Invitation to attend ceremony in honor of General Meade)

ceremony from "Travels in the central parts of Indo-China, Cambodia, and Laos, during the years 1858, 1859, and 1860. (Memoir of H. Mouhot [by J. J. Belinfante. Edited by C. Mouhot].) With illustrations"

Pogrebal'nye obychai Sredneaziiattsev. Tadzhikskie pokhorony

Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Interior view of Fort Sumter during ceremony of raising flag

The tomb of the president - Funeral service at Springfield, Illinois

President Wilson's Funeral Procession

Broadway, near Bowling Green

President Wilson's Funeral Procession

Lincoln's funeral on Pennsylvania Ave.

Charleston, S.C. April 14, 1865. Flag-raising ceremony, with Brevet Maj. Gen. Robert Anderson and Henry Ward Beecher present

Pogrebal'nye obychai Sredneaziiattsev. Indieiskie pokhorony

Interior of Fort Sumpter (i.e. Sumter), Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 14th, 1865, during the ceremony of raising the old flag

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, Tuesday, March 28, 1865 (Fort Sumter ceremony and James E. Yeatman)

President Wilson's Funeral Procession

President Wilson's Funeral Procession

President Lincoln's funeral--servic[es in t]he White House, April 19, 1865

President Wilson's Funeral Procession

Photograph of Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontory, Utah

Cocoanut Fair after the Ceremony

[Dominican Republic, 1871]: Superestitious burial ceremony in the Capilla del Rosario - a remnant of the city of Nueva Isabella, opposite Santo Domingo City

The Wedding at the White House. The ceremony in the East Room--Rev. Dr. Tiffany declaring Mr. A.C.F. Sartoris and Miss Nellie Grant husband and wife / sketched by our special artist, Mr. Harry Ogden.

Kansas--burial at Fort Leavenworth, August 4th, of the remains of the officers of the Seventh United States Cavalry, killed with General Custer by Sitting Bull, at the Battle of Little Big Horn, June 25th, 1876 / from a sketch by J. Howell.

[The water-carrying soldiers of the Selamlık ceremony]

[The launching ceremony of the Lutf-i Hümayun and Şahin-i Derya]

New York City - funeral of the late Marshall O. Roberts, in Calvary P.E. Church, Fourth Avenue, September 14th

[The uniforms of the Fire Brigade soldiers of the Selamlık ceremony]

[The drummer soldiers of the Selamlık Ceremony units of the Fire Brigade]

[Religious ceremony, Jerusalem, Palestine]

[The opening ceremony of the Vezne Kapısı (Treasury Gate) in the Imperial Topkapı Sarayı (palace)]

Storlien vid banans inviging av Tvärbanan Torpshammar - Riksgränsen.

Funeral of a little waif, Paris

Funeral Car

[Two illustrations, one depicting couple lounging in front of fire place, another depicting Native Americans dancing or performing a ceremony and carrying weapons, one drinks from a bottle]

[John Alexander Logan's funeral at Hutchinson's vault, Washington, D.C.] / photographed and published by C.M. Bell, Washington, D.C.

[Notables in carriages in parade and spectators along street for the funeral of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant, New York City]

[Horse-drawn catafalque, Civil War veterans in parade, and spectators at funeral of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant. NYC]

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Universitetshuset invigs, Uppsala 1887

Illustration of the Ceremony Issuing the Constitution (Kenpō happu shiki no zu)

Funeral procession, Korea

[Group dressed for wedding(?) ceremony posed outdoors] / Perry, Allegheny, Pa.

Konfirmanter på Røros 1892

Konfirmanter på Røros 1893

Konfirmanter på Røros 1894

Stambanan genom övre Norrland invigs.

The funeral car