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Mrs. Phil Riley, St.Clair car

Ford Motor Co. Marine Car at Dist. Bldg., 9/14/26

Autos at Hotel Wentworth, New Castle, N. H.

Pierce Arrow

November 24, 1920


Community service theatre. A moving theater mounted on an automobile chassis, said to be the first of its kind. It is conducted by the Community Service, Washington, D.C., for the benefit of poor children and the childrens hospitals

[Charging the battery of a Detroit electric automobile]

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

[Highway crowded with automobiles and people] / F.G.H.

Girl steel workers [in automobile] on picket duty on steel mill property

Draper, State Dept. car

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

["Detroit Electric" auto on promotional tour through mountains from "Seattle to Mt. Rainier": Man standing in front of auto, which is parked on mountain road]


Automobile owned by Mrs. Charles W. Richardson in driveway with driver at the wheel, Washington, D.C.

[The Women's Radio Corps]

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

A.R.C. car (Major Perkins), Salonique

Pres. & Mrs. Wilson in car


[A Detroit Electric automobile stopped on road by burnt-over land, with snow-covered mountain in background, Washington]

Street scene, San Benito, Texas

[Man and Woman in automobile with DC and Maryland plates], 1919

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

Fremont car

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

Motor Transport Co. 554 enroute to Santa Cruz, August 29, 1919 to escort the Pacific fleet to San Francisco

[Woman getting into back seat of car as chauffeur holds door, Washington, D.C., area]

[Mack Sennett's bathing beauties posed on automobile, Washington, D.C., area]

Pittsburgh Strike [1919 strikers demonstrating in car]

Auto Trade Assoc. parade, Wash. D.C., June 28, 1919

Firemen aboard truck - Tampa

[President & Mrs. Wilson on first auto ride after his illness]

[Electric auto at re-charging station]

Deseronto Archive Photos

Oscar Traynor (under the X)

[Man and woman, in automobile, in the Washington, D.C., area]





[Exhibits at an unidentified auto show, probably in Washington, D.C., Chrysler convertible in foreground]

E.T. Meredith auto

To Sinai by car. Car stuck in the midst of a sand dune. Sand drifts across the road

[Arab man driving car with other men as passengers]

Tulsa car, 1920

Allen car, 1920

Tulsa car, 1920

Masonic Temple, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. (building with old cars on street, and old-type water cisterns on roof with ad for Ritz Theatre.)

[1920 car with five bystanders, Washington, D.C.]

Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle [Washington, D.C]


Killeen duplex truck mail car


December 18, 1928

Auto wreck

Keep Sketch!

Allen car, 1920

Prospect Gables Modern Apartments, Prospect Ave. New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y. [Tudor style buildings with old car parked in front advertising text on back.]


Herald tour, Point Comfort, Gardener car


Amboy Road, Great Kills, Staten Island, N.Y. [old cars in street, shops and sign behind telephone pole that appears to be 'Light, Power... Gas...Electric']

Herald Tour, Staunton, Mitchell cars

Gardener car

Remington accounting machines van of Stott & Hoare & Chartres Ltd, Reington House, Liverpool Streett by G.H. Olding, photographed in the Botanic Gardens

Hudson Super Six racing car in Washington, D.C. [in front of the State, Navy and War Dept.]

Men in an unidentified car near Miami, Florida

Canadian scenes. Auto on railroad tracks

Sir Herbert Samuel and party, leaving Amman, [Jordan, in car with others]

5th Avenue[street scene with automobiles and pedestrians].

Wescott Car, Herald Booster run, [5/6/20]

Car driving down a street, New Orleans or Charleston, South Carolina

Hudson, stolen car

Mrs. C.C. Glover, Jr.

The home of an exiled prince. Now the headquarters of the American Red Cross in Athens, Greece It was turned over to the Americans by the Greek government after Prince Ypsilanti, confidential adviser to the former King Constantine, had followed that former monarch into Switzerland for an indefinite sojourn.

Market Square, Letterkenny

Auto wreck

Herald Colonial Beach Tour

S. A. Wheeler's General Store, Cloyne

Truck brand "Helios" with iron-shod wheels. Sodertalje Workshops.


Sayer six in front VA home, Leesburg, VA

Ruins of Jerash (Gerasa). Circasian [i.e. Circassian], ox cart. Loaded with sheaves, overtaken by modern motor car

Herald tour, Allen car to Fredk., 5/6/20

Junked Automobiles

Fredericksburg tour, Jordan car

Vice Pres. car & chauffer [...], 12/4/20

Herald tour, Point Comfort, Gardener car

To Sinai by car. Wadi Feiran. A halt on the way

Fredericksburg tour, Jordan car

Positively the last motoring photo for a while...

Miscellaneous subjects. Armored vehicles in front of Old Executive Office Building IV

Military subjects. Group of soldiers standing by car

Miscellaneous subjects. Armored vehicles in front of Old Executive Office Building I

Duesenberg Straight Eight, "Built to outclass, Outrun and Outlast any car on the road"

Jordan Car, [Washington, D.C.], 1920

Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company Plant, Between Joseph Campau & Conant Avenues, Hamtramck, Wayne County, MI