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Double Cup

Saints Procopius and Adalbert

The Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg, Duchess of Normandy

Jasper Cup with Gilded-Silver Mounts

Head of a Bearded Man

King of Bohemia from BL Royal 20 C VII, f. 62

King of Bohemia from BL Royal 20 C VII, f. 62

Bust of the Virgin

Orphrey Panels from a Chasuble

Pietà (Vesperbild)

Head of a Woman

Bifolium with Christ in Majesty in an Initial A, from an Antiphonary

Saint Ursula and Her Maidens


Ceremonial Arrowhead

Ceremonial Arrowhead

Three Ceremonial Arrowheads

Ceremonial Arrowhead

Infantry Shield (Pavise)

Beaker (Apostelhumpen)


Drinking cup


Standing cup with cover




The Virgin Mary


Jug with cover


Jousting Sallet Made for Louis II (1506–1526), King of Hungary and Bohemia

Mary of Austria (born 1505, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia 1522, Governess of the Netherlands 1530–56)

Trunk Hose

Beaker (Reichsadler Humpen)

Beaker (Stangenglas)


Beaker (Stangenglas)

Cup with cover

Standing cup with cover

Wineglass with cover

Five boys, two satyrs, and a goat (copy)

Four small boys and a goat (copy)

Balance and weights with case

Five boys, two satyrs and a goat

Elephant and Camel

Four boys, a young satyr and a goat (copy)

Helmeted head

Arundel House from the North, copy

Apollo and the Nine Muses surrounded by Poets on Mount Parnassus




Pietra dura landscape scene

Six Boys


Four boys, two satyrs, and a goat

Pendant with head of the Virgin

Four boys, a young satyr, and a goat (copy in reverse)

Ruins of St Croix de Jerusalem

Landscape showing Coblentz and Harmenstein, copy

Portable compass dial

Baths of Diocletian, Rome

Helmeted head

Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London, seen from the East

Pole glass (Stangenglas)

London from Arundel House, copy

Princess Elizabeth (1596–1662), Later Queen of Bohemia

Beaker (Humpen)


Three Cherubs and Two Boys on Clouds

View of Vienna

Ecce Homo

Whole-length lady, after Anthony van Dyck

A variety of heads

Two deformed heads

Two deformed heads facing each other

A Griffin

Tootehill fields (Amoenissimi aliquot locorum... Prospectus)


Mary Villiers, Dutchess of Lennox and Richmond


Rex et Regina de Tunis

Head of a muscular old man in profile to left with flowing hair

Albury with tree-stump in foreground


Carrying the cross

Four cherubs and a small boy standing

Three cherubs and two boys on clouds, each raising one arm

Ceres Seeking Her Daughter or Ceres and Stillio

Jesus before Caiaphas

The Temptation

Head of Young Man

Naues Mercatoriæ Hollan [] dicæ per Indias Occidentales (Dutch West Indiaman)

Jesus confronting his detractors

The Kunibert Tower near Cologne (copy)

Mulier primaria Antuerpiensis, in ornatus domestica (Gentlewoman of Antwerp in domestic adornment)

Eleven Hounds

The Prospect of Bermingham, from Ravenshurst (neere London-road) on the South-east part of towne (Birmingham)

Jesus on the Mount of Olives