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Earring with ball pendant and paste setting

Earring with ball pendant and paste setting

Earring with ball pendant and sard setting

Earring with ball pendant and paste setting

Earring with ball pendant and paste setting

Earring with ball pendant and paste setting

Gold earring with ball stud and pendant

Gold earring with ball stud and pendant (missing)

Ball Net

Ball Player

Embossed Ball

Cannon Ball



Musio (a cat) with a ball

Miniature showing the Cumean Sibyl (Amalthea) as she presents the last three sibylline books to Tarquin, King of Rome, seated on a throne, offering a gold ball to the Sibyl in exchange for the books. Initial, border design.

Netsuke of Cat with a Ball

The Ball

The Ball

The Ball

A wide cup with ball feet

Crystal Ball on a Bronze Stand in the Shape of a Fish

[Masked ball]

Crystal Ball on a Bronze Stand composed of Two Demons

Crystal Ball on a Bronze Stand in the Shape of a Fish

Crystal ball

Crystal ball

Two Cupids, One Holding a Ball

Crystal Ball on a Silver Stand composed of Three Figures


Miniature ball

The dancing-master: or, The art of dancing explained. Wherein the manner of performing all steps in ball dancing is made easy by a new and familiar method. In two parts ... The whole containing sixty figures drawn from the life, and curiously engraved on copper plates.

A Masked Ball in Bohemia

A Ball at Court

The Snow Ball

Letter to Joseph Ball at Stratford by Bow [Stratford le Bow, Essex] nigh London

litter from "Ad C. W. Bampfylde, Arm: Epistola poetica familiaris, in qua continentur tabulæ quinque ab eo excogitatæ, quæ personas repræsentant poematis cujusdam Anglicani, cui titulus: An Election Ball. Auctore, C. Anstey, Arm"

Letter to Joseph Ball at Stratford by Bow [Stratford le Bow, Essex] nigh London

Bookstand Containing a Crystal Ball and a Piece of Cloth

George Muter, March 13, 1781, Memorandum of Cannon and Ball Available at Foundry; with List

A view of the ball at St. James's on her Majesty's birth night

Lord mayor's feast at Guildhall 1786 - no dinner, no ball

The Fourth Iwai Hanshiro as a Woman Holding a Crystal Ball and Dancing on the Bank of a Stream

Case (Inrō) with Design of Dog (Shishi) with Brocade Ball

Netsuke in the Shape of a Lion with a Ball

Netsuke of Qilin with a Ball


Netsuke of Seated Shishi Clutching a Ball

Netsuke of Qilin and Ball

Netsuke of a Rat Curled into a Ball

Annual Caledonian Ball Ticket

"Musical Ball" ("Return Ball")

Netsuke of Lion with Ball and Cub

An analysis of country dancing: wherein are displayed all the figures ever used in country dances, in a way so easy and familiar, that persons of the meanest capacity may in a short time acquire (without the aid of a master) a complete knowledge of that rational and polite amusement. To which are added, instructions for dancing some entire new reels; together with the rules, regulations, and complete etiquette of the ball room.

The ball room

Le Moulinet, or practising quadrille dancing at home for fear of accidents at the ball

Ball gown

[Domestic cat with two kittens, one playing with a ball of string]

Almacks. Tom & Bob sporting their figures at a fancy dress ball

Packing up after a country ball

M-RC-N.TI'S leap from the Opera, or the Ballet turned into a Ball.

The wedding Ball; or Ma'am'selle M-rcandot-i's highland fling into high life.

Ladies' Ticket of Admission to the Annual Caledonian Ball

Ball ticket.

In honor of the election of our distinguished fellow-citizen General Andrew Jackson, to the presidency of the United States, you are respectfully invited to attend a ball in Nashville ... Nashville, December 10, 1828.

Ball gown

A black ball

A black ball

Andrew Jackson to Miriam Ball, October 17, 1831

[Optical illusion disc with a face catching a ball and a man with blackface taking a bow]

John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the United States / G. Stuart, pinxt. ; on stone by W. Ball.

Portraits of Madame Vestris and Mr. Charles Mathews: A scene in the farce of "One hour; or, The carnival ball," as performed at the Olympic Theatre. (No. 1 of the Theatrical portraits.) T. Jones pinxit

Mr. F. C. Labbe's ball

Tippecanoe inauguration ball, March 4, 1841 : [invitation].

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

Ball gown

Democratic inauguration ball. Sir: You are no doubt aware that extensive preparations are being made by the Democratic Association of the District of Columbia ... to give a magnificient ball on the evening of the 4th of March next, in honor of t

Ball play.

Democratic Inauguration Ball. [Mrs. Anna Maria Wilson] The Pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a BALL to be given at the National Theatre, on the evening of the 4th of March, 1845. In honor of the President and vice President e

Ball players.

The honor of company is solicited at the National 8th of January ball, to be given at Carusio's saloon. Washington City. D. C., on Thursday, 8th January, 1846. Managers ... [Washington, 1846].

Leaflets of the ball room. Being a sketch of the polka quadrilles, the Baden, mazurka figures &c. &c. to which is appended the music of the celebrated Redowa waltz, now first published in the United States.

Grand inauguration ball.

Vase with witch ball

Vase with witch ball

Reminiscences of a fancy dress ball, in Philadelphia, February 1850 / drawn from nat: & on stone by C. Harnisch ; P.S. Duval's steam lith. Press, Philada.

Costume ball

Whig young men's ball commemorative of the birth of Washington and the Battle of Buena Vista. Friday evening, February 22d, 1850 at the Musical Fund Hall. The honor of 's company is particularly requested. [Philadelphia 1850].

The ball room guide, being a compendium of the theory, practice, and etiquette of dancing, embracing the newest quadrilles, polkas, waltzes, schottisches, &c., also, the Meyen quadrille,

Second ward. Register. William J. McCormick Z. K. Offutt, Peter M. Pearson. Collector. Robert J. Roche. Surveyor. Henry W. Ball. Alderman. Beniah Willett ... Common Council. Nicholas Callan ... Assessor. George H. Plant ... [Boston 1853].

Sixth ward. Workingmen's ticket. For collector S. S. Briggs. For register, Z. K. Offutt. For Surveyor. H. W. Ball. For alderman Robert Clarke. For Common Council. William Morgan, Henry Steward, Thomas E. Jacobs. For Assessor. John Russell. [June

Grand ball. Your company is respectfully requested at a ball to be given by Ellen Grant, at Schwartz' Hall, on G street, between 17th and 18th streets, October 16th, 1854.

Musicians' military & civic ball, complimentary to the Lowell cornet band, at French's Hall, on Thursday evening. Nov. 16th, 1854.

Lacross Ball Team

Ball's patent indestructible water and gas pipe, made of wrought iron, lined with & laid in hydraulic cement, manufactured by the "Water & gas pipe co.," at Jersey City, N. J ... The company are prepared to take and execute contracts to construc

Ball gown

Ball gown

Inauguration ball in the immense building erected for the purpose in Judiciary Square, Washington City, March 4th, 1857

Grand national inauguration ball, March Fourth, 1857 : [invitation].