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Ox plough farmer tilling, animals.

Nandi bull pattadakal, religion.

France aubrac bull.

Marseille monument statue, architecture buildings.

Block of flats building architecture, architecture buildings.

Ox-plough ox plough farmer, animals.

Bull brasswork nandi, religion.

Bull statue nandi, transportation traffic.

Woman cows cattle, beauty fashion.

Pit bull dog pitbull, animals.

Bison buffalo wallowing.

Ox-plough ox plough farmer, animals.

Bull bovine cattle.

Bull statue figure.

Prophet ezekiel ezechiel, religion.

Ronda bull spain, places monuments.

Dog bulldog white, animals.

Statue honor cowboy, places monuments.

Rodeo bull riding cowboy.

Bull brasswork nandi, religion.

Stampede calgary bull riding.

France camargue bull.

Bull cow cattle.

Belts carol m highsmith belt buckles.

Ox plough farmer tilling, animals.

Eiffel tower night flicker, architecture buildings.

Bullfight torero corrida.

Bull bull skull horns.

France paris fountain, architecture buildings.

Ox-plough tiller ox plough, animals.

Bull torero spain.

Camargue feria bull.

Bull shrine nandi, religion.

Skull bones nepal.

Relief bull elephant, religion.

Dog pet bull, animals.

Sculpture art schwerin, architecture buildings.

Nickel 24 karat coin, business finance.

Bronze statuette of a bull

Bronze statuette of bull

Vessel in form of bull

Bronze statuette of a bull

Box Lid with a Bull

Section of a Diptych in Linga Form, Interior Depicting Shiva, Parvati, and the Calf Bull

Shiva and Parvati with their Sons Karttikeya and Ganesha and the Calf Bull

Toy Bull

Bell with Bull with Chain

Lid with a Lion attacking a Bull

Bull baiting from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 144v

Bull baiting from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 144v

Bulla (Papal bull) from BL Royal 6 E VI, f. 207

"A Bull", Folio from a Dispersed Nuzhatnama-i ‘Ala’i of Shahmardan ibn Abi’l Khayr

Sacrifice of a bull from BL YT 16, f. 28v

Death on a Bull

Bull hunt

Dish with a bull, a greyhound, and a hare

Head and Front Quarters of a Bull

St. Luke, seated on a cloud with an open book in both hands, a bull lying at his feet, from a series of the four evangelists after Agostino Veneziano, which are in turn after Giulio Romano

November: two men slaughtering a bull

Hercules defeating the river god Acheolus in the form of a bull, with three women to his left holding cornucopias, from a series of six engravings of Herculean Subjects

"Study of a Nilgai (Blue Bull)", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album

Plate 3: Saint Luke with his head turned in profile to the right, a book in each hand, a bull at his feet, from 'The four evangelists'

Relief with Mithras kneeling upon a bull and driving a sword into its shoulder, at left two smaller standing figures, one holding a sheathed sword and one holding a sword, a frieze with chariots and serpents coiled around figures above

[Peaceable Kingdom. Bull, lion, a sheep and a wolf? together in foregrd.; harbor and town in backgrd.]

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Amphion and Zethus Tying Dirce to a Wild Bull [The Farnese Bull]

Phalaris Having Perillus Thrown into the Bronze Bull

[Offerings to the sacred creatures (snake, bull, frog, lion, ram, falcon, sphinx, etc.).]

[Haroeris; sacred bull; sema symbol.]

Hercules with the Cretan Bull

Hercules Capturing the Cretan Bull: part of a cycle depicting the Labors of Hercules

Horse, Bull, Lion, and Boar

[Scene with sacred bull, sema-symbol, and the gods Haroeris and Thoth.]



Hercules and the Cretan Bull

Vase with the Veneration of a Bull

Europa and the Bull

Plate 5: Vase or Ewer with a Double Frieze, the Top shows Men Wrestling a Bull, the Bottom contains a Mask and Two Griffins, from Antique Vases (Vasa a Polydoro Caravagino)

Hercules and Achelous: at center Hercules grasps the horns of a bull while pressing his right foot onto its leg, at left Hercules wrestles a serpent, at right Hercules wrestles a male figure on the ground, from the series 'The Labors of Hercules'

Dagger with Hilt in the Form of a Blue Bull (Nilgai)

Plate 9: Marine Bull, from 'Various figures and doodles' (Diverses figures et griffonnemens)

Young Herdsman with a Bull, from Different Animals

Young Woman Trying to Stop a Bull

A woman in profile pulling back on a rope tied around the horns of a young bull

A woman in profile pulling back on a rope tied around the horns of a young bull

A woman in profile pulling back on a rope tied around the horns of a young bull

Hercules and Achelous (in the form of a bull)

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].


Centaur with Club and Maiden on Bull

Netsuke in the Shape of a Bull

Young bull

[A large bull or ox]

Acheloüs Transformed into a Bull

Bull's Ferry

Charging bull (one of a pair)

Europa and the Bull

Charging bull (one of a pair)

A Bull Lying Down, and Two Donkeys, in a Landscape

[Bull, William] Address to Lt. Gov. William Bull by the South Carolina Assembly