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Robert Hall

Catherine Mackenzie

John Dowson, arrested for stealing from a gas meter

George H. Revell, tramp, arrested for being drunk and disorderly

Thomas Craigie, labourer, arrested for breaking into a house

Frederick Mudd, arrested for stealing money

Joseph Tombling, arrested for obtaining money by false pretences

William Buckham alias Smith

John Barker

Thomas H. Watson, arrested while preparing to commit a crime

Dora Agnes Sanderson, domestic servant, arrested for theft

Children's Room - Mauretania

Elizabeth Cross, arrested for theft

Ethel Penman

Percy Swallow, arrested for stealing a watch

William J. Kay, arrested on suspicion of planning to commit a felony

Stephen Fitzgibbon, arrested for a series of thefts

Sidney Yeoman Forrest, arrested for stealing a pair of reins and two whips

Matthew Walls, arrested for stealing money from children

Colonnade de l'établissement thermal, Luchon, 13 août 1908

Matthew M. Lamb, trawler-hand, arrested for breaking and entering

Peter Taylor, coppersmith, arrested for stealing from his employers

John P. Wilson, soldier, arrested for theft

Reginald Stains alias Brown, chief steward, arrested for false pretences

Jane A. Teasdale, arrested for obtaining food and lodgings by false pretences

Christina Austin, arrested for stealing dresses

Wilhelmina Armstrong, arrested for stealing dresses

Jesse Rudd, arrested for stealing money from a gas meter

Sarah Cuthill, arrested for stealing clothes

John T. Ingleson, soldier, arrested for breaking and entering

Jane Agnes Duffy, arrested for theft

Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial: Outdoor proceedings on July 20, 1925, showing William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow. [2 of 4 photos]

Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial: Rhea County (Tennessee) Courthouse

President John F. Kennedy Gives Speech at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Cigarette black and white photograph hand.

Family street black and white photograph, people.

James E Brown

Sarah Bankoff, arrested for stealing clothes

Florence Watson, domestic servant, arrested for stealing

Ellen Leavy alias Burns, arrested for stealing clothes

Jane Stafford (1899-1991)

Isabella Tullock alias Tait alias Johnson alias Chambers

Thomas Kane, arrested for stealing a pony, harness and cart

Eleanor Gardner

Thomas Wallace, arrested for indecent exposure

John Legg, arrested for stealing beer

Jane Forbes

Wallace the Lion

Display Animals

The Walrus

HMS Ark Royal - Final sea trials - 13th April 1985

HMS Ark Royal - 16th March 1985

HMS Ark Royal - 27th April 1984

HMS Ark Royal - 30th January 1984

HMS Ark Royal - Launch - 20th JUNE 1981

HMS Ark Royal - 6th May 1981

HMS Ark Royal - 10th March 1981

HMS Ark Royal - under construction - 13th March 1979

HMS Ark Royal - 20th October 1980

HMS Ark Royal - 7th July 1980

HMS Ark Royal - Fitting out - 27th September 1983

Jack Powell - Hoppings

Brooches at Hoppings

Swing ride - Hoppings

Rotor - Hoppings

Henry Wharton - Hoppings

Mickey Mouse Juvenile Ride - Hoppings

Barbara Chadwick - Hoppings

Moon Rocket - Hoppings

Gilbert Chadwick - Hoppings

Pinder's - Hoppings

Pinder's Big Zoo Circus - Hoppings

The Haunted Castle - Hoppings

Wonders of the East - Hoppings

Drumming at the Circus - Hoppings

Hoppings Performance

Elisa Stewart - Hoppings

Lee Bennett - Hoppings

Olga Rich - Hoppings

Queuing for Rides at the Hoppings

Hoppings Attractions

The Chamber of Death - Hoppings

I Guess Your Age - Hoppings

Culine's Rodeo - Hoppings

Blaze in Newcastle

Travelling showman's covered caravan

Chipperfield Circus caravans, Town Moor, Newcastle


Shire horses

Dog food

A young girl reading

A walk in the woods

Hills and hay

Whitley Sands

The Village Homes

The Village Homes

The Mayor


Harrop Brothers Fashion Parade 1960

Bainbridge's window display, Newcastle 1960